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  1. Can we discuss Warka as to how we will be able to get deposited funds back..post RV? Shall we go to Baghdad to the bank and get US cash or a certified check, or...?? Thanks for your assistance,,,!!
  2. A 1:1 reval would be a dream..!! Bring it on....
  3. Golly, and to think I was born there.. My mother always apologized..!! Born in 1948 in the hey day...
  4. Maybe Buzzy is looking for these.!!
  5. We heard Abadi saying TWICE that 5 billion Dinars, or $440 million dollars will be spent on reconstruction. The math show this to be 0.088 dollars to the dinar. So, did he give us the rate...?
  6. Yep, Been there, done that
  7. More red lipstick...!!
  8. I come to Dinarvets most every day dressed up and no where to go. I have my bag packed, ready to jet to Belize, invoke my OSI and cash in. But, it's been now close to 10 years.... My party clothes are wearing out. Lol.... I'll soon be out of lipstick to put on this pig..,.. Just Saying.. GO RV,,,!!
  9. If only it was "real" money... 1 to 1 sounds good to me. !!
  10. If it RV's about $3.00 I'll buy the plane and pick you up... :-)
  11. Nine years and ready for this to pop..!! Go RV..!! Too cold and desire to be in Belize..!!