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  1. (3) We then moved to the removal of big bills (the ones with the 3 zeros on them) and he said that this activity was always built into the plan. The activity was to begin as soon as Iraq had implemented a modern digital financial system (i.e. bank branches, credit/debit cards, ATM’s, direct wire transfers etc.). The removal of the large bills in-country would be the reverse of the process that was used to remove the pre-2003 currency with Saddams picture on it. The example was a 25,000 IQD=$25USD/pre-rv note would be brought into the bank and exchanged for a 25 IQD note=$25 USD post/rv. The 25
  2. To GHITCH yourquote "For me, nothing changes." wait until your premium is due and lets see if nothing changes for you.
  3. thanks im hearing a lot from god learning channel that 2010 may be the downfall of the usd,
  4. as far as a lop i look at it this way. i dont know the size of their bills but if like ours a 1,5, 10, 20 ,and 100 would be cool with 3 zero taken off. ha. but as fast as news is getting out, it s going to cost them a plenty to rv, so they better get it on.only our group here at 15000+ members averaging 1,000,000 iqd apiece at only a $1 rv is !!!!!!!!!!!
  5. very nice prayer and i recieve it fully amen
  6. sorry frank i missed seeing seeing it also
  7. thank you . this is wonderful info that will increase charities, tithes and giving probably more than any one other thing
  8. thanks frank that was a very pleasant and inspiring thread.i could almost feel the love in your heart for god and it did my heart and your dad moreso are in my prayers.thank for the threads of hope you share with us.
  9. thanks muhammad that is a very wise thing to do .im doing it right now
  10. i know with all the tension building at times its hard not to get off subject,but wouldnt it be nice to log on at set times and get last minute news without all the other rabbit trails
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