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  1. Hell if I returned to my former glory I'd be elated too. LOL ......If the IQD does what we believe it will, at least we won't have $ problems and I might live another 10 years without the day to day stress. We all deserve that kind of relief ! Go RV !
  2. bang your drums

    I just wanted to clarify that we all have fallen from the grace of God ! And LGD I love your place that he has given you and I want nothing but the best.
  3. Thanks DM ! I always love your rant ! Or rave ! Either way, dehell with these SOB's that want to take our freedoms away !
  4. bang your drums

    I want to thank everyone of y'all and I want the rest to know that we are not weak ! But just the chance to help someone, means more than what we can speak ! And may God bless this one time fallen angel that we all come to love as LGD !
  5. Good morning Yota ! Now I know why President DRex Trump has had so much disdain for these SOB's. Like a house of cards I hope they all take a fall for their illegal activities. There is no constitutional rights when they can abuse power at their own whims or agendas.
  6. As long as those Demorats have been stuffing their asses with our hard earned money, you can't tell me there isn't enough evidence to lock them all away and the same goes for the elephants ! President DRex Trump wasn't lying when he said the system was rigged. To lock all of those sorry b__$tards away would be fine with me. I'd hunt everyone of those lying, thieving dogs down and put them in front of a firing squad for high treason ! They are all sorry SOB's, I hope that I can tell y'all how I really feel someday !🌋
  7. Thanks Bigwave ! It's kinda hard for a deer to escape a 180 fps , I mean my recurve is slow but only very few have got away. I don't think it's possible to escape 4500 mph rail gun fired from a hundred miles away. I'd still rather take my chances with a rail gun, at least you wouldn't know it's coming. LOL !
  8. I like the way you think kenshin7 ! I have had enough negatives for today, now it's 5 o'clock somewheres !
  9. Great minds think alike ! President DRex Trump will require Iraq to pay for their new found freedom ! Pay through their oil wells until they run dry ! There is know other way, of course Iraq will have a brand new military base maned by America's finest. Iraq's whole Constitution was modeled after the USA and it will be implemented I have know doubts in my mind , concerning our new administration. Iraq is where it all started and that is where it will all end !
  10. I salute you sir ! Thank you for everything that we have today ! My Daddy was in the South Pacific with US Coast Guards back in WW2 and I'm so greatfull to have him in my life today. Your post just struck me and all of the stories of all my family in the military. From my uncle Jack in Korea seeing Debbie Reynolds for the first time as he awoke in his MASH bed. To all of my grand and large family who has served in every American war....Thank you again my friend !
  11. bang your drums

    Great post NYK ! We are all brothers in our Lord. Also thank you LGD for this thread and may it flourish in our mind , hearts, bodies and souls ! God bless !
  12. The bottom line is that it's time for Iraq to pay for their sovernty ! President Trump will negotiate a plan for their existence because without our help ISIS will besiege them. The deal with Iraq will be fair considered the alternative. I swear by the blood of our American soldiers that their passing will be for not !
  13. Soon is a perception that we enter into our minds because we all want a finality to the current situation. "Not anytime soon" is an acknowledgement that you relinquish the fact of any possibility of a positive outcome in any realm beyond your imagination. So my questions to all Lopster's is , why do you come here to to dwell in your disenchanted failures. If you're a loser just move on, because the rest of us are just where we want to be.
  14. Scary stuff for sure Tigergorzow ! I pray for all of those who need help from God in the midst of hell on earth ! May the rightousness find comfort and peace during this trying times !
  15. Yes I already know you ! In therory ! I hope that you fit in well here at DV ! God bless you brother !