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  1. 5 Proofs in 1:14 sec that the Earth is Flat

    Thanks Bigwave ! Compelling arguments against all that I've been taught, at least I've always got an open mind. Remember all of the "not so famous" now , news organizations said that Hillarious was going to win. Not !
  2. Mueller, Comie, Obama, Hildabeast, Wray, I can't even name them all ! These are the true Russian sympathisers that condoned Uranium One, that wrote a fake dossier, that lied under oath, that failed to act and got our soldiers killed in Bengasi, that obtained a visa warrant against Trump, that pulled our soldiers from Iraq and allowed hundreds of thousands to be massacred because of ISIS, that refuse to yield to the Law of the Land, that refuse to accept the Law of the Land...........these are the sorriest SOB's that ever wasted our clean air ! And there's a lot of Republicans right there with them ! If there is one thing good "and I have many" about President D-Rex Trump, he has exposed all of these corrupt SOB's and including the fake news f-------- with an S, for what they are ! Jeeesee ! This country was almost gone ! Have a great night. 🌴
  3. Valentines day

    Thanks Heavy ! He ain't heavy.....he's my brother !
  4. Thanks again Yota ! If Rex Tillerson can't show them how to make, no one can. Go Rex ! Go RV ! Please color me gone !
  5. Iraq may have to buy our (USA) debt as one of the restrictions placed upon on them, I mean after all with out the our military they don't stand a chance. The USA is the only thing standing between their freedom or their Hell !
  6. Good morning Yota and DV ! Holy smokes ! Now it looks like the money can start to flow. This to me is the very best chance that we may ever have, all Iraq needs now is purchasing power ! What's in your wallet ?
  7. Thanks Yota ! The way I see it , the U.S. has already contributed to Iraq in the way of our military. Just the fact we are there, should be enough to contribute to a stable atmosphere to secure investments. Now it's time for them to get off the pot !
  8. BRING IT ON: Trump DARES Democrats

    The Demo-Rats are scurrying around like three blind mice ! Damn that is a deep swamp ! President D-Rex Trump is kicking their a$$es But these treasonous Ba$tards need to swing from a rope. At this point I'm in favor of a military coup against the deep state establishment, Give our country back to the People ! .....Restore our Constitution ! Hang those SOB's ! Make America Great Again !
  9. Thanks Indraman ! Get a rope ! And start with Obama ! Crooked SOB's ! Take them all down !
  10. After tommorow and the hopeful release of the memo it should be clear who is in control. God is funny sometimes. Nothing has made more sense to me and I truly believe that we are a Christian nation because there is nothing like the USA in the entire world. God will lay his hands upon us to do his will and enlight of the recently recognized capital of Israel , all that is written , will unfold. God bless America !
  11. CBI News 01/21/2018

    Happy Birthday Brother ! PS .....don't let them put all of those candles on your cake or it will look like it got blasted by a shotgun. LOL
  12. Thanks SGT ! You know I have family in the FBI and they are some of the most respected and accomplished in their field. The FBI is imperative to our well being ! Having said that 'Absolute Power Means Absolute Corruption " and the SOB's at the top are corrupt without a shadow of a doubt in my book. These top level official's need to do time for treasonous acts committed against the United states of America ! Soon as the recent findings come to light, the witch hunt will be over ! Take these corrupt SOB's Down !
  13. Thanks Indraman ! I can't wait for the day all is revealed. Heads are going to roll.
  14. Good morning Yota and DV ! Personally I don't car if this story is true , I just know that every single terrorist has to die ! Seek them all out and exterminate them like roaches , cover them in pigs blood, light them on fire, cut off the genitals, hang them by the neck until their eyes pop out.....kill.....kill....kill ! Ah now I feel a little better this morning......does anyone want to know how I feel about these Islamic Muslim Terrorist. Have a great day and don't forget it's open season on these bastards !

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