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  1. O is a panty waist Muslim loving Sob ! That let Iraq be taking over by Muslims, ISIS ....who ever the F they are ! Chicago probably has the highest kill rate in the country and yet he hasn't said a damn thing ! His first words accepting his presidency " we are no longer a Christian Nation.....F him ! And all of his evil 😈 that follow. As a white person we are f. .Ed if we believe anything that comes out of his Muslim ass ! Stay villigent , stay informed ! Don't be dupped by what sounds good ! God bless ;
  2. Texstorm

    It's Football Time...NFL favorite Team

    I'm with you on that Starrider ! How about they take a knee for God almighty and just once consider that they are in the greatest country of the world ! Hot damn this whole BS gets my blood boiling ! My whole family is not going to support the NFL...."not for long" if they don't stand for America ! God bless America.
  3. Texstorm

    Guru TANK: Dire Warnings...USD Collapse.

    Absolute BS !
  4. Thanks Bigwave ! Holly Shiite ! I can't even imagine what secrets they obtained. Hillarious should be prosecuted and executed for treasonous acts against the American people for her own failure to secure Top Secret Data !
  5. Thanks Indraman ! There is no Russian collusion other than the Demorats giving away 35,000 Top Secret e-mails from an unsecured server , that no one seems to know where they went. Jeeesss I want to know WTF is going on. Grill that little bastard Bruce Or on that fake dossier , connected to Muller, Steele, Fushion, Comey Wray, FBI, DOJ , Hillarious etc ect etc .......the list goes on and on ! I think we are at the tip of the iceberge and I want to see all of them in jail , forever !
  6. I respected John McCain the soldier But he was deep state Washington and I hope that President D-Rex Trump can bring down the whole damn establishment. For me the President can fight fire with fire, lie for lie, punch for punch, words for words , I really don't give a damn ! And the fact that libs want to give away our country , they can all go straight hell as far as i'm concerned. I imagine that I'm not the only one that feels that way .
  7. Thanks enigma2a ! The battle is real and I only hope that he can bring down all of the corruption. May God keep blessing America !
  8. Texstorm

    I am getting Married!!!

    Wishing you well my friend ! I always knew that you wanted to be a Texan ! LOL
  9. Thanks Thug ! Well the Eagles made a 14 year come back, let's hope Iraq can pull a "Hotel Baghdad" out of their ass ! I can see the lyrics now...." Up head in the distance , I see a shimmering lights. Saddam decided to light up Kuwait, just for one night. He didn't know what he was doing and our soldiers lit him up...... It was a time to remember, it was a time, he never forgot. Welcome to the Hotel Badhdad , such a lonely place ! Such a lonely place ! His mind is definitely twisted, he never had any friends , he had all those pretty little goats that he called again. When the last one answered "bahhhhaaa ", the galley door gave way, and his head came off ! And you could here them say.... welcome to Hotel Baghdad " Good night DV !
  10. Texstorm

    Announcement of the largest bloc

    Hot dang ! Stability ! Abadi may be Iraq's answer to stability and peace ! Give him one more term and I'll show you an RV ! And I'd like to add, that's even if I've got to buy a recreational vehicle because I don't have a pot to p in or a window to throw it out ! At least I would have somewhere to rest my weary bones !
  11. Texstorm


    Trump will pardon Manaforte immediately , if he is found guilty ! He will not let the wolf's have their feast ! This is now our Armageddon and when the battlefield is knee deep in blood and the currupt SOB's have drawn their last breath , then can we give tribute to our maker ! They are barking up the wrong tree LOL .....the wolf's lamb skin has broken ! Their staff is not working anymore ! Their bite is less than a flee on an elephant ! The next elections are crucial....the one after that is monumental ! God bless America !
  12. Just be glad that you ain't friends with these bunch of rattlesnakes ! I sincerely hope that President D-Rex Trump can last long enough to bring these currupts bastards down ! All of them ! I know the President ain't perfect and niether is anyone of us, but by the grace of God may he open our eyes so that we know the difference. The greatest lotto of our times happened because the American people decided that it was time for change. And the leftist have gone completely insane ! Our forefathers and my family fought for our pledge of allegiance to our flag..." One nation under God with liberty and justice for all" Also "In God We Trust " This was and still is the foundation of our country and if anyone doesn't believe this, get the hell out ! I'm really afraid for our President ! If God sent his only son to die for all of our sins, then surely he sent President D-Rex Trump to open our very own eyes for our sins. Mr. President .....God bless !
  13. Thanks Pitcher ! If Iraq finished the Alaq Baghdad project in record time, it would be the first time in history they ever finished any damn thing. Iraq might as well get off their asses because the American soldiers are never going to leave. The terrorists are done or soon to be done. In my opinion we ought to take it completely over and show them how it's done. Obviously they never have had a clue on how to build a country or much less keep one. Y'all can pat them on the back if you want to , I say kick them in the ass and let's get this party started ! Go Army ! Go Navy ! Go Airforce ! Go Coastguard's ! Go Marine's ! Send all of the terrorists straight to hell !
  14. Thanks Markinsa ! It couldn't happen to a better man.....Next Comey ! Next Al Rosenstien ! Next Lisa Page ! Next McCray ! All of those SOB's need to go down ! Let the domino's tumble down !

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