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  1. Obama Tried His Best ! "We are no longer a Christian Nation " Kiss my Ass ! Next !
  2. Actually meant plural ! Like a slave ship or prison ship, where they beat you and make you row oars till you die. Then chunk you overboard to Davy Jones locker.
  3. Send them to the galleys ! Make them walk the plank ! Hang from the highest tree ! Give them the guillotine ! Stand them in front of a firing squad ! Give them cyanide ! Put them on the rack and rip them apart ! Smoke them in a gas chamber ! Electrocute the shiite out of them ! Stake them on the ground and cover them with honey ! Good Morning DV !!! If I missed anything i'm sorry. Today is going to be a great day ! 👍
  4. Thanks Pitcher ! President D-Rex Trump was right , this open forum Witch Hunt is a disgrace to everyone and there ain't no way in Heaven or Hell that anyone could convince me or the American public that that our DOJ and FBI are not currupt as Shiite ! Bring on the next Presidential elections !
  5. Dang I think you are right JG1 ! It's real sad that the POTUS can't even trust the DOJ, FBI to the point they are all trying to frame him. I can't wait for the next election and I bet the results will be just the same as last time and America will have spoken again !
  6. I don't know but I can tell you this, I was taught that the earth curves every 8 miles.... consider this maybe the earth ain't flat , maybe it ain't perfectly round ! Maybe God can lay his feet upon it where ever he is ! If he is our creator and almighty, then it all makes sense. It's all or none choose. Thanks DV !
  7. For me Breitling always made sense, he surly is easy to understand. I don't listen to him very much anymore because my time is mostly spoken for. Once I realized that this wasn't going to happen as fast as I once thought I had to adjust my thinking. Hang in there DV we all know it will come in it's own time !
  8. Texstorm

    Questions for Adam Montana 11 June 2018

    2025....... LOL ! Any older...... like just 4 short years and I'll be eligible for Medicare SOS....Son of a Shiite !
  9. Thanks Bigwave ! I'm glad that they are finally free. Too many times our Federal Government has overstepped it's bounds, good ending here for sure.
  10. Texstorm

    No RV Anytime Soon...Next Window...Jan 2021.

    I just want this ride to finish ! My next money is going into cryptos....I hope we all get what we need to get to the next step ! God bless !
  11. No Confusion for me ! No collusion for Donald D-Rex Trump ! No exclusion of our Lord ! God is coming back one day , as sure as he made little green apples. Please hurry up RV !
  12. Thanks DT ! I'm so ready to complete this ride.....I never want to see another 🐫 again... ever.... ever......ever......jeessssse !
  13. Thanks Bigwave ! The truth shall set us free ! Happy 4TH !
  14. Thanks Butifldrm ! We are all so lucky that Donald Trump got elected. Think about it, how many of us knew that corruption ran that deep in the upper levels of our government ? I know for sure thatI had no Ideal it was that bad. So I for one am glad that my eyes have been opened to all of these sorry SOB'S. Drain the whole F...N Swamp !
  15. Funny ! One by one they fall......couldn't happen to a better bunch. Deep State, Deep Swamp, Deep Shiite ! Go President D-Rex Trump ! Go DV ! Go RV !!! Make America Great Again !

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