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  1. HOLDER 2020?

    Ha ! This might sound racist but I remember an old school saying ! " Not a china mans chance in hell ! " Let the dems drive in their last nail.....Cause theirs a train coming around the bend....I can hear it coming and that will be their end. What a wonderful day in the neighborhood it will be
  2. Getting Ready To RV...Reducing The Note Count.

    I love rubbies fire away non-believers !
  3. Number of Dinar in circulation

    Let fisherman fish 🐟🐟🐟🐟 ! Obviously his heart is not in it or a fisherman of men and ladies. I've never been disenchanted with this ride. I still hold hope for being able to help my family and others in ways that I've never dreamed. I'm just a hard working man and I've got enough dinar at one to one to take care of my family and my extended family should GOD bless us all. Yes I heard about this from a friend of a friend....but I do read scripture on occasion and the rise of Babylon is real in the Lord's book and that's all I need. If GOD wants us to be rich , I'll not squander what he has given and if GOD wants me to struggle, I'll not squander what he has given. I love GOD and I love my family all of those here who love the same. In GOD's name I am here ! Please bless us oh Lord in any way you can...Amen
  4. Number of Dinar in circulation

    Iraq would have lopped a very long time ago if they could. They also would have RV a long time ago if they could. So far in just a little over a year stability in Iraq has been a success. The USA needs Iraq strategically, and Iraq needs the USA monitarly and for their security and well being. As far as how many dinar are in circulation does it really matter ? It's all just Fiat money at this point. How much USD is in circulation ? It really doesn't matter to me at this point, it's "what's in your wallet" that matters to me. I believe that Iraq could digitally cut it's currency in half at anytime they were allowed to and go international as well. All that has to happen is for the UST to accept the IQD as payment and the door would be open for international trade. That's my angle ! And I'm sticking to it ! Go RV !
  5. Getting Ready To RV...Reducing The Note Count.

    Good afternoon DV ! Iraq is the eppa center of the Middle East and as long as the USA can have controlling interest, we will try and keep the peace. Yes we want the oil but strategically from a military point of view, it is a front row seat ! If we don't control it Russia or China will ! I think it's just a matter of time and we will allow Iraq to be international.....but under our rules.... because we make the rules ! A prosperous Iraq is in our best interest and in the best interest of the Middle East. International baby 💰....that's what makes the world go round.
  6. Just thinking out loud ! Good Morning Yota and all of DV
  7. Finally a president who cares what happens in the world ! Assad has murdered his people for years..... well no more ! Take that SOB out !
  8. The Recovery Of The Iraqi Dinar !

    I've got 2 months till vacation ! How in the heck am I going to stay on vacation if this don't happen by then ? I sure hope that postcard finds y'all, then we will all be in good shape. Good Afternoon DV !
  9. DV Family Prayer Warriors

    Oh Lord I pray for our success in our family's, in our friends, in our work, and in every aspect that you hold. Without you there is nothing, we are eternally grateful for your grace and love. oh Lord . Amen
  10. 5 Proofs in 1:14 sec that the Earth is Flat

    Thanks Bigwave ! Compelling arguments against all that I've been taught, at least I've always got an open mind. Remember all of the "not so famous" now , news organizations said that Hillarious was going to win. Not !
  11. Mueller, Comie, Obama, Hildabeast, Wray, I can't even name them all ! These are the true Russian sympathisers that condoned Uranium One, that wrote a fake dossier, that lied under oath, that failed to act and got our soldiers killed in Bengasi, that obtained a visa warrant against Trump, that pulled our soldiers from Iraq and allowed hundreds of thousands to be massacred because of ISIS, that refuse to yield to the Law of the Land, that refuse to accept the Law of the Land...........these are the sorriest SOB's that ever wasted our clean air ! And there's a lot of Republicans right there with them ! If there is one thing good "and I have many" about President D-Rex Trump, he has exposed all of these corrupt SOB's and including the fake news f-------- with an S, for what they are ! Jeeesee ! This country was almost gone ! Have a great night. 🌴
  12. Valentines day

    Thanks Heavy ! He ain't heavy.....he's my brother !
  13. Thanks again Yota ! If Rex Tillerson can't show them how to make, no one can. Go Rex ! Go RV ! Please color me gone !
  14. Iraq may have to buy our (USA) debt as one of the restrictions placed upon on them, I mean after all with out the our military they don't stand a chance. The USA is the only thing standing between their freedom or their Hell !

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