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  1. For the record ! I don't care how many of ya'll are ***. KEEP IT TO YOURSELFS ! Don't make me or cause me or inconvenience me because you are. Gays don't deserve anymore rights than any other American. If laws are made to accommodate you because you think that you deserve more than I.....kiss my bass ! No on second thought I take that back..... sheitte !
  2. I feel like a stock holder waiting on my stock broker to give me wonderful news ! LOL
  3. Thanks Floridian ! I'm not very good at cut, copy and paste....no I'm fibbing.....I don't know how LOL
  4. I found when I googled Iraqi News CBI.....it was an article about a quarter of the way down the page.
  5. Help I need more straws !
  6. I can't bring it over but I read that the central Bank has just stopped the currency auctions and is going to the remittance system ! Hopefully that is it !
  7. Thanks Yota ! Blow them out of the water ! Blow them to Hell !
  8. Good Morning Yota ! I agree with President D-Rex Trump , the transgender thing just caused problems and we already have enough.
  9. And your point is ? BA you are far worse than Umbertino ! And about un-American as they come.....sad that you can't quit crying. Have a great day !
  10. Consider the source folks ! LOL............................. Please kill this thread ! Fake news doesn't warrant another post !
  11. Heck I've even done it to Yota ! LOL
  12. I evened you out Shedagal ! I'm sure it was just someone with fat fingers like me ! And I have no issues with scripture and a whole lot of us don't either.
  13. That will work Steve ! It don't have to be a tall tree , practice makes perfect !