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  1. Barbecuing Texas style!...

    Thanks Moose ! Now that ole boy ain't missed many meals, probably got his troutline set out too.
  2. BA I guess you got all figured out. All I'm going to say is that you are an insensitive SOB !
  3. Let's talk about Harvey...

    Hello DV ! It's been almost 16 years since Tropical storm Allison. I lost everything with no insurance, house, home, boat etc. Everything was paid for. I went through a separation and got full custody of my daughter $80k and 2 1/2 years later. I never took a dime from the Federal government. I guess my point is that I've never recovered from that devistation. I know what these good people are going to have to go through. My brother lost most everything he did have insurance but their is no way in hell it's even going to come close to what he had. We have spent the last 3 days gutting his house and throwing away all of his belongings. It's a tough situation for millions of people now from C.C. to Beaumont. What ever anyone can do in any way would be greatly appreciated, there are many, many ways and all will count. It's time to pull together as Texans, and it's time to pull together as a nation, for we are our brothers keepers. God Bless !
  4. Thank you nannab ! My brother is working non stop today since to exhaustion. I've worked the same to keep what we got clean. Tomorrow we expect the waters to receed and will start the process of ripping and tearing out of the the bad. I pray for all of us and I wish us all the best.
  5. Hello DV ! My brother has lost everything over here in Spring Texas. The water was over his house. He has lived there for 28 years and never flooded. Y'all can not believe the utter devistation. We are all ok now and living at my father's house now, all around us was underwater. It's going to be tough with 9 of us, 3 dogs and a kitty cat living in a 1500 sf house. We have food and water and lots of guns and ammo....lots of guns and ammo ! Yesterday the looting started down the street at Best Buy and other stores at the strip center. There was gunfire and now we have lots of police officers and the National Gaurds on site. I also saw lots of military vehicles and Helo's in the air. Yesterday and the day before they were launching boats on i-45 north to do rescue missions....I have to go now but I will return.
  6. They are not called illegal alien's for nothing ! I rest my case.
  7. Well here in Houston we are experiencing major flooding along with numerous tornadoes. So far my immidiate family is ok. Lake Conroe is at full capacity and they are going to do controlled releases but that's not going to help the folks down stream. We live on a gully and it is at the top of the bank as of early this morning. Right now we are in between the major rain bands here in Spring Texas and it is still raining. Im praying for all of those who are in need this morning. Will keep y'all posted.
  8. Breaktime

    And one more thing ! I don't condone the KKK or White Supremacists or Neo Nazis ! However they are not the ones burning , rioting , pilfering , Killing, the law of the land anymore. It's the leftist, liberal , communist , extorionist, crybaby Democrats that won't shut the F_ck up ! And the dumb SOBitches don't even have an agenda other than hate ! All of you spiteful a$$holes need to go to hell ASAP ! You are all losers from the loser Obama Muslim administration and you have unleashed people who are not going to tolerate your BS anymore ! I said enough for tonight but if y'all want your ass kicked bring it on !
  9. Breaktime

    Don't Quit ! Those Sorry SOBthes leftest , communest , f_cks , that don't deserve to live here. They looted , they rioted , they burned the American Flags and took down the holy Grail of Southern statues and Landmarks ! , and without a doubt the sorriest SOBthes here on the planet ! Every one of those Sorry piece of sheiettes need and deserve to be imprissoined . If they were on fire I wouldn't walk across the street and p_$$ on them ! Why doesn't someone asks me how I feel ?
  10. Thanks Markinsa and pattyangel ! It looks like a direct hit on Rockport and Fulton. Cat 4 ! I've spent many of day there and at one point I wanted to live there and even looked at several houses. The median age in Rockport-Fulton is 52 yoa and those folks live a very mellow life , awesome place and literally has the largest Southern Live Oak in Texas right down on the bay. I love Rockport-Fulton and I pray these folks will have something to come home too. May God Bless Texas !
  11. Good Afternoon DV ! I live Spring just north of Houston...... nothing yet , hopefully it will stay that way. Right now it is just misting .... we will see. Will keep y'all updated if it gets worse.
  12. Hello Folks!

    Good morning Umbertino or what ever time it is over their ! Let the war begin !
  13. You always are a good vibe WHN ! I ask everyone who is here tonight to join us !
  14. If Adam and Eve were Muslim

    Muslims sure don't eat pork so we are told....but they sure don't mind molesting goats and little children. Give me just one reason to care why we should care. Sorry I don't have that answer LGD but I can't tolerate anything they have to say.
  15. Good evening DV ! Sorry I'm probably the brokest SOG here tonight but I want in with y'all. Texas Power Ball. 04-23-38-55-69. PB 09 May God Bless Us All !

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