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  1. Extra ! Extra ! Read all about it ! President D.Rex Trump just launched 142 MOAB,s at North Korea. In 22 seconds there will be a brand new lake dubbed "Lake Trump" in honor of our President. Lake front lots available soon !
  2. Happy Easter Ezra and to all of DV ! May God bless us all !
  3. No sir I'm not waiting I'm going ahead and push the button tonight !.................On my ice maker that is.
  4. Not necessarily Socal ! I am in retail and it's a way of life for these imagrants. " I have a very large family and many many relatives and they will all buy from you " Yeah one day if I live to be a 100........If you don't want to negotiate , just say bottom dollar or please don't contact me ! By the way....Love you brother and I hope that we will get the chance to meet one day....In a better light !
  5. Ok BA how come Hildabeast's is still not in prison ???????? Just asking , she and the Clinton's have done far worse ! I really don't give a shiite about this p_$$ ant ! But how come you refuse to acknowledge their involvement in nafarious ways ? Amazing Grace how sweet the sound.........
  6. Thanks DWS112 and to the rest of y'all no doubters ! This is the best lotto tickets that I've ever purchased, I've learned about the world, I've learned about me, I've learned about our quest from sea to shinning sea !
  7. Me too rockfl9 ! And while I love crab legs, down south it's blue crabs for the very best of flavor ! As far as your question....money is only as good as the country that can back it.... Doesn't even matter if it's a federal reserve note ! The big difference with Iraq is that their Constitution was modeled exactly as the US Constitution and set up by the Good ole USA. All that really has to happen is that the United States accepts Iraqi's sovernty and hence it's value of the petrol dollar which is the standard that the US set internationally. Iraq could become an overnight success if the federal reserve decided they could wash more money, simple as that ! It doesn't matter how many dinar are in circulation, does it matter how many dollars are in circulation ! No it doesn't ! Just as simple as that. There ain't no physical Cliff that's all BS , we all go to work every day for Fiat $$$. Just my accessment from a dumb old country boy.
  8. Get a frickin rope ! I can tolerate any Muslim that abides by the law of our land. Now if you're a Muslim and don't agree ! Get the hell out !
  9. Thanks WHN ! I hope and pray that innocent people will not be harmed in his path ! He must be another stupid SOB ! Obviously he is a felon and doesn't even have the right to vote and who would have he voted for otherwise ? Just another dead man walking ! Maybe I can p_ss on his grave from time to time so the weeds don't die cause he ain't going to have no fresh flowers !
  10. Thanks Luigi ! When does tier 14 get the 800 # s.....Please RSVP me ! 🙉
  11. I'm happy for you rockfl9 ! Now you can buy all of the lobster that you'll ever want and a case of the finest Pinot on the planet !
  12. Come on down NYK ! BTW I would live in the keys if I had the $, but Texas is as close to heaven as it gets. Great people ! Good times ! I'm a great grandson of a whole bunch of Texas Cattle Ranchers....We love people around our supper tables and dinner and great conversations can last for hours. Post RV, let's rock and roll ! PS if y'all don't won't to wait we are good too !
  13. Don't know how to do all of that ! "How great thou are" ........." Amazing Grace " basically anything out of the old hymn book is what I can ID with.
  14. Thanks Chuck ! I'll drink the oil to that ! There are a whole lot of great folks down here and most of our good times and great food are spent around the dinner table. I hope post RV that y'all can come down for BBQ and Crawfish and experience our southern hospitality !
  15. Thanks Yota ! Damn I'm almost ready to eat that oil if it produces $ "Oil is good ! God is great and Iraqi's are crazy !" Kinda reminds me of a Country and Western song !