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  1. Happy Thanksgiving DV !

    Y'all have a great and safe Thanksgiving ! May you all get to see your love ones and spend quality time with them.
  2. CBS Suspends Charlie Rose Amid Sexual Harassment Claims

    I couldn't agree with you more Shabs ! It seems that things have not been the way that we thought and I can only hope that everyone learns right from wrong, maybe tomorrow will bring a better world.
  3. Workshop on the WTO Accession of Iraq

    Great news for sure DT ! Right on track according to the WTO statistics on war torn countries. Our wait is getting closer to a finale everyday ! Go DV ! Go RV !
  4. Thanks Yota ! It's about time they have a real airport that meets international standards.
  5. Thanks Wiljor ! We have certainly seen security come about in Iraq over the past year.
  6. Adam Montana Weekly 16 November 2017

    Thanks Adam ! To me this is your best post ever and I take great solace in being here at the right place and time and I wouldn't want to be anyplace else. damn the torpedoes...full speed ahead !
  7. Good morning Yota , LGD ! $1.20 to $1 will take all USD out of the markets ! 👍
  8. Thanks Umbertino ! I think chin chong choo is fixin to get a rocket up his ass ! I always wanted to see a 4th of July in December.
  9. Where's the money going to come from???/

    Hello Caz ! I didn't get into this because I was a savvy investor. At the time I had enough money to burn and If I don't make a dime, it doesn't matter because I've already earmarked this money for what ever destination it will yield. I've got to admit that we are a lot closer to the final outcome than ever before. Nothing ever stays the same. Go RV !
  10. Adam Montana Weekly 8 November 2017 - WHOOPS!!!!

    Thanks Adam ! My day was very successful yesterday and like you , I didn't even know it was Wednesday. One day we are going to wake up and our long awaited RV will leave us never to need a laxative again...... LOL ☺️
  11. Funny Stuff pokerplayer ! I know that if they acted all the same I call for an airstrike ! Life's way too short to live in misery. Go Astro's !
  12. I can't say what I'm thinking or even how I feel......Have a great day DV !
  13. Wow Thanks Englishman ! United We Stand ! Go RV !
  14. IMG_20171028_203830.jpg

    Hello LGD ! I had one of those growing up It was a HI Fi and I can Remember playing "Snoopy vrs the Red Baron" ----"The Glenn Miller Band"---"The Brother's Four"---" Jeramiah was a bull frog "-----" Elvis Presley" oh and a little later was Santana----"----Theme song from Shaft----"Black Sabbath" wow that damn thing is old LOL ! Thanks for the memories ! I loved LP's !

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