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  1. Iraq exports natural gas to Kuwait

    Iraq has soooo much Natural Gas it's coming outta their . . . .Well, they don't need to Burn $$$$. Folks from all over use natural Gas.
  2. Ya. . . I'm normally a reserved soft spoken kinda guy, huh. Thanx for the Chuckle +1 - - As the Black Sheriff ( Cleavon Little ) said in Blazing Saddles --
  3. Good God Almighty - - - It just takes forever to get ANYTHING accomplished - Foot Dragging Fools, Slow as Molasses in January, Can't Move Faster Than a Slug ! There is an astonishing lack of urgency with these these people about anything. . . EXCEPT when it's time to Party, Vacation or to Postpone and Recess for 4 or 5 days; only to return to work, then vote to recess 4 hrs. later, then return to "work" 4 days later. Then they're burning sandal leather heading for the DOORS !
  4. Their Parents should be Horse whipped for breeding . . .
  5. A Giant Screen In The Parliament Square .. Why?

    I wonder what the 25th of September will bring - I do believe that is still the date for the referendum. Fireworks or a Fizzle Stick ? It's been suggested this weekend might bring some important developments - This is Iraq so I'm not holding my breath.
  6. A Giant Screen In The Parliament Square .. Why?

    I imagine at some point we'll be " debating " The Flat Earth Society. " I brought that up at a party ( jokingly ) a while back and you'd thought I just poured gasoline on the fire . . . The art of lively debate is a LOST art these days - Religion & Politics are Flash Points now for contentious argument. So much for this thread, huh.
  7. For some gals that are Chubby Chasers, this guy is DEAD SEXY ! ! !
  8. Been looking for some Villas in the Tuscany region - Italy is a Gem unto itself.
  9. YEP !!!!! This sucks BIG TIME - someone should produce a movie 🎥 " 1000 &1 Ways The Govt. Bends U Over "
  10. Someone just pissed 😡 off the guy on the right front of this pic - yeee-ow
  11. Ivan is levereaging their influence for future holdings in a very strategic manner. The USA better keep an eye on this and make their own moves if they don't want to be frozen out by the KURDs in favor of Russia. The Middle East Chess Board, never dull.

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