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  1. When the Shah of Iran was deposed during the Carter Administration, the Militant Anti-American factions took over. I knew back then Iran was going to be a problem. When they invaded the American Embassy/took USA Citizens hostage for 444 days, it should have been obvious then Iran was going to be a problem ( long term ) if no regime change was in the offing. Almost as soon as R. Reagan finished taking the oath of office ( 1st term ) the Iranians gave back those hostages because ( rightly so ) Reagan they feared ,would unleash the military might against them to retrieve the Hostages. Carter an appeaser and Reagan the no nonsense don't mess with the US. Now we have a similar situation. Obama the appeaser and the Global Apology tour and Interloper in the White House to Trump, the no nonsense don't mess with the US - and He's got every Liberal Socialist & Communist on the planet in fits of rage, apoplectic and their heads revolving 360 like Linda Blair in the Exorcist. Thanks Pitcher for brining this article over for the ones that are not old enough to remember what some of us here do - remember.
  2. Somehow the song with lyrics “ push it baby, push it real hard baby” comes to mind. I think the heat is on . . . Come on you DOERS . . . Make the real big PUSH. . . Baby.
  3. Sadly, being this Iraq, they do things in their own way & time: even if it means doing it “ Bass Ackwards “ and/or “ putting the cart before the horse. . . in their case, “ the Camel 🐫 “ - or for saying things that they’ve done, even though they haven’t and digging their heels in, becoming indignant, maintaining the narrative even though they’ve been called out on it. Thats just the tip of the Iceberg with this mob.

    I never know?

    When it happens, and it will, it’s gonna leave a “ mark “

    I never know?

    This pic says to me: “ You have me so FREAKING MAD at the level of Stupidity I see standing in front of me, that, ‘ OH YEAH YOU’RE SO GOSH DAMN FIRED ‘ but FIRST, I’m gonna give you one of my famous Proct-TRUMP-tologies ! Assume the position! ! ! ! Anyone wanna take a stab at it ? . . . This pic is priceless
  6. It does look 👀 that by all appearances, they have placed forming this new government into the EXPRESS LANE ! GIT R DONE ✅
  7. This chap here says it all for me after 15 Fraggin years of Iraqi Nonsense 🤪
  8. Got Milk ? Why drink from the glass when you can “ drink from the Source “ . . . Huh.
  9. House of Representatives —— FAILS . . . Excellent to see their record is still intact.
  10. It does appear so Nannab . . . maybe it's a trap: get their cooperation, then bust the lot of 'em later. I don't know, I'm probably barking up the wrong tree here. All I know ( after 15 years ), these folks are nuttier than squirrel turds.
  11. Camel Milk Latte's & Donuts & a " Clean Sweep " of the Corrupt . . . You sure know how to tease Us with a good time
  12. 10 YEARS LATER

    Iraq launches its major development plan

    The day these people go from just talking about everything and get into the phase of actual ACTION. . . Well, I think I’ll just faint ! My luck, I’ll strike the coffee table on the way down, go comatose, then wake up 30 years later just to have the whole family tell me what a wonderful time they’ve been having with MY MONEY 💰- then I promptly kick the bucket 🤪

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