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  1. it surprises me sometimes that I’ve retained my sense of humor with all the we’ve gone thru with this investment. - fingers crossed we can all decompress in style no later than the end of the 1st quarter ‘18.
  2. I respect You too much to stain your statement by suggesting things associated with” whiffs “ & “ smells “ comments. Honestly GP - I hope to God your hunch is right - this has gone on way too long and these monkeys never seem to get tired of playing these ridiculous stunts. We’ve been getting punked for 15 years ! I’m about ready to hit’em with so many right crosses they’re gonna beg for a left.
  3. The Recovery Of The Iraqi Dinar !

    Jaded as I am - can’t help but think we’re headed down that familiar Flight Path in our Magic Carpet ( there’s a song there, I just know it ), only to have the thing go shooting off right out from under our Butts and crash land in n the “ Pit of Misery “ DILLY DILLY ! 😫
  4. The Recovery Of The Iraqi Dinar !

    When I try that at work, folks know I’ve just had an Indian Curry for Lunch
  5. Careful now - we’ve been down this dirt road before. The same road that lead straight over the cliff wher the last thing we saw was a sign that read “ You should have bought the Camel “
  6. They’ve said several times last year and again this year. Art.140 - HCL - Budget & the ever elusive RV have yet to occur. Implement these and the world might actually begin to think you’re a wee bit serious. These folks think that saying a thing makes it so. NOPE ! Big Dummies
  7. The Recovery Of The Iraqi Dinar !

    I’m gonna rip this guys leg off and beat him within an inch of his life with it and say to him - “ Will ya look at that, WILL YA JUST LOOK AT THAT, LOOK AT IT “ Its a great gag to pull on someone - this guy is good.
  8. Oil to hit $80 within six months — Goldman Sachs

    Unless Sachs has a hand in or is privy to a Future manipulative market _ im calling
  9. This damn referendum was held in late September, yes ? How many months have gone by and they’ve still got their heels dug in - but we’re at “ imminent “. — hope you’re right HCR. All this is way beyond a joke now. ALL OF IT. Yep-U R correct. . . I’m grumpy. Later on I’ll be one of the other 7 Dwarves
  10. Everything’s better when wet ! What, What ? The air is fresh & clean, Camels & Goats get a bath and such. Y’all have dirty one track minds ! Good thing so many of us in here are like minded.

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