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  1. 1st off - the UN can GET SCREWED ! 2nd, Barzani needs to go DOWN HARD - AND STAY DOWN, FOREVER. 3rd, the Kurds need to get SAVVY PRONTO, GET WITH THE PROGRAM to Seal the Deal with " Who's Your Baghdaddy " so Iraq can LEAP into 2018 with Unparalleled Determination FINALLY . . . Maliki has been a naughty, naughty boy - There is NO PLACE FOR YOU IN IRAQ OR THE WORLD " IN THE COMING DAYS " - " IN THE NEAR FUTURE " or " EVER " BUH-BY . . .
  2. When this Roller Coaster ride is finally over, I'LL NEVER ride another one ever again. It wouldn't come close to the mountain size Peaks & Valleys of the Dinar Monster Vomit 🤢 Super Express Roller Coaster I've been riding for the last 14 + years Where else could fly around Disappointment Bend and the 3 Major Peaks of Agony, Misery & Heartbreak , then race down the other side down, down, down Suicide Slope into the Ravine of Despair where it all goes BLACK as you careen around horrifically gut wrenching corners thru the Pitch Black while the G-Forces threatens to tear your soul from your Mortal Being !!! . . . . And on & on & on, never stopping !!!!!!! Damn, what a FINE RIDE, HUH !!!!!
  3. So there's a " Surprise (s) " party on the horizon. . . Soon.
  4. Pelosi took way too much LSD in her day.
  5. " Heading Towards " - is this the new " Soon " ????
  6. Leave the key under the mat, we'll be along shortly- thanks and don't wait up, we'll let ourselves in.
  7. YIKES - that's a spider monkey thing
  8. Iraq is very adept at Missing an Opportunity to Miss an Opportunity - Pray they get it right this time and jump all over this Opportunity
  9. CBI News 11/21/2017

    My wife has been asking that question for years. It's worse than my kids asking " are we there yet " At least I could say we are with my kids - with my wife, I tell her hang on tight, the roller coaster is coming up on a couple of sharp turns ahead.
  10. There's a cynical, wise azz comment in here: I just at the moment can't find it in my Arsenal of Snappy Comebacks yet. I'll be back.
  11. I'd like to Dance in the Damn Street - C'mon Iraq ! ! ! You can do it ! ! ! MAKE THIS A CHRISTMAS TO REMEMBER or NEW YEARS - We ain't picky

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