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  1. There you go put the blame where it belongs.
  2. May have to change OPEC TO TEXPEC👅
  3. If your going to rob the CBI of Dinar you better bring a convoy of heavy trucks or a railroad train to make it worth it.
  4. Now Baghdad needs to clean up the corruption at the ports in Basara and rebuild infrastructure while putting the thousands of protesting Iraqis to work.
  5. The last thing the government needs is to be protected from its people. If I were him I would be rooting out corruption and exposing those crooked officials then let the people decide which camel to drag them behind.
  6. Calijim

    Sistani scolds Iraqi politicians

    Well let’s hope the government hacks listen to this guy and get their act together. They need more than just Abadi to be adults in the room.
  7. Calijim

    CBI News 06/25/2018

    Let em in more business is good business.
  8. Oil wil eventually go down as more us production comes online. You would think they should RV before oil is cheap again and they will be in the hole.
  9. Just to let you all know I’m not seeking an argument just Facts and truth.
  10. So which was it when Maliki issued a warrant for Shabbs. Shabbs intending the value of the Dinar to 1.19 or Maliki wanting to use the cbi as a piggy bank.
  11. Thanks nannab, not my opinion, just stating a fact for those who don’t understand how it works. Not to worry though the GOI has stated it will happen “in the coming days” 🤪🐫🐪🤣😄😃😁😆

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