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  1. Soon in the coming days.๐Ÿ‘ป๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ฃ
  2. Seems like their last steps are missteps to their next steps.
  3. The only thing they have high speed is corruption.
  4. Letโ€™s hope the currency is one of those changes๐Ÿช๐ŸŽŠ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฟ
  5. "Everything has an end, when a man reaches the top, he has to know when he is going down," He keeps this aggression up against the Kurds he may be going down sooner than he thinks.
  6. Ooh geee Iโ€™m down 77%. Gonna have to sell the Jet....
  7. Man I love the way they write a headline. Somebody has been looking at clickbait net commercials.
  8. Seems we should call for a secret revalue meeting in Reno. ๐Ÿซ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚
  9. Maliki's coalition announced

    Hillarious should run for prime minister. She would fit right in.
  10. Let me get this straight. DOZENS OF PROTESTERS.? Really? Canโ€™t they do any better than that? Sounds like a Hillarious Clinton rally.
  11. Too bad they donโ€™t consider Maliki and his buddies east of the border โ€œIranโ€ as terrorists.

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