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  1. We have a crack in the roof. I put silicone in the crack two days ago and thought I had solved the problem. Now it is going to rain for 3 days let up. It is raining in my bedroom right now. Wifey and I grabbed some plastic tubs to hold the water but OMG. The sound of the dripping is driving me crazy.
  2. Hope so...because it is frickin raining inside my home now.
  3. Right... We do not agree with each other at all. It was YOU that butted into the conversation here though. Remember that. I ignored your bible verses you incorrectly posted. What you believe is totally unjustified. Biblically speaking of course. My justifications are 100% on the mark. I was talking to another member about the Earth being destroyed. It was you that came and put your nose into the conversation. So really you are harrassing me. But since you are everyone´s favorite darling here because you decipher dinar articles...of course the majority will side with you. The Star Wars thing was an illustration of how we are on opposite sides of you got a fantasy out of that I will never know. Believe me I do not think we are dueling with lightsabers ya know...Lord....It was a simple illustration to point out how we are opposite sides. Try not to reason or concoct something other that what it was. Take off the tinfoil hat. I have no fantasties or scenarios but that probably makes you deal with someone better if you think they do. To to get back on topic, it is your fantasy that the Earth will be destroyed by God. Not mine. The earth is perfect as it is . Does not need destroying. It is like a house. If you have a home infested with rattlesnakes according to Synopsis, you would burn the house down instead of just hiring an exterminator to kill the snakes. It is the same as God with the Earth. He doesn´t have to destroy it. He will just kill the snakes, or bad people in it. Um, not a fantasy. A REAL scripture. Psalms 37:29
  4. Adam Montana Weekly 13 December 2017

    Well the 10 days have passed. No money. No possibility to get into vip...Mexico is SLOW in their legal processes.
  5. Synopsis. Talking about the Bible is not harrassing. Harrassing is you and LGD going back to 2012 to give me negatives. I do not deny any truth. But we have debated this in the off topic forums ad nauseum. It is kinda like Jedi and Sith in Revenge of the Sith. From your point of view I am wrong and deny truth. From MY point of view it is you that is doing exactly that. If you guys want to believe God is going to destroy this beautiful Earth that is your business. But I have a right to express that I think he will not. Psalms 37:29 says the righteous will live on EARTH forever. How are they going to do that if you feel it will be destroyed is beyond me. And keylime, yes god´s thoughts are higher than our own. But he gave us a brain and WANTS us to use reason and logic. If he wanted us just to be robots he would have made us that way. I contend the earth being spoken of as being destroyed is the bad people on it. Not the literal Earth itself.
  6. I never read Ray. He is a phony. His brother is in jail for crying out loud. I would never quote the guy nor look to him for advice.
  7. No Thank you for real! It is so refreshing to see someone actually use reasoning skills. In this day and age we are living in the idiocracy. Like that movie.
  8. There ya go. Using your noggin. It was the PEOPLE that spoke the language. NOT the literal Earth itself. Congrads! That is more reasoning that I have ever seen about biblical topics here on DV. The bible DOES say the EARTH continued to be of one language but you successfully deduced it was not talking about the literal Earth but the people. Thank you! Some other people here think it is the literal Earth speaking... So with that said...I do not believe that the Bible is talking about the literal earth having to be destroyed but the bad PEOPLE on it. Because the Earth itself has never sinned. God created it perfectly.
  9. It also says at Genesis 11:1 that the EARTH has one language. When was the last time you heard the Earth actually speak?
  10. Can I ask you...why does this planet Earth NEED to be destroyed? Seriously. Please use reason on this. Did the Earth sin? Did God not make it good the first time?
  11. So Jesus´kingdom is on Earth right now? Yeah...if so WHY do I see hatred, wars, hunger etc. It must mean....HE IS NOT HERE YET....Trump is here now. So that means....Jesus has not installed Trump as a president.
  12. Just joining late to the party. HAd snow down here in ole Mexico. Roof started leaking right where I sleep. Ugh. Spent the whole morning with a broom shoving ice and water away from my roof. This is great news! Giddy up!
  13. Yet Jesus said that his kingdom was NO part of this world. So I do not think Trump is divinely appointed.
  14. Actually this is wrong assumption by Luigi. Dr. Clarke is TELLING them all it is in 2017.

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