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    Wow...well that was as boring as watching paint dry. Isn't anyone a little nuts here? Where is your sense of adventure? Did I already say NO cars please? Oh well. More of mine then. Some of us have more imagination I guess. a coffin pool table! So much cooler than a standard one! Put some dinosaur statues in my garden to spice it up back there. WOOOOOO!
  2. We all have stuff we want to buy after the RV? What are some of yours? No cars as that thread has been done to death around here. I am talking about different things. A super airmax trampoline! It would be so much fun! I have always wanted a bidet. Weird I know right? One of those song selectors. I want to do my kitchen eating area in the form of a fifties diner.
  3. SO...are they article 8 compliant now? Sure looks like it.
  4. One to two teaspoons? That is WAY too much baking soda to be taken at a time. OMG. You can make yourself sick with that.
  5. Yeah the baking soda gives you a little too much sodium for my tastes. The Kangan water machine is much safer IMO. Athletes drink baking soda daily because it also eliminates the lactic acid in your body and thus, no more soreness after working out. I am a gym nut and would get extremely sore after working out after not doing it for a couple of weeks. The baking soda took care of it. I have not even had a common cold in four years. I USED to get one a year.
  6. My wife had the great idea to put the baking soda in a ketchup bottle- I just do 2 squirts into a toddler´s cup of water. With a spoon I stir it as I drink it. Once a day. The baking soda is necessary if you are a poor schlub like me that cannot afford the Kangan water machine. After RV baby! Then I will stop the baking soda and use the kangan water machine strictly.
  7. I said before. I HAD cancer in 1997. The key to defeating it is Kangan water and drinking baking soda. Cancer survivors are more likely to get a reoccurance. I never have. My PH is too high for the virus to live in my body.
  8. Adam Montana Weekly 14 March 2018

    I have a bellybutton
  9. Read it....AAANNDDD we still see Dr. Clarke making up crap again. Now he puts it out to March 24th. Ken Siegal is a tard.
  10. Adam Montana Weekly 7 March 2018 (Delayed till afternoon)

    I heard someone explain that the HCL was broken into three parts and only this one part has been passed.
  11. The Plan (maybe)

    The comments WERE open on that video. I posted a few other truths, and the uploader made it that the comments were disabled. What a tool!
  12. The Plan (maybe)

    I watched it yesterday...but failed to see what the plan was.

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