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  1. Has to be just a file photo. Too hot over there for a coat.
  2. Botzwana

    Adam Montana 11 July 2018

    Touring in Ajijic Mexico which is why I have not chimed in lately. It has done me a lot of good not being on this site every 5 minutes.-
  3. This video is great. Hope it is true. According to this...Hillarious and the crew will be arrested next.
  4. Botzwana


    7-6-2018 Newshound Guru Mnt Goat We are now in a waiting mode while the re-counting of the ballots takes place. We are now getting contradictory articles on the progress of the counting in the Kirkuk region on day 3. We know that there are still 6 other provinces to recount that have has election fraud and manipulation. ...So the outer most date for completion of the recount seems to be about mid-July but we know Iraq never does anything on time. I would not expect even a remote possibility of the reinstatement happening until the CBI learns that “political stability” is obtained. How do they define stability... 7-6-2018 Newshound Guru Mnt Goat They need to see the announcement of the new PM and not just hear about possibilities and agreements. They need to see all the three new presidents in place including the three deputy presidents (or ceremonial vice presidents). The IMF (USA) needs to see the formation of at least this part of the govt for their stability. ...I also want to reiterate that this entire re-counting process sounds very, very fishy to me. In the future we will know the truth behind it all. ...I can’t help but see a stalling tactic for something else and just using this re-counting as the legal excuse.
  5. I have to use FB for my business...wish this stupid RV would happen so i could quit it.
  6. Botzwana

    Only in merica' on their $5 bill

  7. Botzwana


    7-3-2018 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat I told everyone NO RV until after the elections. I told everyone they will first have to clean up these corrupt politicians causing the FRAUD and MANIPULATION with the currency. I told everyone what the CBI meant by “a more suitable environment” and this definition meant AFTER THE ELECTIONS and after this currency fraud and manipulation is cleaned up. I told everyone they will have to arrest these politicians and close down their operations after they lose their immunity as parliament members. So first they need time to do this, then to arrest them. This may take a couple weeks, once the newly elected parliament is seated and the new PM is announced. I am NOW telling everyone NOT to expect the RV until sometime AFTER mid-July. It may take a bit longer but I am hearing they need to get it done as soon as possible.
  8. Waiting for the spoilers Sadr? ok....It was Sue Ellen´s sister that shot J.R. Ewing...There. now you can RV.
  9. Botzwana


    I am convinced that Recraps invented Wife in the know too. Dr. Clarke has been their most successful creation by far. Even more than Okie. I suspect they will invent someone new if this thing continues on.
  10. Botzwana


    7-3-2018 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat Article quote: "The Central Bank of Iraq announced on Saturday the withdrawal of the license of a brokerage company to sell and buy foreign currencies for violating the instruction." Folks this is the withdrawal of the licenses of these companies TO MEDIATE THE SALE AND PURCHASE OF FOREIGN CURRENCIES. Get it now why the CBI had to stall the project? Also we know the CBI was under scrutiny with the MCP monitoring with the IMF in the attempt also to control the rate of the dinar to with 2% of CBI rate vs Street rate. ...So a lot of this FRAUD and MANIPULATION was preventing this and driving up the US Dollar and bringing down the dinar. ...I told everyone that the real reason why the CBI held up the continuation of the “project to delete the zeros” was due to the FRAUD and MANIPULATION with the currency ( in particular the currency auctions).
  11. I have made no bones that I live in Mexico. I am originally from GA. Spent 30 years there. Through some circumstances I ended up moving to mexico. I immigrated. I paid my fees, had the correct 1x1 black and white photos taken, showed up to the appt on time, had to prove where I lived...for 5 frickin years. THEN I was made a permeanent resident...the closest thing you can get to being a citizen of Mexico. I still cannot vote though. Cannot have a gun down here etc. If it was that hard for me, why do people get to be in the U.S. without doing anything that I did AND they get frickin benefits, free housing, AND can vote. It frustrates me.
  12. Botzwana

    No RV Anytime Soon...Next Window...Jan 2021.

    Now we know who the negarator is....the red demon. Has to be rock in the lopster tank.

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