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  1. Personally I think Siemens is junk, just a grade above GE ( good enough) Siemens Outlines Roadmap for Repowering Iraq Published February 14th, 2018 - 13:20 GMT A roadmap document handed to Prime Minister of Iraq Haider Al-Abadi by President and CEO Joe Kaeser identifies the country’s short, mid and long-term development needs. From energy supply and industry to financing and training, Siemens outlined its roadmap and commitment to supporting the development of Iraq. A roadmap document handed to Prime Minister of Iraq Haider Al-Abadi by President and CEO Joe Kaeser identifies the country’s short, mid and long-term development needs. It focuses on key areas including energy management, resource efficiency, education, anti-corruption and financing. It details how Siemens, which has been present in Iraq of more than 80 years, can support the country’s transformation. The efforts are executed in close partnership with the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). In a planned public-private partnership between Siemens and BMZ, the parties agreed to jointly contribute to the reconstruction and development of Iraq in areas including technical and vocational training as well as transparency and anti-corruption. “The rebuilding of Iraq has the potential to be one of the greatest achievements in the modern Arab world. We envision 40 million Iraqis living in vibrant cities, powered by reliable and efficient energy; a robust industrial sector and sustainable economic development, led by world-class, home-grown talent,” said Joe Kaeser, President and CEO of Siemens AG. “We are proud to be a close partner to Iraq and will work with the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development to support the reconstruction and development of this great nation in areas such as education, training and anti-corruption.” Siemens addressed the reconstruction goals of Iraq by identifying key pillars including electrification, efficient use of oil and gas resources, knowledge transfer, off-grid healthcare, financing and compliance. The plan aims to ensure uninterrupted power supply of up to 16 gigawatts (GW) by 2025 to major Iraqi cities and beyond. This requirement can be met in stages, from plug-and-play power solutions that can be installed and operational in as fast as three months to medium and long-term projects that require between 10 and 24 months’ completion time, and longer-term projects. Another area where Iraq can significantly boost revenue is the efficient use of natural resources such as oil and gas. Siemens’ technology can help turn wasted flared gas into a valuable asset to fuel power plants and supplement the federal budget. The company estimated potential savings of USD 5.2 billion from efficient use of resources over the next four years, not to mention reductions in black carbon and CO2 emissions, helping Iraq achieve its goal of eliminating flaring by 2021. In addition to power supply, Siemens would support social development in Iraq through training and education programs to equip Iraqis with the skills to steer the country’s future economy. It will also seek to make healthcare available to remote areas, providing instant relief with two solar-powered clinics. Recognizing that a holistic approach to building Iraq’s infrastructure is vital, Siemens will also endeavor to support the securing of long-term finance solutions that work for Iraq, while also supporting the fight against corruption. The company intends to reinforce the government’s initiatives with training and education for a strengthened culture of compliance.
  2. Wow that would solve all the US debt problems! Great input Thanks
  3. Now they are buying our debt?
  4. The Arctic Ocean is warming up...

    Article says Seals are finding the water too hot in arctic oceans????? We have plenty of Elephants seals, harbor seals and sea lions here all year in Southern California.
  5. Silicon 14 SI Is a metalloid... Quartz is made of silicon and oxygen SIO2. Quartz is the second most abundant mineral in the Earths crust. Those quartz veins are what we look for when lode mining for GOLD!!! Thanks Yota
  6. Central Bank of Iraq Auctions $189,977,380 on 05 February 2018 by Ibrahim KhalilFeb 5, 2018, 1:45 pm ShareTweetRedditE-mail Baghdad ( The Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) currency auction on February 5 registered $189,977,380 in sales, a 2.70% volume increase from the US $184,979,766 sold by Iraqi Dinar, credit and transfer at the previous auction held on February 4. The latest auction was attended by 45 banks and 9 remittance companies. The same institutions attended the auction held on February 5 compared to the previous auction. Data for the February 5 auction was made public by CBI Announcement Number 3628. Dollar sales in the in the period January 1, 2018 to February 5, 2018 saw an increase of -1% compared to the sales of US $3.79 billion in the same period in 2017. The total amount of US currency sold by CBI in the calendar year 2017 was US $15.7 billion. An analysis of the monthly dollar sales by CBI since January 2016 reveals highly fluctuating volumes. During the period from January 2016 to February 2018, sales of US dollars averaged US $1.76 billion per month. Peak volumes were reached in May this year when sales touched US $2.3 billion.
  7. Ferret shows human her babies

    Thank You and best wishes to you. ! This makes me feel better because i know i was wrong and your accepting my sincere apology means alot. Sometimes I do stupid stuff. But at least I dont drink any more for over ten years now. Now talk about doing some stupid stuff. Im grateful to still be alive.
  8. I have always thought that our tariffs were to low. A 40 ft container of machined metal parts that my product ships with has a tariff of $400.00 Thats pretty much nothing. A 30 % tariff will help but not even come close to making my product affordable to manufacture here. it costs $18.50 now so with the Tariff increase it would cost $24.05 . Yet it would still cost over $180 to make it here. And with the cost of all goods made overseas going up people here would have less money in there pockets to buy my product. And yes I would most likely keep my margins the same as my distributors would also so the cost would be passed on to the end users. I'm an electrical contractor and I have a customer who makes solar panels here. His energy costs are extremely high. His demand rates are killing his business. Making solar panels are hardly carbon neutral if you factor in this energy used to grow the crystals. Also he has special units that burn off unspent gases which is highly regulated by the EPA and AQMD. He pays large sums to these government agencies. So cheap energy and less regulation would help more than a 30% tariff We are just big consumers here in the USA and we all want cheap stuff. Nobody thinks of this when they talk about our jobs going overseas. No one asks how a 32 inch LED TV can be sold for $132 at Target. Remember everyone gets a piece from the distributors down to the manufactures. That TV probably costs less than $35 to make in China Thats just not going to happen here in the USA. Yet people expect this. Maybe if we look at the root cause of our currency being debased we will figure it out. Inflation is killing us and a big reason we can not compete in a global market. Our dollar loses value every day.
  9. Ferret shows human her babies

    ok i apologize. You are right none of my business. But not everyone uses Facebook. You can not find a picture of me on the internet. Just not there. Not gonna happen. My kids are adults so if they want to post their pictures thats Ok by me. Its their choice... not mine. But they were not allowed to when they lived under my roof. And I'm sure you can protect your kids when you are with them. Likewise I can protect mine when they are with me. But they are not always with me. Like you know the internet is permanent. Me personally I know their is a risk ever so slight it is... But it's still a risk so why take it? If anything were to happen to my family because of my actions i would have trouble living with myself. Wouldn't you? There are some bad people out there and you and I will not always be around to fend off the evil in this world. Heck God does not even protect them. And he is omnipresent. So In the future i will avoid interfering. But i would also hope you realize that you were not playing the nice guy by burying my pictures. You did do that on purpose I just got back from a trip and was sharing my pictures which i never do. I admit this made me a bit angry and i acted out which was wrong and childish. So like i started off with I apologize. Will not happen again. 5 horrifying ways your children’s pictures might be used on the Internet Is it safe to post photos of your kids online? Here are some reasons why you should be careful. FACEBOOKTWITTEREMAILPINTEREST MORE Mindy Raye Friedman Many parents love to share pictures of their little ones online so that family and friends can see how they are growing up. But unfortunately grandmas and your best friends aren't the only people on the Internet. There are some scary people out there who want to use those cute snapshots of your children for their own purposes. Here are just some of the ways your children's photos are being used online and why you should think twice before posting your child's photos for the whole world to see. Baby-role playing A new trend on social media, baby-role playing involves users posting a photo of a baby or child they find online and pretending the photo is of their child. This has especially become popular on Instagram, but it crops up on other social media sites as well. Some of these users are creating entire fictional families as they pretend to be the parent of a child or children who aren't really theirs. They post about things the baby is doing or how cute they are, and then their followers play along by commenting on the photos. There are even Instagram accounts that will post a photo of a child with his or her made-up information, pretending the child is available for adoption. Do a search for hashtags like #babyrp, #kidrp, #openrp, or #adoptionrp and you will see thousands of these posts. And while there is no actual physical danger to your child if someone uses one of your photos for role-playing, it's still disturbing to think someone might be digitally kidnapping your child. Child pornography Innocent family photos can also be taken from blogs, social media accounts, or other photo-sharing sites and photoshopped to give pedophiles a thrill. Other times the photos themselves aren't doctored, but are posted with other inappropriate content, captions or comments that lead to links of child pornography. One mother in Utahrecently found pictures of her two young daughters together with captions implying extremely disturbing situations. Especially enticing are photos where a user can make eye-contact with their victims or where there is partial nudity, like a bath or diaper photo. Advertisement Would you want your child's picture used to promote a product without your permission? Unfortunately, some advertisers will take photos they find on the Internet and use them in ad campaigns in another part of the world. That's what happened to one family whose photo was used in a store ad in the Czech Republic. It also horrified another mom when a picture of her daughter, who has Down Syndrome, was stolen from her blog and used to advertize a prenatal testing kit. It happened to a teenager from Texas who had her photo snapped at a church activity and ended up on a billboard in Australia and a family in Indonesia whose children ended up in a newspaper ad in Malaysia. Fortunately for all these people, someone spotted the ad and told them about it. But how many pictures are being used for ads that the people pictured never find out about? For all you know, your child could be on an ad somewhere right now. Fake profiles If you've spent any time on social media, you know there are a lot of profiles and accounts that are not real. These fake profiles are used for a number of different purposes, but it's most often to scam other people. Those who create them often use stolen images because they are believable and give credence to their profiles. Which means your real photos could be used to make another profile seem real even though it is not. This issue is common enough that reporting an imposter account shows up in Facebook's frequently asked questions. And unfortunately there's not a lot you can do since all profile and cover photos on Facebook are public. Memes Post a funny picture of one of your children, and he or she might become an Internet sensation. That's what happened to one mom when she posted a picture of her daughter acting angry in a swing, and it turned into a viral meme. But even if some people thinks it's funny, if it's done without your permission, it's no laughing matter. And once it's out there, it's pretty hard to delete something that has been shared by multiple users on multiple sites. Advertisement What can you do? Does this all mean you should never post pictures of your children online or you should immediately delete every social media account you have? No! The odds of these things happening to your photos are still pretty slim when you consider the billions of social media users and photos out there. But it does mean you should be careful when posting photos and information about yourself and your children on the Internet. Here are some ideas for protecting your photos and reducing the risk of them being misused. Read Make it private - If you're going to post pictures of your children that you don't want people using for other purposes, you can make your accounts or your photos private. Each site has it's different ways of doing this, but here's an infographic that tells you how to do it on the most popular social media sites. Also make sure your blog is private if you are planning on posting photos of your children. Be careful about who you share with - In addition to going private, sites like Facebook and Flickr allow you to choose the audience for your photos. You don't have to share everything with all of your friends. You can share pictures of your children with only your closest friends and family. Watermark your photos - Placing a watermark on the photos you post online can help you prove images are yours if they are stolen. It also discourages people from stealing your photos because it's more work for them to remove a watermark. There are several low-cost apps available that watermark photos. Don't share your location - Never post a picture of your child that identifies your location. Turn off location settings on your phone and don't post pictures that would help someone identify where you are or where you live. Post low-resolution photos - Posting lower-resolution versions of your photos makes it hard for someone to enlarge and print your pictures, which makes them unusable for things like advertisements. Be selective about the photos you share - Photos of children are much less likely to be stolen by predators or baby-role players if they include other people, if the child isn't looking straight into the camera, and if the children are fully clothed. Advertisement
  10. I agree but both my companies are making good money again after eight years of a death spiral so I can live with some charector flaws
  11. Ferret shows human her babies

    It's pretty Why would any parent put their child at risk ? The internet is not a safe place to do this. It's not like pulling out a picture with your friends and family. People here know where you are from, your occupation and your daughters name . Now they have her picture . Why would you take the slightest risk with her, Not calling you a bad parent but surely you put your family at risk . For what? So you can show people that your boys are good swimmers? The internet is permanent and she did not give you permission did she? The internet is not safe. That's my story. So why take a chance ? Why?
  12. I would say yes but have to add that we all are
  13. I am i hate things made in China yet I still buy them
  14. Average IQ by occupation

    Hope you are not a lumberjack. LOL I think its a bit off myself.

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