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  1. Mother Invested $8,000 in the Iraqi Dinar

    I think that any and all fiat Currencies are a SCAM. The Federal Reserve runs the worlds largest Ponzi scheme. Gotta keep printing and piling on debt or the house of cards falls. I prefer precious metals.
  2. Tactical Nuke

  3. Where's the money going to come from???/

    I have found that discussing religion , Ones personal belief that there is a God is in most cases a waste of time. People believe what they want to believe. Never gonna change anyone's mind here on web forum. It's just not going to happen. The ideas people were taught just can't be reversed easily if at all. Take for example the Kids that lived with their parents who are members of Daesh . They were brainwashed into what their parents believe in. They were taught Sharia law and so they will believe in this forever. They will not question it ... they will just believe it. Obviously some may be conditioned otherwise but in most cases they will hate the West forever.
  4. Where's the money going to come from???/

    Everyone has a dream but you have to weigh in the cost of that dream. If you are having fun and don't expect to make any money there is no harm IMHO
  5. Fat Boy is much safer with President Trumps finger on the button than mine. I would have waited for the right wind conditions and lobbed tactical Nukes at Kaesong and to the East along the 38th parallel. Cant believe President Obama let that commie bastard sink the Cheonan and not retaliate. Why have allies if you are gonna do nothing.
  6. Letter of Protest to Nathaniel Rothschild over corruption in Iraqi Kurdistan Posted on August 28, 2017 by Editorial Staff in Contributions Genel Energy co-founder Nathaniel Rothschild, 2017. Photo: Reuters Dr. Kamal Said Qadir | The views expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author. Mr. Nathaniel Rothschild August 25,2017 Head Office, Fifth Floor 36 Broadway, Victoria London, SW1H 0BH United Kingdom Phone: +44 (0)20 7659 5100 Dear Sir, I am a Kurdish anti-corruption activist and legal scientist, writing to you to strongly protest against theft, robbery and plunder of our oil and gas resources in the Kurdistan Region-Iraq by some foreign criminals disguised as businessmen. These unscrupulous robbers who came to the so-called oil and gas contracts through bribery, indignation, and extortion of the ruling Kurdish families are the main cause of hunger, poverty, injustice and flight of the Kurdish population, so we have the natural right , by all By means of natural law, to put an end to this theft and plunder. This letter is meant only to be a warning for all those who despise our people and their natural rights. The near future will show that no people can accept such a degradation forever. Dr.Kamal Said Qadir Dr. Kamal Karim Rechte Wienzeile 47/2/25 1050 Wien Austria Email: Dr. Kamal Said Qadir is an Austrian citizen, international legal expert, writer and human rights activist, has run for the office of the Kurdistan presidency in 2013. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author. Read more about Corruption in Iraqi Kurdistan
  7. Iran humiliates Iraq at WABA U17 Championship 2017 News ID: 4071172 - Sun 27 August 2017 - 22:05 Sports TEHRAN, Aug. 27 (MNA) – The young basketball player of Iran’s under-17 squad defeated their Iraqi rivals at their debut at WABA U17 Championship 2017 in Tehran on Sunday. The first day of the WABA U17 Championship 2017 in Tehran kicked off and in the first two games of the tournament, Iran and Lebanon subdued Iraq and Jorden, respectively, in their debut performances. In the first event of the day, Lebanese basketball players defeated their Jordanian opponents 69-47. The Iranian U17 basketball players lined up against Iraqi players in the second fixture of the day one, and they registered a victorious first half set 48-27 and won the game with the overall score of 91-55. This edition of the WABA U17 Championship has berthed the five national squads of Iran, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria in the tournament hosted by Iran’s capital city of Tehran.
  8. Iraq is seen as Iran's largest export market in the foreseeable future. Energy Saturday, August 26, 2017 Zanganeh Turns Focus on Iraqi Market Opportunities Iran already supplies Iraq with electricity and natural gas, with the exports of the latter forecast to generate at least $4 billion in revenues annually I ran should and will seize the opportunity to consolidate its position in Iraqi's multibillion-dollar economy, Oil Minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh said. Iraq is recovering from a conflict with the self-styled Islamic State terrorist group that declared a self-proclaimed caliphate over swathes of lands in Iraq over three years ago. Despite being largely pushed back in recent months, the insurgency has left a massive trail of destruction, creating a multibillion-dollar market for the reconstruction of Iraqi towns, roads and facilities. Iran's oil minister said on Thursday that oil and gas-rich Khuzestan Province, which shares borders with the southern Iraqi city of Basra, has played a central role in exports to Iraq, but there is plenty of room for growth, IRNA reported. "Iraq is the closest market to Khuzestan Province (in the south) and so far has played a significant role in exports. We need to increase our share in the country's emerging market," Zanganeh told a meeting of provincial managers on Thursday. Iran already supplies Iraq with electricity and natural gas, with the exports of the latter forecast to generate at least $4 billion in revenues for Iran annually. The exports will help Iraq reduce lengthy power outages across its major cities, a lingering issue and a source of public protest against the central government in Baghdad. "There are some issues in exports to Iraq, but they can be tackled through new investments," Zanganeh said. Proximity to the Iraqi market has created a unique opportunity to "establish and expand downstream facilities in Khuzestan to meet a large part of Iraq's demand," the minister added. The downstream sector is processing, marketing and distribution of crude oil, natural gas and derivatives. "Missing out on the large Iraqi market would be a major blow to Khuzestan's economy … taking stock of the current situation in Iraq. It would take years before they can meet their demand for many basic products," Zanganeh said. Iraq is seen as Iran's largest export market in the foreseeable future. Government data show that Iran exported over $6 billion worth of commodities in the previous year (March 2016-17) to the western Arab neighbor, but officials and experts say export can increase by more than four times the amount. Iraq and Iraq, OPEC's second and third-largest producers, could also converge their interests in the upstream petroleum industry. The two countries are reportedly tinkering with the idea of developing their massive joint reservoirs together by employing a single contractor for shared reservoirs. ---- Total Gas Deal Zanganeh also expounded on huge potentials for domestic manufacturers in a deal with French company Total S.A. to develop Phase 11 of the vast South Pars Gas Field in the Persian Gulf, "Total will only play a managerial role in implementing the $5 billion mega project and the rest, including drilling operations and manufacturing pipes, will be put out to tender. "Based on the terms of the newly concluded contract, Total is obliged to use domestic firms that have already been qualified by the National Iranian Oil Company," he added, noting that Iranian enterprises can be the winner of all tenders and reap the substantial profit as there are no limits in this regard. He noted that in value terms, more than 70% of all contracts within the framework of IPC will be given to Iranians. "Iran Petroleum Contract is the first Iranian oil contract that clearly stipulates a role for domestic oil and gas equipment manufacturers," he said. According to Zanganeh, domestic companies should meet international standards to participate in the SP Phase 11 project that is estimated to generate more than $80 billion over two decades. He asserted that domestic contractors should forge partnership with multinationals to improve their credentials. "The Oil Ministry is deprived of the much-needed budget to keep the wheels of the oil industry running; that is why it has to rely on attracting foreign finances," he said, adding that the industry needs cutting-edge technology and investment to grow. The minister noted that reservoir engineering—a branch of petroleum engineering concerned with oil and gas reserves and finding the most efficient way to extract underground resources—would be one of the key technologies to be transferred in cooperation with Total. "It is not just about reservoir engineering. Know-how means completing a project on time with the fewest number of injured staff," he said. Zanganeh underlined the new contracts as a "golden opportunity" for creating jobs and wealth, and improving the technical and operational ability of domestic companies. "Domestic companies are expected to take advantage of the $5 billion deal because NIOC will use their potential as the main or secondary contractors," he concluded. Reportedly, Total has provided Iranian qualified firms with a complete list of equipment for the South Pars development project and whatever can be manufactured by domestic companies will not be imported. The French firm has also agreed to share the know-how for manufacturing equipment that has not been indigenized in the country.
  9. Iraqi official: No coordination between Kurdistan, Iraq in energy sector Baxtiyar Goran | An hour ago A view of the Bai Hassan oil field, northwest of Kirkuk, Kurdistan Region. (Photo: Reuters) Kurdistan Iraq Erbil Baghdad Relations Kirkuk ERBIL, Kurdistan Region (Kurdistan 24) – The Director General of Iraq’s State Oil Marketing Organization (SOMO) stated there was no cooperation between the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and the Iraqi government in the oil sector. In a press conference last week, Falah Alamri, the Director General of SOMO, said there was no agreement between the Iraqi Oil Ministry and the KRG’s Ministry of Natural Resources regarding the marketing of oil and other energy-related matters. He stated there was only an agreement between Baghdad and Erbil to export Kirkuk’s crude oil from the fields currently under the administration of the Iraqi North Oil Company (NOC). Alamri added the Iraqi Oil Ministry had assigned SOMO to export Kirkuk’s oil as part of the agreement. The SOMO representative expressed the Iraqi government’s readiness to sign an accord with the KRG to develop the oil sector and increase the level of coordination. Alamri also noted any agreement on the matter would benefit both sides. Over 250,000 barrels of oil are exported out of Kirkuk per day. Almost half of the oil is exported under the authority of the KRG while the rest is distributed under Baghdad’s jurisdiction through the NOC. The Jamboor, Baba Gurgur, and Khabaza oil fields are under the administration of the Federal Government of Iraq. The NOC exports 60,000 barrels of oil per day to Turkey while the rest is transferred abroad through southern Iraq.
  10. I like gold. I like it a lot, Something comes over a man pulling the shiney shiney straight from the ground.
  11. In Breakaway Move From Saudis, Iraq May Change Oil Pricing By Tsvetana Paraskova - Aug 21, 2017, 12:00 PM CDT In a bid to increase oil revenues and possibly setting the stage for its own benchmark crude grade, Iraq has told customers it may change the way it prices Basra crude for the Asian market, Reuters reported on Monday, quoting a letter by Iraq’s state oil marketing company SOMO it had seen. According to SOMO’s letter, the company is asking customers for input regarding a plan to change the Basra crude pricing for Asia to Dubai Mercantile Exchange (DME) Oman futures beginning next year, dropping the average of Oman and Dubai quotes by S&P Global Platts. “In an effort to realize the intrinsic value of our crude exports to Asia as to be in alignment with the recent market perception, we are contemplating a change of the current pricing formula for the Asian market,” Reuters quoted SOMO’s letter as saying. The letter is dated August 20 and asks for feedback from customers by August 31. If implemented, the change would concern the pricing of around 2 million bpd of Iraq’s exports to Asia, nearly two-thirds of the daily Iraqi exports from the southern port of Basra. Backed by mining billionaire Frank Giustra, this gold exploration company, with the help of a robot army may Just Made The Biggest Gold Discovery Of The Century. Get the story before it’s front page news. While it is planning a possible pricing change for Asia, Iraq is not expected to alter the pricing to Europe and the U.S. in which it uses the Dated Brent and the Argus Sour Crude Index (ASCI), respectively. The Iraqi plan is also seen as a breakaway move from the leading Middle Eastern exporter, Saudi Arabia, whose official selling prices (OSP)—using S&P price assessments for decades--are usually followed by the other main producers in the region. Middle Eastern crude benchmarks currently don’t include Iraqi crude grades, and this could be one of the reasons for Iraq studying a change. “The Iraqis probably want to get in on the game of being a benchmark grade,” a Singapore-based oil trader told Reuters.
  12. Most Mexicans do not look down on us white men married to Hispanic women. They look down on our wives. That's the sad truth BTW. Hair is way overrated
  13. I like it. I really socked ( with a U ) at Dodgeball.
  14. They control dollar flow now Rock. Just like here in the US. You can not travel with over $10k out of Iraq. That would be a risky venture for $10K minus the plane trip, hotels and the incidentals. Definitely not for me . Heck I don't even go to Mexico anymore. Wife is Hispanic and just says no to Mexico especially because its a white boy with the Mexican chick. LOL. I used to go for the baja 1000 every year but to many horror stores the last few years.
  15. Sorry to hear about the wife James. I wish you the best

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