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  1. Sent you a message - Let me know what you think. The stuff I've used so far has been great and really price competitive. . Non GMO plant based for clean living.
  2. I agree that online is really hitting the malls. E-commerce is so simple anymore - I've even joined an E-commerce company. Great environmentally friendly products at competitive prices. Everything from cleaning products to personal care products to weight management . I started on their weight management program 2 weeks ago - and down 6 pounds already with no major changes to what I was already doing. If anyone is interested (You never know - there might be,) let me know and I will hook you up with a $10.00 off coupon for your first order. No joining necessary.
  3. Believe these are the guys giving Adam his ride to the update.....
  4. I live 2 miles outside the capital of the 4th largest state with the 44th largest number of people. *lol* We have plenty of space to go camping in...
  5. Well said Patty - one of the reasons I call myself a practicing Catholic - because if I keep practicing maybe someday I can get it right....
  6. Heaven knows I do my best to be! As for prepping - food stock - check guns - check ammo - check generator - check 20 gallons of gas for said generator - check solar powered charger for marine battery - check extra water purifier- check We just call that ready to go camping her in Montana....
  7. nstoolman - had acquaintances in Spokane and Mountain Home tell me they felt it too. It shook the whole house - rattled the dishes in the kitchen and got the ceiling fan in the living room swaying pretty good. No damage fortunately. I'm about 35 miles southeast of the epicenter.
  8. bostonangler - this only the 4th I've been in - but definitely the largest. No damage to the house, but could feel the whole thing shaking and the dished rattled in the kitchen.
  9. Woke me up at 12:30 last night - I'm about 35 miles south east of the epicenter.
  10. So - any other DV brethren feel the little rumble last night? Woke me up - strongest quake I've ever been in. Had a full moon, thunderstorms, heavy winds, earthquake - I was expecting the blowing of trumpets next! http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/montana-alberta-earthquake-1.4192408
  11. Heavenly Father - we ask that you send your Son to our friends, that He may stretch out his healing hands to them, as He did for so many when he walked this earth. Guide the hands of those ministering to them and their health. In your Son's name we pray. Amen
  12. First thing I did last night when the earthquake hit was check my phone. Figured it was a sign - but no text from Adam...DARN!
  13. And to our northern friends - I hope Canada Day was just as good for you!
  14. Just thought I'd post a link about the whole PH level subject. Bottom line - food you eat cannot drastically change the PH levels in your blood or in the organs. It really can only effect your urine. Not saying that mixture that uh1chief has posted doesn't have some good effects - i'm just sure it has nothing to do with the PH level. http://dinarvets.com/forums/index.php?/topic/191213-alkilizing-or-acidifying-the-body/#comment-1515862