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  1. I was in the same National Guard Unit as this man many years ago - when he had been in the US about 4 years. I'm amazed he decided to run for office - since he basically had nothing good to say about the US as it compared to Liberia at the time... I guess all things change...
  2. Glad I went with MEW and not Parity.
  3. I asked about this subject with our JAG (Judge Advocate General) and he said that as he understood it, this court martial was ended with a "bad concuct" discharge, which does not have to be reported into any of the national databases. Only Dishonorable Discharges are required to be reported.
  4. Mini Ice Age is Coming

    it kind of scares me that you think like me...
  5. pp - that's what we are here for. Wish I knew what was up with ThaiExpat - he was a great contributor on here.
  6. Mini Ice Age is Coming

    vulcanism [vuhl-kuh-niz-uh m] noun - To make oneself appear more Vulcan.
  7. Did a little more digging - and it appears that the mechanism of action for LDN is raising the endorphin levels in the body - %2319 - Low Dose Naltrexone.pdf?version=1&modificationDate=1388194233000&api=v2 "it has been shown that elevated levels of endorphins, due to the administration of LDN is responsible for:  Down regulating inflammatory cytokines  Reducing inflammation and oxidative stress  Facilitating tissue repair and wound healing  Restoring T-helper/CD4 levels  Restoring the balance between Th1 & Th2 lymphocytes  Increasing cytotoxic T cells and natural killer (NK) cells  Regulating cell growth & inhibiting tumor growth  Reducing excitotoxicity and microglial activation  Reducing apoptosis of the myelin-producing oligodendrocytes  Stimulating mucosal healing (lining of bowel)" In other words - helping to eliminate the oxidative stress in the cells and the resulting mitochondrial damage. If you coupled this with other products that raised glutathione leves and reduced the oxidative stress on the cellular level, I'm guessing you could see some marked results DISCLAIMER - this is my personal opinion is not intended to replace professional medical advice or treatment. Supplements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases or medical conditions. Please note that individual results may vary. You should consult with a healthcare professional for any health concern, and share any information pertaining to your health and well-being, including the use of supplements. (A wise lawyer told me to start adding this to any health posts that I put up since I'm not a medical professional - just a knowledgeable lay person)
  8. You might also want to take a look at the link between glutathione levels and fibromyalgia (you got me researching again....) And this is an article I did here a while back on the bodies own antioxidants which kind of explains glutathione and some of the other things mentioned in the above article.
  9. A little more info on fibromyalgia for you - this is becoming known as a cellular mitochondria and REDOX issue. Oxidative stress issues can be a causative - so if you can address those issues - it helps the cells to recover.
  10. McDonalds menu-1972

    Back when McDonalds was real food....
  11. Stolen Valor

    I agree! With lots of "Tree line" and "Wall to Wall" Counseling....
  12. Stolen Valor

    I'm with you - stolen valor pisses me off too. It also pisses me of when ANY national news service doesn't vet information - especially something they are fairly certin that will "go viral". In my opinion it's sad that a person can claim to be part of our Military - "wear" (I use the term loosely) the uniform in public - make these type of claims - and the Supreme Court has declared it as protected under the Constitution - up to a point at least. Once they try to use it for personal gain - and if they are claiming 1 of 11 awards - then it becomes a federal crime, punishable by a fine, imprisonment for not more than one year, or both. So - as a for instance - a "wannabe" is wearing the uniform, has a Combat Infantry Badge displayed on it - that is all legally fine - no matter how poorly he is wearing the uniform, how much he tries to tell you he was a Green Beret - even though he can't tell you what his MOS is or what the criteria is for having a Combat Infantry Badge - or how it differs from the Expert Infantry Badge (which looks nearly identical). However, if he then asks for a "Military Discount" at a fast good restaurant - that just became a federal offense. Does that really make sense? "Laws are like sausages, it is better not to see them being made." - Otto von Bismarck
  13. Mother-in-law has lung cancer

    If you do a search in this part of the site for "cancer" you will find a lot of information. I will start you out with this one. A little background - thaiexpat was a doctor in Thailand - worked for a clinic that specialized in mixing Eastern and Western medicine, and he work a lot with Oncology patients. He hasn't been around for a while. I know he was moving his practice to Krabi when he contracted some time of fungal infection and I haven't heard back from him in a few months. Hope he shows up here again soon. Smart man with a wealth of knowledge.
  14. KIRKUK, Iraq — After weeks of threats and posturing, the Iraqi government began a military assault on Monday to blunt the independence drive by the nation’s Kurdish minority, wresting oil fields and a contested city from separatists pushing to break away from Iraq. In clashes that pit two crucial American allies against each other, government troops seized the vital city of Kirkuk and surrounding oil fields, ousting the Kurdish forces who had controlled the region for three years in their effort to build an independent nation in the northern third of Iraq. The Kurds voted overwhelmingly in a referendum three weeks ago for independence from Iraq. The United States, Baghdad and most countries in the region condemned the vote, fearing it would fuel ethnic divisions across the region, lead to the break up of Iraq and hobble the fight against the Islamic State. Iraqi government troops and the Kurdish forces, known as pesh merga, are both essential elements of the American-led coalition battling the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL. Both forces are supplied and trained by the United States. But aside from a few isolated skirmishes, Iraqi forces took the region without a fight, and few confirmed casualties, after having brokered an agreement with the Kurdish faction that controlled Kirkuk, a multiethnic city of Kurds, Arabs and Turkmens. Continue reading the main story RELATED COVERAGE Iraqi Forces Begin Assault Near Kurdish-Held City of Kirkuk OCT. 15, 2017 Jitters in Kirkuk Over Iraqi Troop Movements OCT. 13, 2017

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