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  1. What is social marketing? 1. Application of commercial marketing concepts, knowledge, and techniques to non-commercial ends (such as campaigns against smoking and drunken driving) for the society's welfare. 2. Use of commercial marketing in promotion of goods and services in a way that helps in promoting the consumers' and, by extension, the society's well being. Just a link to some information about the company and it's opening in Canada. Take a look at the products - and if your interested, there's a way to earn income and credits toward purchases.
  2. Montana wildfire updates for September 4, 2017

    Today's update had an interesting statistic - So far more than a million acres have been burned in the state - in fact, it sits at 1.1 acres per person - and more acres than the state of Rhode Island.

    Prayers for you and all of those being impacted by all forces of nature that are battering our nation.
  4. Montana wildfire updates for September 4, 2017

    Maps that are a bit more detailed....
  5. Montana wildfire updates for September 4, 2017

    Map: Largest Wildfires In Montana (September 4) Here is a list and map of the 20 largest wildfires currently burning in Montana. The fires represented on the map below are all actively burning and have scorched at least 1,000 acres. There are several dozen smaller fires currently burning in Montana that are not included in this map.Recent fires that have been completely extinguished, are not actively burning, and/or do not pose a threat to lives or homes, are not included. Those fires are no longer being updated on Inciweb, a website which provides information and updates on wildfires across the state. One example is the Lodgepole Complex Fire, which burned more than 270,000 acres in central/eastern Montana several weeks ago. All data below is from Inciweb and Interagency Dispatch Centers as of 3 p.m. on Monday, September 4, 2017.
  6. Just a little snapshot of what we're dealing with up here - and Idaho and Oregon aren't a whole lot better. I'm about 30 miles from the closest fire. Air quality in the whole state is terrible. For a time on Sunday, the BEST air quality in the state was Moderate... MISSOULA, Mont. - The Rice Ridge Fire in the Seeley Lake area grew over 48,500 acres Sunday night to over 102,000 acres, according to information officer Mark Vosburgh. The fire was extremely active and didn't die down until around 4 a.m. Rice Ridge Fire (Seeley Lake) Location: 2 miles northeast of Seeley Lake Size: Over 101,000 acres Containment: ? Structures Threatened: 1090 Mandatory Evacuation Orders: Powell County officials on Sunday ordered the evacuation of the Cooper Lake area. Northern Boundary: The junction of Highway 83 and Cedar Lane northeast to Morrell Creek Road. The boundary continues along the Cottonwood Lakes Road east to the Forest Boundary. Eastern Boundary: Cottonwood Lakes Road at the Forest Boundary and south to the northern boundary of the Double Arrow. Southern Boundary: The junction of Highway 83 and Whitetail Drive east to the junction of Whitetail Drive and Dolly Varden. The southern boundary continues east to include the area north of the Commons Area and eastward to the intersection of Montana Drive and South Canyon Drive, continuing southeast along Montana Drive to the junction with Glacier Drive and then south to the junction with Double Arrow Road including Pyramid Loop and all areas in the Double Arrow Subdivision to the south and east. Western Boundary: The junction of Highway 83 and Cedar Lane south to the junction of Highway 83 and Whitetail Drive. Evacuation Warnings: This current warning area includes both sides of Highway 83 N. from Tamarack Resort to Bear Grass, extending to Bear Grass Ln, Loon Lane and Camp Creek. Also under an evacuation warning are residents on both the north and south sides of Boy Scout Rd. to the Fawn Creek intersection. Kozy Korner Meadows area. Eastern boundary starts in the 7500 block of Woodworth Road and runs west to Cottonwood Lakes Road, then north through the Rich Ranch. There are 15 homes in the warning area. This also includes the Black Canyon Ranch which is the only property located on the south side of Woodworth Road in the warning area. The Missoula County Sheriff’s Office has issued an evacuation WARNING for the Big Sky and Emerald Lake areas: This evacuation WARNING includes all properties from the intersection of Woodworth Road and Highway 83, East to Skilly Drive, and all properties north of Woodworth Road. Red Cross shelter site located at the UCC Church, 405 University Avenue, Missoula MT. Fire information booths will be staffed at the Valley Market, Seeley Airport and Rovero’s Hardware Store on Highway 83 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Closures: A closure order is still in effect for the areas surrounding the Rice Ridge Fire. All Seeley Lake waters are closed. Big Larch campground is still closed. Lolo Peak Fire (Lolo) Location: 10 miles southwest of Lolo Size: 45,012 acres Containment: 31 percent Structures threatened: 540 Structures destroyed: 2 homes, 6 outbuildings Evacuation orders and warnings: Ravalli County Sheriff - Due to the increasing winds and critical fire weather, escorts have stopped. Unified Command and the sheriff's office are evaluating all evacuations and will rescind the orders as soon as it is safe. An Evacuation Order is in effect for all residents west of Highway 93 on the north side of Bass Creek Road north to residents on the south side of Hannaford Avenue and west of Florence Carlton Loop. The Evacuation Warning area has been expanded south to include all residents on the south side of Bass Creek Road and west of Highway 93 to South Kootenai Creek Road, including Redtail Hawk Lane. The evacuation warning remains in effect from Hannaford Avenue north to West County Lane Road and west of Highway 93 as well as in the Bear Creek and Elk Creek areas on Highway 12 west of Lolo. The Evacuation warning is lifted in the Highway 12 corridor from mile marker 24 (near and including Arena Drive) to the Highway 93 junction in Lolo. The evacuation warning was also lifted for residents in the Highway 93 corridor from the Highway 12 junction to mile marker 79 (near and including the Gravel Pit off of Old Highway 93 and the McClain Creek Road). 45 mph speed limit through the fire area - HIGHWAYS ARE OPEN. Fire Information Locations: Staffed fire information is available in three locations: Super 1 Foods in Stevensville; Farmers State Bank in Florence; and the weigh station in Lolo at the corner of Highways 12 and 93. Returning Home: Residents may see changes to their property as a result of firefighting operations. Check your property for damage to your well/pump, electric/gas meter, propane tank and for fire-weakened trees. Stage II Fire Restrictions are in effect for Missoula and Ravalli Counties and across the Lolo and Bitterroot National Forests. Additional information can be found on Inciweb. Missoula County residents can receive emergency notifications of critical alerts via their choice of text, phone and/or email by signing up at Shelters: the Red Cross shelter for Lolo Peak evacuees is located at the LDS church in Stevensville, 100 Middle Burn Fork Road. Nelson Creek Fire (Bitterroot) Location: 3 miles west of the West Fork Ranger District Size: 276 acres Containment: 35 percent Evacuations: Residents on Nez Perce Road evacuated due to the Nelson Creek Fire can return home under a warning status. Residents should remain prepared to evacuate due to critical fire behavior. Structures: None threatening to any structures. Highway 200 Complex Location: northwest of Plains Size: 17,489 acres Containment 0 percent The Sanders County Sheriff’s Office have ordered several pre-evacuation warnings and implemented evacuations near the Sheep Gap Fire. East of Plains, mandatory evacuations are in place from the end of River Road West to Arnold Road, at the corner of Section 11. All residents in the Plains and Trout Creek areas should note that conditions are dynamic and will likely change quickly over the next few days. Officials say to please have an evacuation plan in place NOW for what you would do in the event of an emergency. Wildfires can grow very quickly and you may receive little to no notice before an evacuation takes place. Sheep Gap – 7,273 acres Reader Fires – 146 acres Cub Creek – 2,247 acres Deep Creek – 3,301 acres Moose Peak – 4,179 acres Miller Creek – 343 acres Area closures are currently in place around the immediate fire areas and areas integral to safe fire operations. As hunting season continues, please respect area closures. The Forest Service is working to ensure that closures are kept to a minimum but are large enough for firefighter and public safety. Gibralter Ridge Fire (Eureka) Location: East of Eureka Size: 6,966 acres Containment: 27 percent Structures threatened: 144 Evacuations: The Lincoln County Sheriff and the IMT evaluate the need for evacuations on a daily basis. A Pre-Evacuation Warning remains in effect for the Sherman Creek, Griffith Creek, Therriault Pass Road, Stevens Creek, Glen Lake and Sinclair Creek (south/east of West Road) areas. Road Closure: Grave Creek Road and the Ten Lakes Recreation area are closed above the Grave Creek/Foothills Road junction. Public Meeting: An information meeting for the Gibralter and Caribou fires will be held on Monday, September 4th at 7:00 pm at the Eureka High School Auditorium. Representatives from the Forest Service, Incident Management Team, Lincoln County Sherriff's Office, Border Patrol, Red Cross, and Emergency Management will all be present to provide information on both fires. Caribou Fire Location: 21 miles northwest of Eureka Size: 16,812 acres Containment: 0 percent Structures: unknown number destroyed Located on the Three Rivers and Rexford Ranger Districts of the Kootenai National Forest, and has crossed into Canada. Closures: Basin Yaak Road to Dodge Summit including Caribou Creek Campground are closed. Evacuations: Full Evacuation Order is in effect for West Kootenai area north of Tooley Lake. A Pre-evacuation Warning is in effect for West Kootenai area south of Tooley Lake. Shelter: the Red Cross has emergency services set up in the Church of God in Eureka, MT located at 1295 2nd Ave behind the First Interstate Bank. Public Meeting: An information meeting for the Gibralter and Caribou fires will be held on Monday, September 4th at 7:00 pm at the Eureka High School Auditorium. Representatives from the Forest Service, Incident Management Team, Lincoln County Sherriff's Office, Border Patrol, Red Cross, and Emergency Management will all be present to provide information on both fires. Alice Creek Fire Location: near Lincoln, MT Size: 17,480 acres Containment: 0 percent Structures: 4 confirmed lost Road Closures: Highway 200 remains closed between 279 and 434. County Sheriff Officers are controlling traffic along the Highway and will open it as soon as it is safe to do so. The Highway will remain closed until at least 1 p.m. Sunday. Evacuations: Evacuation orders remain in effect for the Landers Fork, Elk Trail, Elk Meadows/Evergreen Subdivisions, as well as the Alice Creek Basin and Tom’s Gulch areas. There are approximately 90 residents affected by the evacuation orders. The Dearborn Canyon residents have NOT received a pre-evacuation notice; however, they should be ready to leave, should conditions rapidly change. Lewis and Clark County Sheriff is authorizing limited and controlled access to the properties for Elk Meadow residents who need access to their property to recover essential items. Residents will be escorted in and out by the Sheriff. Please call 406-447-8293. Since August 30, the fire has grown approximately 11,339 acres. This is approximately 18 square miles. The Forest expanded the area closure as a result of the aggressive and widespread fire activity occurring across the Forest. A map of the Closure Order can be found at: Shelter: The Red Cross shelter for Alice Creek evacuees is at Wolf Creek Elementary School at 150 Walsh Street in Wolf Creek. A community meeting to receive an update on the fire situation will take place at 6 p.m. Monday evening at the Augusta School (410 Broadway, Augusta, MT). Sunrise Fire (Superior) Location: 11 miles southeast of Superior Size: 26,155 acres Containment: 90 percent Evacuations: Stage II Evacuations were set in place by the Mineral County Sheriff this evening for the Quartz Creek residents. Stage II is a pre-evacuation warning and residents should be prepared to evacuate if fire conditions worsen. This is not an immediate evacuation. The Sunrise Fire became more active yesterday September 3, 2017 and continued movement in the Quartz Creek drainage. Fire managers are concerned with the upcoming weather and dry fuel conditions in the area. Shelter: The Red Cross is prepared to provide shelter at Superior High School for evacuees. Sapphire Complex Fire (Rock Creek) Location: 25 miles southeast of Missoula Size: 41,904 acres Containment: 53 percent Evacuations: Due to fire activity on the Little Hogback fire and predicted weather conditions, the Granite County Sheriff issued a Level Red-Evacuation Order for some residences along Rock Creek Road, effective Saturday, September 2, at 10 p.m. The Level Red- Evacuation Order was issued to residences along both sides of Upper Rock Creek Road and adjacent roads/neighborhoods, beginning from and including Wild Rose Loop south to Stony Creek. Approximately 35 residences are impacted by the Level Red- Evacuation order. All other Level Yellow-Pre-evacuation notices are still in effect. Structures Threatened: Private property and structures in the Rock Creek, Upper Willow Creek, and Marshall Creek drainages remain threatened. Other resources threatened include fisheries in Rock Creek, grazing lands along the southern boundary of the Little Hogback Fire, Bonneville Power Administration powerline, and a communication site. Structures Destroyed: 1 cabin, 14 outbuildings. Closures: The Rock Creek Road from I-90 south to Bitterroot Campground (MP 23.5) is OPEN. Due to fire traffic congestion and fire safety concerns, the Rock Creek Road will continue to be CLOSED from Bitterroot Campground, south to Cornish Gulch (FSR5027), and public traffic is NOT allowed. Upper Willow Creek Road is currently closed to the public. The Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest has reduced closure restrictions in the Black Pine ridge area, but maintains all area closures in the Upper Willow Creek, North Fork Lower Willow Creek, and Harvey Creek areas. The Bureau of Land Management has implemented an area closure in the Upper Willow Creek, Ram Mountain, and nearby areas. Fire Restrictions: Stage 1 Fire Restrictions are in place on the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest (Forest Service land east of Sandstone Ridge). Stage 2 Fire Restrictions are in place on BLM, private and state lands in Granite County, and the Lolo National Forest (Forest Service land west of Sandstone Ridge). Meyers Fire (Philipsburg) Location: 25 miles southwest of Philipsburg Size: 53,737 acres Containment: 5 percent Structures threatened: 119 The Montana National Guard have been to deployed to help with fighting the Meyers Fire, located 25 miles southwest of Philipsburg.The soldiers are staffing five security checkpoints around the fire area to free law enforcement personnel for other duties. Evacuations and Closures: The Frog Pond area is under an evacuation order. Moose Lake residents are under an evacuation warning. Additionally, an evacuation warning is in effect on East Fork Rd from FS Rd 5778 to Little East Fork Rd (FS RD 724) on the Bitterroot National Forest. Bitterroot National Forest emergency closure orders are in effect for upper areas of the East Fork Bitterroot River. Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest has an emergency closure order around the fire extending into the Anaconda Pintler Wilderness. A temporary flight restriction (TFR) is in effect surrounding the Meyers Fire area. Granite County is under Stage 2 fire restrictions for private lands in the county. Amended Stage 1 fire restrictions are in effect today which prohibits ALL campfires in southwestern Montana on public lands, including in fire rings and developed recreation areas. Sprague Fire (Glacier National Park) Location: 9 miles northeast of West Glacier, MT Size: 9,403 acres Containment: 35 percent Closures: All park entrances remain open. The Going-to-the-Sun Road is closed between Apgar Loop Road and Logan Pass. Logan Pass is accessible via the St. Mary Entrance. Apgar Village, Campground, and Picnic Area are open. The Sprague, Snyder, and Lincoln Creek drainages and associated trails, from Lake McDonald Trailhead on the west and Gunsight Pass on the east, are also closed to all use. Visit for trail, road, and campground information. Evacuations: Area residents and Park visitors were evacuated on Sunday. The evacuation order is in effect from the south end of Lake McDonald north to Logan Pass. This includes the North McDonald Road. This does not include the Apgar area at this time. Logan Pass is still accessible from the east side of the Park. The duration of the evacuation is unknown at this time. Structure protection work was completed in the Lake McDonald Lodge area. The Fort Apache Hotshots, along with structure protection engines, staged overnight in the Lake McDonald Lodge area. A night shift patrolled the area. Today structure protection hose lays and sprinkler deployments will be initiated in the Avalanche Creek Campground area. Mop up work continues around the Sperry Chalet. The Mt. Brown Lookout continues to persist. Shelter: the Red Cross shelter for Sprague evacuees is located at Canyon Elementary School, 200 North Street, in Hungry Horse. West Fork Fire (Libby) Location: 7 miles northwest of Libby Size: 3,679 acres Containment: zero percent Evacuations: The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office on Monday afternoon updated the areas listed under a mandatory evacuation order: 17 Mile Community of Pipe Creek Road Upper Bobtail Road, north of and including Hutton Drive, along with Milton Drive, Bobtail Lane, Verna Court Quartz Mountain Road The following pre-evacuation warnings are also in place: Bobtail Road from Kootenai River Road to below Hutton Drive Bobtail Cutoff Road Winter Road Whitetail Road Indian Pipe Road Bull Creek Road Burrell Drive Kootenai River Road, from Quartz Mountain Road to the end of Kootenai River Road (Bighorn Terrace) North side of Kootenai River Road from North Central Road to Quartz Mountain Road Pipe Creek Road from Forest Way and north Forest Way Lodge Pole Way Doak Creek Road Blue Mountain Lookout Road Creekside Road Timber Lane Residents under pre-evacuation warning should be prepared to leave at a moment’s notice. Please, only emergency and local resident vehicle traffic in the areas of bobtail and bobtail cutoff, pipe creek, and Kootenai River Road. The Lincoln Co. Sheriff's Office has issued a mandatory evacuation for residents in the 17 Mile community area of Pipe Creek Road, outside of Libby. Pre-evacuation warnings include, Bobtail Cut-off, including Winter Road and Whitetail Road, Pipe Creek Road from Forest Way, including Lodge Pole Road, Blue Mountain Lookout Road and Doak Creek Road, Creekside Road and Kootenai River Road from Quartz Creek Road to the end Kootenai River Road (Bighorn Terrace). Bobtail Road from Kootenai River Road to Hutton Drive, Indian Pipe, Burrell Drive, and the NORTH side of Kootenai River Road from North Central to Quartz (only the NORTH side) Pipe Creek Road is now closed from the 12 Mile Marker to the summit. Residents are asked to leave in an orderly and safe fashion. The Pre-Evacuation Warning remains in effect for the upper end of Bobtail Road north of Bobtail Cutoff, Hutton Drive, Bobtail Cut-off including Winter Road and Whitetail Road, Pipe Creek Road from Forest Way including Lodge Pole Road, Blue Mountain Lookout Road and Doak Creek Road. Shelter: Libby Assembly of God Church, 105 Collins Ave. Stage 2 Fire Restrictions are in effect within the Kootenai National Forest, State and Private Lands, as well as Lincoln and Sanders County. Community Meeting Fire Update for the Moose Peak and surrounding near fires at 6pm tonight. This meeting will be held at the Happys Inn Fire Hall behind the Kicking Horse Saloon. Liberty Fire (Arlee) Location: 17 miles southeast of Arlee Size: 21,338 acres Containment: 17 percent No evacuation warnings or orders are in effect at this time.
  7. Stay safe! It's gonna suck - but at least your all together...
  8. Wow - sorry to hear that Sharky's is gone! I do hope they can rebuild - such a neat little place. Heard them talking about lake Houston last night on the news and I was praying you guys were doing OK. Glad you mom is safe - and hope all your family and friends make it through this.
  9. If you wan't an eye opener - use your favorite search engine and do a search on "Inflammation and disease" You will find that inflammation is the root of most diseases in the body. Next - do the same with "inflammation and carbohydrates" - you will see the biggest inflammatory agents in our diet is sugar and white flour. One last one to look at - "Inflammation and glutathione" - guess what - it all boils down to oxidative stress! Look back at some of the posts in the section to find out more about that - or feel free to ask me questions about it. One of my areas of study for quite a few years now. I'm not a medical professional - but I AM an excellent researcher and advocate for cellular health
  10. Tue story's

  11. It was briefed this morning that all 12,000 Texas National Guardsmen have been activated. I pray for the safety of everyone who has been touched by this catastrophic event. If you want, you can send so of that water our way. It was also briefed that currently over 450 Square miles of Montana are actively burning - with a total of almost half a million acres burned so far this year.
  12. Barbecue season never ends - you just move the grill closer to the door....
  13. Hope PattyAngel has her hatches battened down. She may not get the brunt of it - but she's going to get a whole lot of rain....
  14. My new beer of choice!

    Honestly - this really is one of my favorite beers! The big sky brewery does some really good beers. Another one of my favorites is the Harvest Moon Brewery's Beltian White - but that brewery makes another you should try. Might be good as a Black and Tan with the Moose Drool!

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