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  1. MillieChatham

    Adam Montana Weekly 18 July 2018

    Once again, Thanks!
  2. MillieChatham

    Sorry for your loss LGD

    So sorry to hear about the fire. We have experieced a fire and it is horrible, but you are safe and so is the congregation. God is good and all will be well. Blessings to you.
  3. MillieChatham

    Adam Montana 23 May 2018

    As usual, many thanks..
  4. MillieChatham

    Adam Montana 16 May 2018

    Many thanks, as usual!
  5. MillieChatham

    Chicken McNuggets Under a microscope.

    I have never had a BigMac starting from when my son was 4 years old and we got one. One bite and I spat it out. He is now 55. Have avoided the other items, but our dog like sausage and egg biscuits when we were on road trips...
  6. MillieChatham

    Adam Montana Weekly 25 October 2017

    Thinking very positive thought about very positive outcomes! Thanks again, Adam.
  7. MillieChatham

    Adam Montana Weekly 11 October 2017

    Smiling but calmly waiting. Staying busy in the meantime. Thank you, Adam, as usual.
  8. MillieChatham

    Adam Montana Weekly 4 October 2017

    As usual a huge thank you!
  9. MillieChatham

    Let's talk about Harvey...

    Thanks for mentioning the Salvation Army! We had been thinking about choosing it. They do an outstanding job and you are correct- low overhead is key. Some charities pay their CEO in excess of $ one million, plus expenses....that does not melt our butter, particularly when the need is so great. More prayers for Houston and also for those in the path of Irma, wherever that may be.
  10. On any meds is our dog. Autocorrect is a mess.
  11. I am a skeptic. I will never take statins. So much can be controlled by diet and exercise. We just had our annual wellness check. The doctor said if all of his patients were like us he would be out of business. Why? Because I have watched our diet like a hawk for the last 35 years. Consequently we have perfect fasting sugar (no chance of diabetes) levels, cholesterol levels excellent and so forth. The American diet is awful. No wonder we are something like the fattest and sickest on the planet. When the experts said butter and eggs were bad I just laughed and kept on eating plenty of eggs and butter. My darling husband is about to turn 81 and I am a proud 76. We will eat plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, organic beef and chicken and pork and raw milk yogurt and cheese. Olive oil and coconut oil. Avoid fast food, processed meats, sugar, colas, and excess starches. And, yes, cheat once in a while. Fried Chicken is a treat! The only one in our family on any mess is our poor old arthritic dog.
  12. Not surprised. It is up to each to educate him or herself about what we eat.
  13. Not in the least surprised. It is amazing how it seems to be so easy for some to be deceptive. ANY means to an end, or the end justifies the means. Generally nefarious. Sigh. Thanks, Yota. You are amazing.

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