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  1. Sadr says has conditions. Abadi has goals. Both want uncurrupted technocrats. WORK IT OUT GUYS!
  2. What a wonderful suggestion. Think they could do out in a week? Sadr votes for Abaddi Bada Bing! Abaddi is PM . Parliment is seated and votes in the current cabinet...Bada Boom!
  3. Fish rots from the head.
  4. magawatt

    Taxes when we exchange

    I'm hoping for a capital gain @ 15%
  5. Nuri will gladly concede the PM job to be the Swiss Ambassador so he can be close to his bank accounts.
  6. Maybe not disinformation but possibly shallow maneuvers to dissuade a run on the dinar as the banks prepare for next week's information to the populace campaign.
  7. magawatt

    CBI News 04/24/2018

    Yup, smells like the real thing!
  8. Do they ever disclose the money recovered?
  9. Oil doesn't count as an export?

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