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  1. Mmmm good now....dinar bad.....mmmmm..want good gold...mmmm....hurry.....Hurry!.....don't be left behind!!!!
  2. I hope the Kurds don't think there will be Peace & Freedom with Massoud Barzani in charge.
  3. For Goodness sakes won't someone have some compassion and help that poor man up the scaffold?
  4. If wishing could bring an RV. Then maybe the neo Nazis were really Cub Scouts.
  5. Nuri, your killing me! Laughing so hard!
  6. Is Nuri offering us a BRIBE?? Why I've never been so.....OK.
  7. An eclipse is an awesome event. But viewing it incorrectly can cause severe eye injury. Sun glasses are not enough. Look for a NASA APPROVED glasses. I found a pair at a local camera store for about $6. If you find pair DO NOT LOOK AT THE ECLIPSE DIRECTLY THROUGH BINOCULARS OR TELESCOPE. HOPE FOR CLEAR SKIES!
  8. Do they mean to drive the populace to gold? It would be a double win for the bank & the gov.
  9. Wow! 856 billion! That's almost as much as Maliki swiped!
  10. Thanks Synopsis for the explaination. Some bright sunshine on a very dreary day.
  11. This is prelude to the solar eclipse on the 21st. So stoked!
  12. Maybe next: The half trillion embezled stashed and stashed in US bank accounts?
  13. Maybe next: The half trillion embezled stashed and stashed in US bank accounts?
  14. Out outHow would Iraq' payment for reconstruction in oil affect an RV?