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  1. Maliki: He concluded by saying that he encourages a comprehensive political settlement that brings together the parties on the ground in Iraq, and will remain in the tent of the homeland and give everyone rights and duties under the Constitution, away from the interventions of others. I think the World Court would find that outrageous that he would say that. The Sunnis also.
  2. We demand the application of all articles of the Constitution, especially Article 140 yeah, what he said.
  3. Did mole rat maliki crawl out of his hole? Could mean six more weeks of BS before budget is passed.
  4. If the dinar climbs because the dollar that any gain for us?
  5. I suspect the UN is aware who let ISIS sweep across Iraq without resistance.
  6. 600,000 unneeded employees in the goverment payroll... who knew Maliki had that many cousins?
  7. If you want too build a wall, that is the place to do it.

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