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  1. Question raised as to why Nuri, an obvious bad guy is free to reek havoc at leisure?
  2. Abadi calls on political blocs to reach agreement on a government program that meets the aspirations of the people. Lets guess what that may be. 1: A 1dinar to a dollar RV? 2: Lowering the sugar tax?
  3. Now that would be nice!
  4. Leave it to Maliki to use thugs instead of progress.
  5. LGD: 28 minutes ago, ladyGrace'sDaddy said: I would bet all my dinar that Abadi gets his second term.  I so hope you are right!!
  6. Imagine you lived in a very rich country but the populace was excluded from the wealth because the ruling politicians were corrupt and only spread the wealth between thier famlies and rich supporters. So about Iraq.....
  7. Do I have this correct? Joe Bagdad gives his dinars to the bank to buy US dollars or other foriegn currency. This takes dinars out of circulation and bolsters the dinar. All good for us, right?
  8. magawatt

    Adam Montana 11 July 2018

    Go ahead and pee. You are covered by the first Amendment
  9. Hope this is a step forward and not just shuffling a million dinars to VISA to make a thousand dollar purchase.
  10. magawatt

    Iraq closes websites

    As Hornblower would toast: Confusion to the enemy!!
  11. Ok ... maybe.. unless this is just a workaround to making the Dinar a real international currency. Hope out isn't!

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