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  1. Best news!!! involvement of a large number of Iraqi MPs and politicians in corruption in the country, led by former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, who is related to his charges of major corruption-related deals weapons cost the country billions of dollars and major issues, but his membership of a political stream to take his side judicial follow-up, this as well for one of the most leading the armed militias in Iraq's murderous, and is able to intimidate each side handles open corruption related files, according to what many observers said, including Iraqi judges and activists
  2. CBI News 10/10/2017

    Let the games begin!
  3. Ok. So if the Turkish currency =.28 USD and the Iranian currency =.O0002 USD So what?
  4. MnYou cant make an agreement when one of the principals is a known bad guy (Barzani). Abadi's statement to the Kurd citizens, that as citizens of Iraq they will be protected from corrupt leaders stealing their share of the oil money. Genius move on Abadi's part.
  5. Perhaps they were chosen because Iraq is World renowned for preserving the status quo...that is, getting nothing done.
  6. If it's Maliki it's gotta be bad for Iraq. They should take him and drop him over Iran... parachute optonal.
  7. Questions For Adam's Update 9-27-2017

    Not real sure about the numbers, but I think I've seen that the Kurd province produces 12 percent of all Iraqi oil and represent 17 percent of the Iraqi population. Wouldn't be better for Iraq (and us) if the Kurds cecede?
  8. Somthing to do with the elections- A tote board listing who has been elected, who has been assinated, and who has skeedaddled with the money ....or for the concert.

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