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  1. If the swiss dinar was the same" once" as Iraq dinar then why the post now ?Does that mean they are again the same? Little help here.
  2. Mahdi resigns is great.Alak is leaving and going to work for the Arab monetary Fund end of the month ...Now maybe Abadi will return with a technicratic government and give the people the reforms he promised.We can only hope..
  3. It seems that the threat of ending corruption is nothing more than only a threat.(Maliki still breathing). Possibly giving investors the impression it's more safe and come on in. When they really don't have any intention to stop the cash flow to the corrupt..imo
  4. It's becoming very clear that Mahidi crawled out of the same Iranian snake den as Maliki..he needs to go...
  5. US imposed the sanctions making it clear trade between Iran and Iraq can not be in USD...Not sure US can stop rise in Iraq currency ...?..
  6. It could be Sanction pressure is working and things are happening..Eventually a coup will happen and possible overthrow of the government and the guard by the people of Iran..imo
  7. They advertize and brag their banking progress and their wealth in huge oil revenues and 90 tons of gold, yet the said today they cant pay even their loans...One tenth of a penny to the dollar is their currency? Who's impressed with this government and their banking strides in the middle east?
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