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  1. Thanks, Mylilpony. I certainly agree with you about Frank, using religion in not-so-good a way. I'm not so sure about the dinar though. In Kuwait, each citizen gets a salary from the government and hardly anyone works. They import all their workers from other countries. In Iraq, everyone who can do it is going to have to work to rebuild the whole place. It is true that for a redenomination they need to replace all the old notes with new notes. Maybe, since the people don't trust the banks, they will give them 2 years to turn in their money and the CBI will give them 10 years. While redenomination will not change the value of their money, an immediate reinstatement to $3.00 (or thereabouts) will give them a lot more purchasing power. If this horrible redenomination does actually happen, they will announce it in advance before they do it. I just hope it doesn't happen because we will be screwed if we only get 3x our money. I understand that the average DV member holds 2,000 to 5,000 dinar. If you are the average DV member, and have waited and followed this for so many years, would you be happy with $6,000 or $15,000? It's not even enough to buy you a new car.
  2. Someone gave my son a pair of the recommended glasses. He said they are sooooooo dark that you can't even walk with them on, let alone drive with them.
  3. Fortunately, I happened to go to the eye doctor last week for an eye exam. While there, I said I know we are not supposed to look at the eclipse without the special glasses, but I can glance at it, right? He said "Definitely, NO". Do not even glance at it! The retina feels no pain. People will not realize they have done any damage until it's too late. He said that even though, here in Florida, we will not see the whole thing, but just a crescent shape - that crescent shape will be burned into your retina. He said he is expecting to see lots of people with problems, (in his office) a day or two after the solar eclipse. I did not hear such dire warnings on TV, although they did say not to try to take pictures with your phone because it will ruin the lens. I know that the schools here are taking extra precautions and not letting the kids out for gym or sports. Some schools are keeping the kids until after the total eclipse is over. BE CAREFUL, EVERYBODY!
  4. Thanks, Luigi, but I think the dinar is going to be treated the same way inside and outside Iraq. The only difference will be the exchange rate. Same as with any other country. Any other way would be totally unfair to the people of the country.
  5. Thanks.
  6. Someone on another dinar board said that it's going to be a big deal at the UN - special announcement, and all that.
  7. You know what else I don't like about this? Remember they said the 25 dinar and the 25,000 dinar will exist "side by side" for 2 years (and 10 years at the CBI)? That always worried me that they were going to be worth the same amount. And now, after reading what Frank and Walking Stick have to say, the "exist side by side" thing is upsetting. It only makes sense if there is a redenomination. So redenomination AND reinstatement ($3 or more) goes along with the exist side by side thing. I know I'm the type of person that worries about everything. I hate being this way. I wish I could just take a day at a time, like normal people.
  8. I wish I could see it as you do, Davis. I see it as a waste of 7 years, sitting in front of a computer, not wanting to miss a thing. There are plenty of places we could have made 3x our money, over so many years, without following it every minute. Even the stock market has crossed 20,000 in the past few years. I wouldn't have been sitting at the computer following the stock market night and day. I hope Frank and company are wrong. If they are right (and Navira seems to think so) I'm going to be mighty depressed.
  9. Well...............I'm sorry to hear your feeling that Walking Stick is pretty accurate. Last night, I read something by Frank and Walking Stick on Dinar Guru. I posted it in the rumor section because I didn't know where else to post it. It really shook me up. They are talking about redenomination and then reinstatement. To me, this means we will get 3x our money. Hardly worth all the time we've devoted to the dinar, not to mention the money. This Walking Stick guy is supposed to have a business in Iraq and supposedly knows what's going on. Go over to the rumor section and read what they said. It's got me pretty "shook up".
  10. Thanks, guys. It just makes me so mad to think something like this could happen after we've waited so long. Sitting at this computer, keeping up with Iraq, would have been a colossal waste of 7 years, and twice that for others.
  11. This is unbelievable! Now these idiots are talking about a redenomination and then a reinstatement. This means we get 3x our money. That's it! I will have a fit if this happens. 8-19-2017 Newshound Guru Walkingstick ...a redenomination is employed by various reasons...a redenom is employed in a number of manners...strain on fin market. That is why they are doing an RV. They are laying down the foundation for their local currency. These monetary steps have been employed the psychological effect on the gen’l population to permit the intro of lower denom notes. Which Frank [Guru Frank26] thinks may happen on the 21st thru the ATM’s... 8-19-2017 Intel Guru Frank26 [reference Guru Walkingstick post 8-18-2017 below] I will help you a little bit more ...This is what he said. For those of you who are interested he referred to a redenomination (...that’s what they are going through right now). And it follows by a reinstatement of their currency. You see a long time ago when the Iraqi dinar was taken off the board the rate of $3.00 what ever it was, was frozen. This was different from Kuwait. They are going to RI (reinstatement) after they finish with the RD (redenomination) . And this is all a part of their MR (monetary reform). They are going to reinstate which is a part of the redenomination and this is all a part of the revalu-ization of their currency. I want to tell you that a redenomination is employed. Do you understand that word “employed” for various reasons...WS is trying to tell you why they are going through this redenomination of their currency right now.
  12. Thanks, Walter. Anyone have any ideas what this is all about? A page close to him: Sadr asks his supporters to stay silent for three days and invites them to wait for orders Policy access_time 2017/08/19 22:14 chat_bubble_outline Number of readings: 343 Baghdad today – follow-up A close page of the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr called on his supporters to remain silent for three days, saying that the matter came at the request of the official and invited them to wait for orders. “Yes, you defended your leader as much as you could and what you own,” said Mohammed Saleh al-Iraqi, who is known for being close to the leader of the Sadrist movement. “Your demonstrations were glorious for the free speech and you rejected the hateful voices. Thank you.” “Now your leader asks his fans to keep calm and silence for three days in all social networking sites and not to publish at all except for the utmost necessity and to remain calm about the elections until they issue orders and decisions directly from him and leave the gossip in all aspects of life and do not quarrel and disagree and do not divide and unite Your ranks and do not confuse the enemy with you and your leader. ” He said, “Please, please abide by the orders, please, pray and love for your country, please, and you will not lose your leader … and when it is regrettable, oh God, I have reached .. Oh God, I have reached … Oh God, I have reached .. Oh God. http://baghdadtoday.news/ar/news/11988/صفحة_مقربة_منه_الصدر_يطلب_من_مناصريه_الصمت_لثلاثة_ايام_ويدعوهم_لأنتظار_الاوامر
  13. The table says "Currency Issuance Expenses". It doesn't say it's to print new (lower) denoms. Aren't countries always printing currency because the old ones wear out? Why does Delta jump to conclusions and get people all riled up when he's only guessing. Frank and his group are constantly saying "no rate, no date", but then they pump people up with their constant guessing. They think they always have some kind of proof, but it never pans out. Very frustrating!
  14. "Washington is trying to persuade Baghdad to provide adequate guarantees to Erbil to postpone the referendum." The United States believes that "ensuring a fair share of Iraq's annual budget for the Kurds, may push Barzani to consider postponing the referendum." All those Washington elites want to exchange their dinar, just like us, and they don't want Kurdistan to mess up the plans.