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  1. Floridian

    Here's a laugh for everyone

    Here in Florida, we are expecting Tropical Storm Alberto to hit. I've had the weather channel on in the background all day, and I'm pretty sure the weatherman has dinar. He keeps telling us, over and over again, what Alberto is going to do "in the coming days". That's not your typical, everyday expression that Americans use. It's a "dead giveaway" to dinar holders. 😂
  2. Floridian

    Stating facts, but hope he's wrong

    Thanks for the info, hspotman. I didn't have any idea who sandyf was. I just got what I posted off Dinar Guru. They post little snippets of what the gurus say. I had never heard of him before seeing his name on Dinar Guru. He's not someone I follow.
  3. Former US ambassador: Sadr is involved in sensitive talks that determine the future of Washington's influence in Iraq May 24, 2018 Policy 2018/05/25 00:05 226 Editor: en Baghdad Today The US newspaper “America Today” on Thursday, in a report that highlights the support of Washington to the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr, which seeks to form a new Iraqi government, away from Iran, after winning the list in the first place in the legislative elections that took place on 12 May , While quoting Lims Jeffrey, a former US ambassador to Iraq, said that “Sadr is now engaged in sensitive political negotiations, and the result will determine the future of US influence in Iraq.” “Moqtada al-Sadr, who emerged as a hard-line Shiite cleric whose followers once waged deadly revolts against US forces in Iraq, now stands out as America’s best hope of curbing Iran’s growing influence in Iraq,” the newspaper said in a report published today. . “The victory of Moqtada al-Sadr’s party in the recent parliamentary elections is prompting US officials to reconsider the US policy in the country, which has helped more than 5,000 US military advisers defeat a militant organization,” she said. The report quoted James Jeffrey, a former US ambassador to Iraq, as saying that “Sadr could be irrational but better than the Iranians.” “The Shiite leader is now engaged in sensitive political negotiations with other factions, and the outcome of those talks, which may take months to determine the future of US influence in Iraq,” Jeffrey said. “In second place in the Iraqi elections came the list which has close ties with Iran, while the political organization of the current US-backed prime minister, Haider al-Abadi, came third.” The United States has said it wants to stay in Iraq if the government wants the advisers to continue training the country’s armed forces, but it’s not clear how the new government will look at the presence of US military advisers. ” “We have a good relationship with the Iraqi government, and we believe we will continue to do so,” State Department spokeswoman Heather Noyart said. “It is in our interest to continue the march,” said Michael Barbero, a retired army general who served three rounds in Iraq. “Sadr has distanced himself from Iran, unlike other Shiite clerics and politicians in Iraq, he has established himself as a strong nationalist, but the Iranian-backed factions, which helped defeat a pro-Islamic organization, are still strong forces in Iraq.” “If we assume that a supporter will not return, the only real question in Iraq is whether Iran will slowly dominate the country,” Jeffrey said. “Sadr’s political list has not reached the majority and will therefore need to form a coalition with other political parties in Iraq,” the report said. Jeffrey, according to the report, expressed concern that “political parties that may form a large coalition, may allow groups supported by Iran to enter the government, and thus control of the ministries of strong.” He predicted that “Abadi remains prime minister if formed Sadr’s list, an alliance with his party any political party prime minister and other parties not linked to Iran.” “Ebadi still has another chance,” said former Iraqi ambassador to the United States Lukman Vili. US officials fear, according to the report, that “Iran’s hegemony in Iraq dominates Sunnis, who are a minority in Iraq, but they dominated politics in the country until the overthrow of Saddam Hussein in 2003. “The politically disadvantaged Sunnis were a major reason why a reluctant organization could control vast areas of Iraq in 2014, and many Sunnis considered the terrorist group to be the bulwark against the Shi’ite-dominated government,” he said. “Sadr is a strange ally of the United States, whose followers led deadly uprisings against US forces in Iraq in 2004 in Najaf, the holy Shi’ite place in southern Iraq, and years later in Sadr City, a poor Shiite neighborhood, in Baghdad). “Sadr’s national appeal came from the roots, from the depths, not as a top-down PR campaign,” said Stirling Jason, associate professor at the National Defense College of the United Arab Emirates in Abu Dhabi. “The Iraqis were used to seeing them from their leaders Politicians “. The top commander of coalition forces, General Ricardo Sanchez, said in 2004, “The task of US forces is to kill or capture Sadr.” Sadr is the son of a respected Shi’ite religious leader with strong followers, especially among the working class and poor Shi’ites. This appeal was amplified during the parliamentary elections, prompting a strong national message and fighting corruption, whose political supporters were effective in delivering their message.
  4. Floridian

    Stating facts, but hope he's wrong

    I've been thinking about this whole thing, where this guy SandyF says that no country has allowed a rapid appreciation of their float. I think that's correct, because in all my years in the dinar, I have never heard of any currency rising quickly. Am I right? If anyone knows something different, please tell me. So, if I am right about the above, then I'm abandoning my 10 cent theory. I now feel pretty sure the dinar will come out at $1.00 Easy transition for the people. 😊
  5. Floridian

    Stating facts, but hope he's wrong

    This is the part I don't like: "It is a fact that no country on a floating exchange rate has allowed "rapid" appreciation of the currency."
  6. 5-24-2018 Newshound Guru sandyf It is a fact that Iraq has for years discussed the project to delete the 3 zeros. It is a fact that ten years ago that Iraq considered the "Turkey model" for their redenomination. It is a fact that in April 2012 the Iraqi cabinet postponed the redenomination indefinitely. It is a fact that in 2009 an investigative report was published into redenominations. It is a fact that the 2009 report concluded that a major contributor to a "successful" redenomination was low inflation. It is a fact that a redenomination introduces a new national currency and that the previous national currency co-exists in-country for a period of time. It would become an ISO historical currency. It is a fact that ISO historical currencies are not recognised internationally... 5-24-2018 Newshound Guru sandyf It is a fact that the Central Bank of Kuwait did not revalue the KWD following the occupation. The KWD was reinstated at the same value as it was prior to the occupation. It is a fact that the CBI published a figure for “Currency Issued” of 42.172 Trillion IQD as of 31st March 2018…It is a fact that no country on a floating exchange rate has allowed “rapid” appreciation of the currency. In recent times the greatest appreciation seen was the Yuan at about 3% per year, many said that was rapid. In the eye of the beholder. It is a fact that I have never said there was no possibility of a positive outcome, Just that it would not be in the way some want to make out…
  7. Floridian

    I never know?

    Here's an article that says the opposite of the one you found. I hope mine is true, but you never know with so many contradictory articles in Iraq. Al-Nasr coalition denies withdrawals from him and confirms: Abadi preferred for second term May 24, 2018 Political Since 2018-05-24 at 13:22 (Baghdad time) Baghdad – Mawazine News The coalition of victory led by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Thursday, denied the allegations of withdrawals from him, while stressing that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, the favorite of the second term at the head of the government. The coalition spokesman Hussein al-Adli said in a statement received by “Mawazine News” that “the competition and the conflict of agendas behind the allegations of the withdrawal of members of the victory and their joining other lists,” adding that “the coalition of victory and cohesive and successful understandings to form the largest bloc.” He added that “all the news that suggest Abadi’s withdrawal or the nomination of an alternative to him is not true, which is a well-known source and agenda,” stressing that “Abadi is still the favorite of the second term.” It is noteworthy that the media quoted a news group about the withdrawal of parliamentary bloc of virtue of the alliance victory and its joining the coalition of the rule of law led by Nuri al-Maliki.
  8. Floridian

    Sadr: Re-instate The IQD Immediately.

    Thanks, Idplzr. What a nice compliment. I appreciate it very much. 😊
  9. Nope! I don't feel sorry for them. The women here had in some cases willingly joined the group, travelling alone from Europe and central Asia, or with their partners, to what they believed to be a promised land. More than 40,000 foreigners from 110 countries are estimated to have travelled to Iraq and Syria to join the jihadist group. Of those, around 1,900 are believed to have been French citizens, and around 800 were British. “In the minds of Iraqis and the judiciary and the government, by virtue of the fact that you are foreign and chose to live in Isis territory there is a level of agency in what you did and more culpability,” said Belkis Wille, the senior researcher for Iraq for Human Rights Watch. “It is not the same in the case of Iraqi women, where very specific evidence is often lessening sentences. If you buy a plane ticket, cross a border and make your choices, you are far more exposed.” From another case: " I didn’t wear hijab back home. Isis is good, it taught me how to cover myself.” Guards who bring the women from a nearby prison said most were unrepentant. “An Isis prisoner once asked me for something which I couldn’t provide and she called me an infidel.”
  10. When is the next review? For some reason, I think I remember reading it was September. (So far away.) Do you know, for sure, when the next review is?
  11. One city in Venezuela printing it's own currency because national currency has lost so much value.
  12. WOW! Thanks, Yota. I didn't realize those poor people wait forever just to be paid. Can't imagine how they manage.
  13. If the Government knew the holdup was because they were getting much better internet service, why were they blaming the QiCard Company for holding up the paychecks? Doesn't make sense to me. 🤔
  14. They are keeping track of the 90 days on another board. IMF Compliance 23 : 13 : 03 : 38 Days Hrs Mins Secs

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