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  1. ".....sold to amateurs and related associations" - Do they mean us???
  2. I'm all for it, and I love what he said, but Abadi is sort of talking like all the corruption is in Kurdistan and there is none in Baghdad. Hopefully, he can get rid of all the corrupt people wherever they are. (High hopes!)
  3. This is insanity! Finish one war and immediately start the next. Don't even take a breath in between! You couldn't make this up, if you tried! If this were a movie, the critics would pan it as being too far-fetched to be believed.
  4. I was just thinking - they say Barzani has $373 BILLION. It's got to be "BS". It's toooooo much money! "Bill Gates. Bill Gates, the world's richest man who dropped out of Harvard to co-found Microsoft in the mid-70s, is worth $75 billion (£62 billion).Jan 16, 2017" They are saying Barzani has 5 times as much money as Bill Gates. I guess that would make HIM the richest man in the world.
  5. As far as I can recall, we never had all these articles before about how many billions were stolen by the Barzanis. The Barzani family must be in shock that because of this referendum that they wanted, all their "secrets" are coming out. Too bad Maliki doesn't call for some referendum, this way all his secrets would come out too. Seems to be a good way to clean up Iraq.
  6. **Financial situation tables for cbi**

    Good idea! Wish I was good in math. Who's good at this stuff? Please help.
  7. Thanks, Man_Kind, but I was trying to be funny. I really don't think the Iraqi government is great, fair and wonderful. I think they're all a bunch of crooks, Kurdistan and Baghdad both, except for Abadi. Him, I like. I think it's because he spent 30 years living in London and knows there's a better way than the Arab way. Man, they are so different than us. Hopefully, with the advent of the internet over there, they will see how the rest of the world handles things and learn from it. Maybe I should say the "best" of the world, not the "rest" of the world. Thinking of North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, etc. What a mess! Sigh.
  8. "373 billion dollars Barzani's wealth of money laundering and gambling" How much is enough for these people? What's wrong with them? How can they see their countrymen starve while continuing to steal from them? There has got to be a special place in hell for people like this.
  9. He pointed out that "why do not enter the oil imports in a clear account announced by citizens, as we do here in the central government, and why they do not allow financial control of public funds," stressing that "put these questions about the fate of oil resources of the region and not pay them salaries to several regional officials And we directed the financial control bodies to do their duty, but, on the pretext of independence of the region, they reject the work of the oversight and integrity and consider it interference." Well I guess the Kurds, who I thought were great, as compared to the Iraqi Government, are really a bunch of crooks. And the Iraqi Government, who I thought were a bunch of crooks are really great, fair and wonderful. I guess I had it all wrong, all these years.
  10. No Guru. I thought that's what I read. Did they get it? Am I thinking incorrectly? If so, please let me know. I hope they did get what they were promised, then I'll know Abadi is right.
  11. The Kurds say they never got the 17% (of the oil money) that they were promised and Abadi says the Kurds should question their leaders as to where the money went. So who's right? Did they get the money or not? Is there any proof that they actually got their 17%?

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