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  1. Gee, thanks. We all appreciate your doing that.
  2. If he’s a civil engineer, and knowing Iraq as we do, wouldn’t he get in trouble for putting up a false CBI site? It’s been up so long, you would think the government would know about it by now, and have him take it down if it were not (for some reason) legit.
  3. Oh, that would be great PokerPlayer. Thank you so much.
  4. Geez, I hope it’s not fake. How do we find out?
  5. Yes, 1.2 still showing. We have always thought of it as some kind of a test site. It seems real or I would think the CB I would’ve had it taken down. It’s not like they are not aware of all the dinar holders and dinar sites.
  6. 120.500 - This is making me think of the 1.20 on the Alternate CBI site.
  7. Thanks, Coorslite21. I see that all my thinking on this subject was wrong. So a "one dinar per share" of Warka Bank stock means nothing, as far as RV goes. Back to the drawing board!
  8. Thanks for the information, Coorslite21. Was that 1.18 dinars or dollars? What is BWAI?
  9. I just had another thought. With 85% of the people in Iraq not having bank accounts because they don't trust the banks, who's going to buy shares in Warka? If they don't trust the banks enough to deposit their money, they are not going to invest in the bank shares. Maybe they are looking to the Americans, who have Warka accounts, to buy the shares.
  10. With 120 branches, it's not a rinky-dink bank. Could they charge less than $1.00 per share? Anybody?
  11. Warka Bank From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Warka Bank for Investment & Finance Type Private bank Industry Banking Founded Iraq , 1999 Headquarters Baghdad, Iraq Products Financial Services Website Warka Bank for Investment & Finance (Arabic: مصرف الوركاء للاستثمار والتمويل‎) is an Iraqi commercial bank, with headquarters in Baghdad. The bank has 120 branches in Baghdad and all the Iraqi governorates.
  12. " The Warka stock will be purchased at a value of 1 IQD per Warka share...." Any educated guesses as to how much 1 IQD would be worth in dollars, since they're asking 1 IQD per Warka share? How little could they charge for a share of bank stock?
  13. Thanks, Yota. How can they do this if their money is not international?

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