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  1. Happy Man

    Adam Montana Weekly 25 April 2018

    in earlier post Adam, said he would send an email this weekend to test if everything was ok. I didnt receive any email. Was the email sent?
  2. Happy Man

    O'Canada cashes out.

    same here
  3. Happy Man

    We Have A Rate...$11 to 1 IQD.

    11$ makes sence as per Adam, if we consider that there is a LOP before. It will bring that down to 10c
  4. Happy Man

    Questions For Adam's Update 5-17-2017

    You have 1M$ IQD that You sell at 0.10 ==== 100K USD. On Forex with a 20:1 leverage, to control 100K (1 Lot) of the USD/IQD pair it cost 5K$ Now You will sell 1 Lot of USD/IQD Pair at 0.10000 when it reaches 3.0 You will have made 29000 pips At 10$ a pip it makes 290K minus spread for a 5K investment Depending on the leverage offered for this pair You could make more or less.
  5. Happy Man

    Questions For Adam's Update 5-17-2017

    Hello Adam, I am already trading forex. What do u think of this: If we think that IQD will RV at .10 but the full value should be close to 3$ Just after the RV one could exchange all IQD in USD and enter forex market with 5% of the proceding by selling USD/IDQ. With a Leverage of 20:1 we should be able to make the same profit than keeping the IQD and wait to exchange at full price.
  6. Happy Man

    Questions For Adam's Update 4-19-2017

    If the next is true: Iraq and Kuwait towards economic integration and the establishment of a free trade zone Is it correct to assume that both country currency should be close in value?
  7. Happy Man

    Iraq Holidays 2017

    would have ben easier just to tell the days they are working
  8. I think if its out at 3.32 I will need to clean my pants
  9. Iraq, torn by war and strife, is slowly drawing the notice of investors
  10. Happy Man

    Adam Montana Weekly 16 November 2016

    Hi Adam, its not I have never seen emails at
  11. Execpt for the comandment we have to love our ennemies. And by loving I dont mean saying what they are doing is rigth and that we dont have the rigth to stop them by the means at our disposal.
  12. When I consider that usualy 70% of people vote. It means to me that 20% of the electorate didnt want to vote for either Clinton nor Trump. I am Canadian, but when I read the intent of the founding fathers of your nation the electoral college makes a lot of sense. We cannot change the rules when it doesnt after the fact when they dont get me the desired results. From your neigbourgh I agree with the last statement (I hope and pray that the country can come together without the hate and decisiveness we are seeing.)
  13. Happy Man

    In India : scrapping of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes

    Lawyers challenge scrapping of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes

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