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  1. Well that should allow them to get to the bottom of this ASAP.
  2. Except none of them are trustworthy or worth a Damn, so there goes the story.
  3. GCR Wheels Are In Motion.

    Well alright then, let's get started on that NWO!!
  4. And HillDawg, Obummer or Rahm could read the bedtime story!!
  5. Nah, let's get them start early with Carl Marx. it will make the public school" indoctrination job much easier!
  6. Good one Umbertino, first step on the road to confiscation. I had to get a background check through the Feds to purchase all the weapons I own except a couple of hunting shotguns purchased when I was a teen over 50 years ago. If they didn't keep those records when they checked me out, then that is not my problem. Don't plan to voluntarily register any of them now. Besides, not one of those weapons killed anyone. The people were killed by a sicko SOB and whether he used a knife, gun, a hammer, a car or a bomb didn't matter, they were just the tools of his sick sinister plan. Now that people are being killed with an auto driven down the middle of a sidewalk, should we ban or outlaw cars for everyone? And they are registered, aren't they, except you can steal one or rent one with a fake ID and you are all set to pull off your slaughter of innocents plan.
  7. This Flocker Clarke has not hit any of his previous predictions EVER!!!
  8. Other than Warka Bank

    I just tried to sign into my Warka account and this message popped up and it would not let me go any farther: THIS CONNECTION IS NOT PRIVATE This website maybe impersonating "" to steal your personal or financial information. You should go back to the previous page. Anyone having this problem or any info as to what is going on here? Is it Warka's problem or could it have to do with Experian hack from the last few months?
  9. Are The Cabal & ObamaCare Holding Up The RV?

    YGTBSM!!! What numb nuts thinks this stuff up?? Had to have been dropped on their heads as children.
  10. Silly Smiles

    Moose, you have a truly sick sense of humor my friend and I LOVE IT!!! LMAO
  11. RV Started. Then Halted. Computer Glitches Blamed.

    Yes Roadrunner, they are gonna hire Martha and the Vandellas for dancing in the street this time.
  12. Shabs, glad they caught the problem when they did and that you are ok. Without you and BA here we would have no one to rag on. Ha! Seriously hope things stay good for you going forward. You son? Sometimes people show their real character when times re tough. Looks like he did. I am happy for you.
  13. Sorry guys, I have been out of pocket for the last 10 days or so. Shabs, what happened to you? If you don't mind me asking?
  14. The corruption from the Obama Administration knows no limits. The funding of these far left radical groups is reprehensible and should be cut off IMMEDIATELY!!
  15. Iranian Rial

    Thanks PP. I might need you hospitality and assistance also. Or should all just plan to cash in in Dubai, hope a big ole jet over there, cash in and throw down??

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