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  1. Ah yes, nothing like the Gov to save the day. Logic and common sense are the first casualties of Gov control!!
  2. I find it interesting that you think Trump dissed our intel agencies. From where I sit it looks like he dissed the Obummer's intel agencies. After all this garbage happened under Big O's watch and both he and the HillDawg knew about it and so far have been successful in covering it up. (Hopefully not for much longer). And if Trump said he went after Putin on this, then it would basically be an admittance that he did not win the election fairly. And so far absolutely NO evidence of Trump Russian collusion on the Mueller investigation. But now on the other side? Different story with collusion and the HillDawg. And not much rush to find out the real truth. Time will tell and we shall see!!
  3. md11fr8dawg

    Adam Montana 11 July 2018

    Bring it, Bring it, Come on Meat bring that breaking ball !!!
  4. md11fr8dawg

    Adam Montana 11 July 2018

    Ditto Wiljor, This is by far the best dinar site on the web. Great group that share much more than dinar info. Thanks to Adam for setting it up an all he does to keep it the best site for ALL of us. Thanks Adam.
  5. Then the next few days should be interesting. Let's see what move Trump makes in response. We have too much invested in Iraq to let it go down the tube.
  6. When you are as corrupt and dumb as these Goat Humpers anything can happen. They would argue over how to get a cork out of a camel's butt and be indecisive until the camel died. So expect anything. After 10 years following this, very little surprises me anymore.
  7. md11fr8dawg

    Show us your papers

    If I were Bill and had been married to that heinous skank for this long I would have blown my brains out!!! What a COW!!!🐄
  8. Ad I bet you look MARVELOUS!!! But I don't think I want to even begin to picture that. Whoa!!
  9. If this turns out to be true they should fry the SOB! NEVER have liked him. Was really hoping he was gonna be defeated last time he ran. Definitely part of the SWAMP.
  10. I don't care if Melania pushes it with her designer stiletto heel that makes the media crazy, JUST PUSH THE DAMN BUTTON!!!!👠👍
  11. md11fr8dawg

    Too conscious

    Me too, good luck!!
  12. Like him or not, Trump is right about one thing. There is a SWAMP and many members of both parties are in it. We the people need to get that thing drained, but I doubt if we have the will. However, everyday that this goes on and the more people find out the madder they get. The problem I see today, is there are groups that want to tear down what we currently have and when asked what would you replace it with, they either have no answer or they want to replace it with a system that won't work and has NEVER work regardless where it has been tried. IT CANNOT work based on it's very nature. So it seems to me that we need to take the system we have and clean it up. That is going to be a tall task, because of the many corrupt politicians that are prospering from the way things are currently. Happy 4th all our DVs out there and to all my "Brothers in Arms". Thank you for your service to STILL the greatest country on the planet!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
  13. BULLSEYE nstoolman1!! Prosecute these A$$holes and it won't be long before the rest will run for the hills or start doing the job they were elected to do. Term limits would help, but good luck with that one. Kind of like what we are watching in Iraq with those corrupt SOBs.

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