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  1. Sure hope you guys are right, I'm getting tired of holding my dong, sure would be nice to let it go and smile all the way to the bank,
  2. So BA are you saying the great leader of the DemoRat Party Ole Sheets Byrd was not a good guy because he was a klansman? I don't see anyone from the left all hot and bothered about getting rid of streets in WVA with his name or any statues of Sheets or taking his name off off buildings named for him. Maybe it's me, but seems like a bit of a double standard. Oh wait, that's right that's how the demoRats roll.
  3. Yep, Kind of like many many years ago New Mexico was under water and they found buried mastodons during excavation projects. Funny the earth changed back then and there was no SUVs and human pollution that caused it. The earth is constantly changing and the arrogance of humans who think they can change that or have an effect on the out come is humorous.
  4. Agree with you BA 100%. It is coming, this country cannot continue on the path we are on and with the debt we have. It will come to a head and it won't be pretty. Thanks to the FED which is not even part of our government we have lost well over (0+% of our buying power due to printing fiat currency with nothing to back it. This DAMN government is so Corrupt and it both sides, but the Democrats are the ones trying to fast track the country's demise.
  5. Sorry to hear of your issue R&D, you will be in my prayers, not only for healing for you but for the RV so we ALL can help others. Stay strong Brother!!! And may the Good Lord Bless you!
  6. Ole Frankie is full of BS!!
  7. Good article Big. The whole thing is a big hoax designed to tax people into poverty, but feeling good about themselves because we are supposedly doing something good together. Misery LOVES company. But you can bet your sweet arse that the elites like Al Gore won't cut back or sacrifice, just try to BS the rest of the lowly unwashed to do it while he and his elite friends and Hollywood A-holes live the good life. Hypocrites!!
  8. Hey BA, do away withe electoral college and you won't have more than two parties running our government, you have one. The DemoRats. They have managed through control of the education process, the media, illegal immigration and getting as many citizens on the government ***, that now they will probably get the majority of the popular vote going forward. You may not like the EC, but it keeps large metro areas from controlling each election. Our Founders were pretty sharp men in their day, much sharper than the likes of what is suppose to be serving us today, yes including Trump. But unless you have a better system to replace the current one then this is how it is.
  9. Thanks Karsten, would be nice, but I will believe it when the $ is in the bank.
  10. And we ALL know we can trust everything Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace and WWF (probably World Wresting Federation) tell us about Climate Change. No ideological socialist agenda there, no sir!!
  11. Well they better cut that out. We can't have any of that. Just pure greed!!
  12. Hey BA, I know what you mean. I look at how a person treats other people (especially people who are less well off) and how they live their life. That is what speaks volumes to me. When I hear the "God Bless You" several times in a couple of minutes, or the pontificating of how religious they are, the hairs on the back of my neck go up. I have found these are the people you need to watch and who tend to be the biggest hypocrites,
  13. Yep BA kind of like the last 8 years. Seems nothing changes.