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  1. No I was referring to the National debt increasing from 9 - 10 Trillion to about 19 trillion in only 8 years. More debt in 8 years than all the Presidents combined, under the guise of the terrible economy under Bush.
  2. He doesn't, he knows NOTHING about economics.
  3. You know it is funny, when the left that wants to take away our guns, don't get their candidates elected, then they are ready to go out and shoot anyone who gets in their way or disagrees with them. And after 8 years of the community organizer fanning the flames, of PC and blaming everything on any conservative, the law abiding citizens are sick of this liberal crap and have had enough. The only thing these fools understand is force. So their violence was met with violence. Time to get use to it. They will not take over this country with our a massive fight.
  4. Just in case anyone is interested, the MEC Chairman from the United ALPA (union representing the pilots) posted an article concerning the real events of that day. Yes, United was blamed, but the airline that was responsible was Republic Airlines. It was their plane and their employees that were involved, and it was not the Chicago Police, it was the Chicago Airport Police. United contracts with commuter airlines such as Republic for their shorter haul routes flying the 50-75 passenger "cigars" under the United livery. Thought I would post this seeing as how I have not heard anything from the MSM except what a horrible company United is and what a saint the Dao is. Not siding with either side until ALL the facts come out, if they ever do.
  5. In case you did not know MisterNope, oil continuously seeps from the oceans floor and the salt water and Mother Nature take care of it and most people never are never aware this happens.
  6. Moochelle my Belle Obummer!!!
  7. Shabs, did you post any complaints about all the trips Obummer and Moochy took with their large entourage and flying both AF 1 & 2 to The Vineyard because she couldn't go when he went. I feel much more fleeced (taxpayer wise) by the community organizer than the billionaire, but to each his or her own!!
  8. Hey Starrider, that was really kind of you to offer to help davis411 with his dong problem. Everyone likes a team player!!!
  9. Nah guys, according to one of those freak dinar intel websites, Jared is over there to cash in Trump's huge stash of dinar. (took a cargo plane and two conveys to haul it to the bank. Then by mid April trump will be impeached, the BiBi in Israel, the Merkel, as they are all part of the Cabal. I was LMAO. These people are wearing "tin hats". But it breaks up the monotonous day and is good for a laugh.
  10. Nice job Coors, You Da MAN!!!
  11. Hey Learning, check the date of today!!!!
  12. Be patient and send 1-2 emails per week. Eventually someone will get you an answer.
  13. Time to send those ISIS goat jumpers to visit their Virgins!!!
  14. I am interested in anyone's experience with this supplement also. My wife has arthritis and fibromyalgia and is in constant pain due to inflammation. If this will help and has no side effects, I will gladly get some for her to try.
  15. Yeah Bandit, the HillDawg would have been so much better with all the moral and ethical people she, her husband and their Foundation associated with. Oh yes and Obummer never took any $ from GS right??