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  1. I am just South of Memphis in Ms but it was beautiful but windy today.
  2. Thanks for the article BA. Are you in TN?
  3. Oh Great the big deal was the horny channel. We'll see how high this crypto goes tied to this business.
  4. Well, it looks like the 17th has come nd gone. Did anyone hear anything about Verge? All I know is it dropped from about 0.10 to 0.07 this AM. Guys the head of verge was blowing smoke up our keisters!!!
  5. Maybe the Fit is getting ready to hit the Shan!!!
  6. Comey book ........

    Shabs, I got your joke and my Uncle is bigger than your Uncle!!!
  7. Comey book ........

    Ok Kiddies, you children need to play nice!!
  8. Silly Smiles

    Star, the lost dog was a bit demented, but hilarious!! Thanks for the laugh.
  9. Sorry Pitcher, your figures are a bit off. We have spent over 6 Trillion (with a T) since LBJ started the "Great Society" to combat poverty. And it is worse now than when he started it. But I damn sure get your point and agree with you Brother.
  10. Yep BotZ, wife and I would like to get a motor coach, load the flea bags and hit the road for the entire US
  11. Exchange Dinar for Purchase Price

    Yes you may. It was First Liberty National. They are not a bank. I bought some dinar and Dong from them a few years ago. I thought they went out of business until I received the email stating they would exchange my dinar at current value for gold or silver. Not sure what their angle is on this thing, but doesn't matte,r as I am HODL!!
  12. Exchange Dinar for Purchase Price

    It was an e-mail. I received one also.
  13. Do any of you here in the crypto world use Binance. Many are having trouble logging into the site. Anyone having this problem and any ideas as to a fix. Thanks.
  14. The Red Light

    Yep, Starr, you damn sure have nothing to be ashamed of . And message was loud and clear!!
  15. Wells Fargo

    I hope you end up with a pile of cash also Haymon. May good fortune smile on you in the very near future. Stay positive!

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