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  1. Dr. Clarke on a roll

    That could turn out to be a GOOD thing. Let's hope it will open the door to get rid of the NWO, OWO, Elitist who use their money and corruption to enslave the populace. Open those flood gates to the jails. Lock em up!!
  2. This is what our country is coming to now that diversity, PC and division along cultural lines has run amuck. No civility for our fellow man left it seems.

    Thanks GP Sweeeeet!!
  4. UST Orders banks to release the #800.

    Think the ole facelift is "meelllting" Bruce. Better get a touch up on that putty
  5. Yeah we need another RINO fence sitter the game. Such a STRONG candidate for President he was!!!
  6. Guys, I don't mean to lob a turd in the punch bowl here, but these people are incompetent fools. They may never RV. I have stated this here before. In Jan 76 I was stationed in Kunsan by the sea Korea. At that time the exchange rate was 500 Won to the USD. Today the exchange rate is 1100-1200 Won to the USD and Korea is doing just fine. Just saying.
  7. Dear GOD...

    Excellent Moose Man!!! Straight and to the point.
  8. Thanks BA. Great article. Gonna do some research on this.
  9. God bless them and may they succeed. What a heinous government they have over there.

    Thanks GP. Been in this for a bit now. Hoping to see it take off soon.
  11. BA, I have to say I agree with what you said. He IS shooting himself in the foot when he concentrates on the trivial BS. He will not get credit for the job he is doing as long as he continues this. The left will NEVER give him credit, but the independents and average Joes would. But he will never get any positive press from the DemoRat controlled Lying Lame Stream Media no matter what he does or doesn't do. They suffer from TDS.
  12. Let the Muslims take it over, they will have it looking like the Emerald City in no time.

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