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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

TXtrader (Date and Rate)


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For once, let's hear who this reliable source is. If it doesn't happen yet again then your reliable source isn't so reliable. What would be the cost of revealing the source??? If they are right then they are probably invested in Dinar and have nothing to lose. How could anyone prove that they leaked the info? Reliable source. Give me a break! Here's a reliable source... ME. I have no source and I have heard that it's going to RV so many times I can't recall when I purchased my Dinar. I say bullllllloney. It will RV when It does and forget these reliable (BS) sources. JMH(ticked)O

my old junker is more reliable then their sources, gets me back and forth to work every single day...........their sources have never got them there once, not a single time, if they call that reliable then, I would really hate to see what unreliable means to them............ try to have a great day......... Aloha....... :)

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I just love this post, it is so true!

Thanks, and sadly, Ain't it the truth?

I tell you what, if for some weird reason this does not hit anytime soon, I believe some of you guys have brights futures as comedians and should pursue that career!!

Thanks, always was the class clown! I done my time to a very long and profitable career in the computer industry (can you say 80 column card?), so don't need a new one. Unless of course it's in the field of relaxing in my beach mansion in hammock in Costa Rico, sipping pina coladas, with scantily clad young vixens fanning me with palm leaves (post rv, of course).

What with the $.01? Does that make it more credible?

wpsmit - if I could have given your post 10 pluses I would have. THAT was HILARIOUS! And sadly true...

Folks tend to like what I say usually, so i don't really need many more pluses, but it is the thought that counts, and I REALLY appreciate the thought!

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