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  1. Hmmm......Washington Post "reporters"; Bob Woodward. What could possibly go wrong there? Getting that tingly feeling that there might be some MAJOR bias happening? Any recordings out there to back up the alleged statements? What with all the tech out there, one would think so. Maybe the military geniuses in the room deserved the dressing-down based on their seeming tendencies to prolong military engagements and constantly place America in a position of appeasement and apologetics. Trump is a breath of fresh air albeit a tad on the rude and crass side.
  2. "And I heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight, Merry Christmas to all and to all......(fill in the blank)". Ok Santa Baby, fill my stocking with RV's Dinars.....
  3. I'm finding the references to the protestors being a part of picking the new PM very interesting. Imagine what the US would look like if "protestors" (antifa???) were consulted regarding who should be the next President? It might actually be humorous to watch the radical facists, radical environmentalists, the radical socialists, the radical black Hebrew-ites, WTO radicals and all the other "radicals" duke it out amongst themselves. Could keep them occupied elsewhere for quite awhile.
  4. I too had a bumpy ride once - it was with my first serious girlfriend in high school.
  5. OMG! What a surprise! Iraq is having political difficulties? Everything is delayed or halted? How could that possibly be? I know - they need to form some committees and study the problem. They excel at that for sure. Thanks for the update though. Time will tell as to whether or not Mahdi will actually keep to his word though I kind of doubt it as long as Iran is pulling the strings behind the scene.
  6. Frankie, Frankie, Frankie! You gotta love his incredible circular logic....."I think this is in process right now or its been complete or its about to start".... Unfortunately he skipped the one that is true: "its not going to happen". Put a smile on my face though which I suppose counts for something.
  7. Folks, technically exchanges are going on everywhere. If you want to exchange at 1190 to the dollar plus fees. Not me or you I bet. I'm sure there are some poor schmucks out there who fall for these mis-leading reports. Sad.
  8. I'd be very surprised if this suit goes anywhere. If you really look into it, they're basing their arguments on things he "supposedly" said and statements issued by folks who truly hate Alex Jones. Jones has stated repeatedly that the "evidence" for the lawsuit comes from "fake stories" made up by his opponents and he claims he can prove that he never said that Sandy Hook was a staged event where no one was killed. It will be most interesting to watch this whole thing unfold. If he indeed spewed the trash he's accused of, then he deserves to get the book thrown at him.
  9. Hey Boss, Now that I'm involved with Cryptos and anxiously waiting for an RV to really get deep into the crypto craze, I've run into a major problem in that the exchanges out there seem to be so overloaded that they can't seem to process new orders or even get accounts set up (except it seems, Coinbase). Any chance that in your research you've considered the possibility of creating an "in-house" exchange for us folks here? Might be full of potential......
  10. "Judy Lyington Drops the Big Bomb"...... Thugs, where are you? This is just too good a statement to pass up!
  11. I bet The Rat could go visit a certain street in his town and easily get a "date" and negotiate a "rate". Maybe that's what the gurus have been doing all along. Hmmmm
  12. It utterly baffles me as to where these people come up with this stuff! I can't imagine a drug out there that could produce this level of psychosis in a human being. I sure hope they can get the health care bill straightened out quickly and start funding more mental health facilities 'cause here are a few candidates.
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