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  1. Miss you too RodandStaff. Been busy elsewhere setting up a new business. Here's a little tidbit for you old friend. I received some very credible info last night from a good friend. Things might be looking up for everyone in the near future. I know it's a bit of a teaser but the info runs deep and involves over 22 million kilograms of gold bullion that has been hidden away in a Swiss bank for over half a century. That's over a trillion without even thinking about the interest. I heard about this bullion years ago but no one knew exactly where it was. I now have scans of the original deposit receipts from 1966. Things might get real interesting quite soon as this bullion is set to be released soon. The plot thickens. I agree umbertino. Some people seem to think everyone else just got off the tuna boat. Turns out to be a mute point as I did a cash & carry today while I was in Ft Worth, Tx with a fellow dinarian. Now if I can just get back to the docks and remember where I parked that darn tuna boat.
  2. The manager called me tonight to ease my concerns and said he knows Adam. I'd like to hear from Adam if that's true. I'm not about to just send out 5 mil on faith. I know better. Could be a mute point as it looks like I might do a cash & carry in Ft Worth tomorrow. Would still like to know if these folks are legit.
  3. Has anyone ever had dealings with "Buy a Little Dinar" aka "A Little Capitol LLC"? They have offered to buy 5 mil dinar I'm offering for sale but when I google map the address they gave me to send my dinar to it's a house, not an office. Not that this means they aren't on the up & up, just raises a bit of a flag since they want me to send them my dinar before receiving payment. Anyone?
  4. Not bailing, just liquidating some of my dinar (got plenty more) to raise capitol to help with a new business investment. I am selling 5 million of my dinar, uncirculated of course, for $4400. This can be done in person (cash & carry) or by wire transfer only. I'm currently on the road traveling in the central and southeast parts of the country. If you prefer cash & carry let me know where you are and we can try to meet. If wire transfer I will Fedex the dinar overnight once the funds are confirmed. If interested, do not leave messages on my profile as I don't check it. Rather email me at
  5. ...and if Iraq wants their cash back, I have a couple of Dinar I'd be willing to sell them for the right price. Didn't know how legit this website was, just stumbled across this article on it and thought I'd bring it here knowing you good folks would give it some good DD. Miss you too RodandStaff. There are truly some good folks here that I miss, but I've gone where the lost ones go. Maybe I'll bump into Stryker and a few others who've had enough abuse.
  6. I lurk about now and then. Don't hang after being abused by an abusive mod, but I had to share this one with all the good folks here.
  7. UNSC resolution restored Iraq’s full sovereignty (article is dated 3/31/2012 - TODAY) BAGHDAD / The United Nations Security Council’s resolution to bring Iraq out of Chapter VII of the UN Charter has restored Iraq’s full sovereignty over its money abroad, the chairman of the parliamentary security and defense committee said on Tuesday. “The resolution is an acknowledgement that Iraq no longer poses a threat to the security of other countries,” Hadi al-Aameri told UN Security Council Resolution 678 was the legal authorization for the Gulf War, which was passed on 29 November 1990. It gave Iraq an opportunity to withdraw from Kuwait by 15 January 1991 and authorized UN member states in cooperation with the government of Kuwait to use “all necessary means to uphold and implement” Chapter VII of the UN Charter, which authorizes the use of force to restore peace. Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter sets forth the powers of the UN Security Council to maintain peace. It allows the council to “determine the existence of any threat to the peace, breach of the peace, or act of aggression” and to take military and non-military action to “restore international peace and security.” The United Nations Security Council on Monday unanimously voted to extend arrangements for depositing the proceeds from sales of petroleum, petroleum products and natural gas into the Development Fund for Iraq and to review all resolutions pertaining to Iraq from 1990. SS (S) 1 SOURCE:
  8. You are just plain insulting. Seeing as I'm not a glutton for punishment and have a great deal of respect in all of my chosen professions, I refuse to take time out of my day any longer to take part in anything overseen by a person of your arrogance and lack of intelligence. Being involved in this site doesn't come close to balancing the scales sufficiently to offset your attitude and verbal abuse. Adam made you a mod, I guess he's only human. To all who have open and rational minds that I have spoke with in the past, you will be sorely missed. 'THINK' is outta here. Good luck.
  9. I 'THINK' I explained myself with sufficient clarity, and I really don't have the time for a ***** contest with you. Have a nice day.
  10. I don't like cops (in or out) and I quit smoking (inhaling and exhaling) a long time ago. But hey, WHY PUT A FENCE AT THE TOP OF THE HILL WHEN THE AMBULANCE AT THE BOTTOM IS WORKING SO WELL? So was this reset your idea? It's already been done, it's now history, and will not be undone now despite anything I might suggest. I find your comment offensive. We have disagreed before and you have tried to slap me down. As you see I still slap back when I 'THINK' someone is out of line, and I 'THINK' your comment is just that - "OUT OF LINE". So I suggest we hope for an R/V soon so we both have bigger fish than each other to fry in the future.
  11. Well well well, I don't like it. I've never posted trying to get plus's, I just tell it like it is, and have often pushed the envelope of some peoples patience but somehow had an excellent reputation with over 350 plus's. As someone said, the bad folks will just keep coming back with different names. I feel this was an act of desperation that will not solve the problem. I 'THINK' there may have been better ways to address this. Please don't ask for my ideas since you've already made a decision and implemented it. I know many of you will disagree, but I'll bet no one liked seeing their good reputation disappear. OUCH! I feel violated. I don't expect to feel a little prick unless I'm at the doctor's office.
  12. Here's a couple more from the same performance. I have always felt she has the best voice out there.
  13. If Betty likes classical music and groups, I think she might not only like these, but find them uplifting. My favorite female singer and perhaps the best out there Sarah Brightman. Listening to her always seems to make me feel better when I feel down, so perhaps.... I'm sorry I can't upload the songs directly from the DVD because of the file size. I hope/know you'll enjoy these. Keep getting better....
  14. Well Betty, it looks as though I'm going to have to put on my nurses uniform again. I know, I know, it makes my butt look big, but anything for you. Now you're going to HAVE to get well soon, cause if I wear it too long it will give me a rash. So get well soon, huh? You are missed around here.
  15. Adam, at the risk of being neg'd by some people who don't totally understand due diligence, I have to ask why you would decide to write a thesis about the rate and date in the eleventh hour. If you believe what you have been saying about an R/V by Thanksgiving, why write a thesis now. To much time on your hands? Not from the way you've cut chats short. Giving everyone something to read while they wait these last days before Thanksgiving? Unlikely. For anyone who doesn't understand due diligence, it requires that you question everything and everyone in a search for the reality of a situation, or the true state of affairs. So before you neg me, know that I'm only questioning Adams timing on this. It just seems a bit odd to me. When something seems out of place, I can't help but question it.
  16. I watch what they do, not what they say and I try to follow the money. I find this to be the best way to get a feel of what's going on. Unfortunately, neither seems to provide much indication of a rate, so I'll have to plea the 5th and wait like everyone else.
  17. Now I'll bet that was a Kodak moment. It's good to know there's another Floridian as nuts as me. Kudos. I am curious though, just how much he........never mind.
  18. Hey RodandStaff. I took on a major recording project not too long ago and it's busting my butt 16 hours a day. Seems like I don't have any time for myself. I'm not complaining, because I love what I do. I really don't know if the IQD R/V'd tomorrow if I would stop after I finished this project or just jump into the next one. Although I have been thinking of maybe joining a blues band and just playing clubs on weekends for fun and work on my tan the rest of the time. WOW! I don't know if I could really slow down that much, but it sure sounds like fun. I'm talking with a guy in Australia about some new breakthrough music technology he's developed that might be interesting to play around with. I guess I'll cross that R/V. I still have to finish the current project and that will be a while so I'll have time to let my head stop spinning before making a decision. Meanwhile I really do try to find a moment to check in once a day whenever I get a break and keep up with what's going on. Every now and then I have time to say a few words. Oopps, breaks over, back to work........
  19. I have to say the bible is a book of great and often overlooked wisdom. Sometimes it seems there are as many interpretations, as there are people who read the bible. A fact some people would be wise to remember before busting down doors with their personal interpretation. We are all entitled to our own beliefs without others telling us if we don't share their beliefs we are missing the boat or just bad people. A mind is like a parachute, works best when open. I just we came equipped with a rip cord.
  20. Thanx umbertino, I guess she doesn't know me as well as you. Of course it was not only said in jest, but also nobody caught the fact it's a quote from the "Blues Brothers" movie - restaurant scene. Jake was kidding as well, but it was so funny. In case you have forgotten here's the clip: As far as the avatar goes, well if it causes anyone to "THINK' even a little, then it has served it's purpose. While many didn't like what the Joker did in the movie, you would only be fooling yourself by not giving him credit for being a criminal 'Genius'. While I personally don't concur with how the character applied his intelligence, I certainly admire his cunning and through planning. I also liked his preference for thinking 'outside of the box.' But seriously, how much for the little girl? Kidding.....
  21. OhMineTooKate, sometimes it can be harder than others to think and maintain a sense of humor at the same time.
  22. Ahhhh......mmmm........How much for the little girl? Just asking......
  23. Live action video camera stolen, 'FILM' at eleven. Oh, com' on, think about it.
  24. THINK.....

    Good News

    It's already happened, AGAIN? Time to get some new material. Hmmmmm.....back to work, something I know will pay off.
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