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Please post a " 1 " here if you have served our country. We want to recognize you and express our appreciation for your service to us and to our country that we love. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR S

20 YEAR Navy vet, served both desert sheild, desert storm, kosovo, enduring freedom, guantanamo bay. NOW I AM READY FOR A REAL RETIREMENT STARTING AFTER THE GOI SITS THERE A***** DOWN, THEN WE CAN ALL


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Didn't serve but I have been working for a defense plant for the past 30 yrs. Design Submarines.

My Uncle severed in WWII in the navy and survived the sinking of his destroyer DD529,USS BUSH over in Okinawa. Three

kamikaze's hit his ship.

I plan on spending this weekend with my Uncle and hopefully when the RV hits I will take him to a dealership and buy him a new Cadillac.

Good Luck To Us All !

And God Bless :)

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I am an Air Force Vet-- now working with wounded Soldiers in the Army-- While I salute all Vets & know all services have their place & compliment the others-- I have a special place in my heart for you Army & Marine folk! :)

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