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  1. Thanks Viper!!! Apreciate the continued hardwork and due diligence you display! GO RV!!
  2. No back to calm friend!! This is LIFE not a rehearsal! YOU ride the high for as long as you want! Loving the journey brochacho!!! GO RV!!!
  3. Everyone relax. AC is incredibly known for causing mass panic here at DV! Remember?! He's one of select few that told us that no one they were NOT going to get the GOI in place until after 2011...possibly 2012! He's pulling your chain again! This IS happening because globally the pressure is too great for Iraq! So you MUST treat him as the kid that when things arent going his way, he will TRY and bring down everyone else! Trust he's still eating a tremendous amount of crow just from actions taken just yesterday! I'm a realist, plus I choose to spread hope! Go RV!!! Everyone deserves here!!!
  4. Hey Smokey if does I'm CERTAIN you will not accept it.....huh?! Smile friend a HUGE miracle happened today! Whose to say that very same mircale is done working?! Blessings friend! Thanks for the post rlamb! GO RV!!!
  5. I'm definitely with you hrdbawl! This guy was just waiting for the hammer to fall to say "I told you so!" In spite of all the TRULY GREAT THINGS that transpired today, this friggin guy spouts off from his soup coolers and embarrasses himself.....TREMENDOUSLY!!!
  6. Phoenix thanks for everything you have done!! This picture will go in my journal, along with todays date as the liberation of these deserving people, plus passed down for generations(in my family) for them understand the significance of this journey! Continued blessings!
  7. Thank you RickNick for breaking it down so that its forever broken!!
  8. Thanks for the post Nights! So we have to wait yet another month to RV?!!! Help me understand this.
  9. Thanks Chief for serving and thanks everyone for making us all feel honored on this special day!!! Semper Fi! GO RVV!!!
  10. Happy Birthday to you Leatherneck! Oooo Rah!! God, Country, Corp!
  11. 1 Served in Marine Corp from 88-92 in Desert Storm!
  12. Thanks Steve for your hardwork! Any idea how long after HUGE ANNOUNCEMENTS tomorrow will we have to wait for them to RV? Thanking you in advance.
  13. Oooo Rah Devil Dog!!! Happy BDay Harchargers!!
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