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  1. Looks like these notes are much more sophisticated than the 2003-2011 versions. I wonder if the CBI changed their paper quality as well. It is quite poor on the old notes. If anyone has one of these notes, could you please compare paper quality with previous versions of 10K and 25K notes and comment? Thanks.
  2. Unfortunately I believe the same, but it is better to be informed and therefore prepared. Hopefully the rate will rise even if it needs to be over time.
  3. Just trying to provide another translation, it can be we all know.
  4. Bing Translator: Top: Central Bank Management Agency is to weaken himBaghdad/Farah Assem Al TaeeIndependent MP Hassan Alawi said that CBI management proxy is a weakening of this institution cash and that its strength and durability will be the strength of the Iraqi currency and have a weight on fiscal balances. The top of the "integrity" and for this reason we note that the law gave the Central Bank officials similar immunity immunity given to members of the House of representatives while the Ministers have no Central Bank staff immunity so as not to be held hostage by emotions or side effects. The top issue internationally condemned and the weakened financial position and weaken confidence in the Central Bank without Iraqi oil and that States know that the Iraqi dinar is oil to the value of 10,000 Iraqi dinars a quarter of the value of the US dollar that the world understands that there are oil wells like it or not, there is a vector carrying Iraqi oil to the world. He top that covered the Central Bank and the Iraqi dinar is keeping wealth alfateh owned by the country, which kept him standing up and holding before the unrest, the Central Bank, the flow of oil is the Iraqi currency deterioration.
  5. Always be careful especially when listening to any opinion about the IQD. Always only listen to your own heart and understand that every $$$ invested is a dollar that can be lost. Enjoy life and understand that there are many criminals involved. Best to all. Happy New Year!!!
  6. Do not forget that oil will always be sold in dollars as long as the US is in charge. There already have been many wars due to this fact.
  7. I wonder what the two rivers really refers to? Could it be the two coins? the two different currencies that will co-exist?
  8. Thanks for posting the chat tg and as always thanks to Adam for his time and efforts!
  9. Woody you better look is this kind of thinking that has caused some of the problems in Iraq...if the Shia and Sunnis each get a watermelon....what about the king makers, the Kurds! Now where is their watermelon going to come from?
  10. Ah the dreams of the government officials...........funny how the public begins to know them as nightmares.
  11. Because they keep mentioning nominal rate not nominal exchange rate. Hopefully just a translation problem but they also cannot come out and say, "hey buy dinar because we are going to raise its rate". We'll just hope!
  12. Might not be posted yet. It happens at times. But I checked this morning as well.
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