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MOF Incompetence Blamed For Budget Setbacks.


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Here's some articles of Dinarian interests...

MOF incompetence blamed for Budget setbacks.

US not the blame as MOF claims.

Treat as rumors.  Not verified.  Your opine.




From Other Sources:  The 2024 Budget Has Not Yet Been Implemented Because The Ministry Of Finance Has Not Completed The Schedules.

ARTICLE:  In light of the difficult economic conditions facing Iraq, the importance of transparency & the right to access information emerges as essential tools in combating corruption & gaining citizens’ trust in the state.


Obtaining accurate information about the budget preparation process & spending details is a basic condition for achieving this goal.  However, government work in Iraq suffers from a lack of transparency & clarity in the budget preparation process.  Although a long period of time has passed since the beginning of 2024, the year’s Budget has not yet been implemented, due to the Ministry of Finance not completing the necessary schedules & the lack of clarity on the reasons for restricting disbursement to salaries & not other items, despite the abundance of available financial funds.


These conditions are considered an indicator of a lack of transparency in the Budget preparation process, which increases ambiguity & creates mistrust between citizens and government authorities.



TNT via Tishwash:  The Russian Ambassador’s Vision: Iraq & The Chances Of Joining The “BRICS” Group.

The Russian ambassador to Iraq, Elbrus Kutrashev, said that the opportunity is available to Iraq to join the BRICS countries & that he is not concerned with the nature of the American response to this decision if Baghdad takes it.

He also spoke with great admiration about the visit of PM Muhammad Shia al-Sudani to Moscow (October 2023). He said that he did not expect the visit to be so successful.


Kutrashev, in a televised interview, said, “Russian-Iraqi relations are good & have a long history & there are no complications, neither from a historical standpoint nor from a current standpoint & external factors are what complicate these relations.  As for the two peoples, we have a good and solid friendship.  I am very comfortable with being Russia's ambassador to Iraq.

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Bruce The Goose:  Everything Is Done.




Everything is not done.

More Budget delays & HCL sent back for amendments after it was approved & passed.

Will the incompetent Minister of Finance be fired or replaced?

Iraq financial reform is moving backwards, not forging ahead.

At this rate...we may not see this RV-RI this year.

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Like Ronscapa always says...take with a grain of salt...



Iraqi Dinar Today Video Updates Late Tuesday Evening 2-20-24

WOW Chase Bank & JP Morgan Chase Done – 3:36

Iraqi dinar also revalued - US Approved This Rate is right for IRAQ – 5:49

Great News US Treasury Green Light to IRAQ For Real Exchange Rate $5 USD – 3:06


Video can be viewed...Google key words in title of article to bring up the site...






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