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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

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hi while we have been waiting for dinar to pop i have been doing extremely well in buying cryptos. in matter of fact over the past few weeks I have made over 160,000 while buying just two coins. Now the secret is to get in during pre sales, before they list as a ICO. Saitama Inu and Shibu Inu offer very good returns. Saiatma, Kleecoin and Keanu Inu are all Defi coins and can be purchased pre sales. you just need metamask and apply pay. fees are pricey but its the end game. Now why should you buy these coins, because most have not hit mainstream exchanges, they also have quite a number of zeros attached which means they have plenty of room to make you money and considerable returns and a passive income.


Saitama Inu, kleecoin and Keanu inu also pay coins for staking every day, every sales the coins are distrbuted amongst holders. They also burn which creates scarcity and drives value up. now I would say we are going to see zeros removed in the next 3 months, I have already experienced zeros removed already hence why i have made money. Think about, its financial freedom and a passive income.

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12 hours ago, md11fr8dawg said:

Where are you finding these funky named coins screwball?

to be honest since my interest in cryptos back in 2013 i have not lost money from an investment point of view. i have made by diaghter over 100k for her 1000k investment and all of my kids have made money. choosing a coin and no different to investing in shares....banking and finance etc. coins need to have strong development team, utility or plan for utility and offer you reflections and have burn protocols. buy them early enough at IPO stage and You WILL make money. as i said i have bought two coins which have already made me 160k in just over past 2 weeks. on average i am earning 1000-5000 per day, somedays over 25k a night....and just bought another 2 coins which will and have already started making me money. its a long term game. I just pick coins and they make money have been very successful

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