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5 hours ago, ladyGrace'sDaddy said:

According to the bible there is no "solar system" and what we've been taught to believe are stars and planets are really the fallen angels of God locked in outer darkness. The earth is not floating around in some vast void of space but is really a footstool before the throne of God. There is water above us and below us/ as in we are surrounded by water. The sun and moon is really between 3 to 4 thousand miles up and revolving around the earth like the dials on a watch. And in fact their movements are for the purpose of keeping time, among other things. 


I fully understand how insane that sounds, which only gives testament to the quality of brainwashing the science has done. Humanity has been lied to by so called "Scientist" for nearly one thousand years. What most people fail to understand is that up to the point of the Renaissance most people living on the earth knew that the world was Gods footstool, and after the Renaissance people begain to have more faith in Science than God. 

Which is actually understandable considering that it was the educational institutions of the Church that gave us the science. 

But make no mistake about it Science is a religion. In deed it is the AntiReligion. 

To each their own. Interesting opinion.

That being said, I always thought that science should be seen as a byproduct  of Gods creation of man due to God having given man the ability to think and evolve.  I don't understand when people say science is anti religion  yet our medical advancement was only possible by Gods gift of the ability to think and learn.

I understand not all science is good and could be consider anti religion and unethical.  


Since Gods plan is not for us to understand could it be that science is one way for his miracles to come to fruition?  An awful lot of thanks is given to God at hospitals ( and sports games. Lol).

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9 hours ago, cranman said:

, I always thought that science should be seen as a byproduct  of Gods creation of man due to God having given man the ability to think

I agree 100%. 👍It's not God who Perverted science but man. As my thoughts evolved on this subject I used to think that science was just man's method of understanding how God built it all. 


But then, as always, man couldn't help but pervert science by using science in a vain attempt to outdo God. 

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But not in your lifetime 




The US space and flight agency "NASA" announced that a frightening and catastrophic phenomenon will occur where there is something terrifying in the Earth's atmosphere that could lead to the extinction of humanity and the end of the world.

And "NASA" said that "three of its satellites observed the shrinkage of the layer of the atmosphere, especially the layer of the Messier," explaining that it "is shrinking by about 500 to 650 feet annually over the past 30 years, and this layer protects the Earth from meteors and meteors, and this layer has begun to shrink dramatically." ".
She added that "the lower layer" troposphere "of the atmosphere has begun to expand as a result of global warming, and it is expanding by about 50 meters per decade, which makes the threat of human extinction and the end of the world imminent."
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