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What is the longest range EV semi truck?
With a range of up to 330 miles, Tre is already one of the longest range all-electric truck models among a peer group that includes Freightliner's eCascadia, Volvo's VNR Electric, the Peterbilt 579EV and Kenworth T680e.Mar 15, 2023
How many miles can the electric Freightliner go?

How far can the electric medium duty box truck go? Driving range varies between the eM2's two battery capacity offerings. The 291 kWh battery (available for Class 7) provides a typical driving range of 250 miles. The 194 kWh battery (available for Class 6) provides a typical range of 190 miles.
How long does it take to charge a Freightliner electric truck?

There are three Detroit HV Battery options available: a 195-kwh pack with charging times to 80% and 100% of 1.5 and 3 hours, respectively, 291 kWh (2-4 hours) and 438 kWh (2-6 hours). The packs utilize Li-Ion NMC (Nickel Manganese Cobalt) battery chemistry packed inside of CATL prismatic cells.May 13, 2022
How long does it take to charge a Freightliner eM2?

The Freightliner eM2 can reach an 80% state of charge in approximately 60 minutes for the Class 6 model and 90 minutes for the Class 7 model. The Class 8 eCascadia can achieve an 80% state of charge in approximately 90 minutes using dual-port charging.Mar 27, 2023
How far can an electric semi-truck go on one charge?

The range of an electric semi-truck can vary depending on the specific model and its battery capacity. Some electric semi-trucks have a range of up to 300 miles on a single charge, while others can go up to 500 miles. However, it is important to note that these ranges are based on ideal conditions and may be affected by factors such as the weight of the load being transported, the terrain, and the driving style.
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22 hours ago, caddieman said:

Let me clarify so you understand. I have never once had to wait to start charging. 15 minutes ain’t going to kill the supply chain. Many many ways to make up 15 minutes. Use the 30 minutes as the mandatory time you got to take a break after 8 hours of driving. Make the 11 hour rule, 11 hour and 15 minutes. You stop after 14 hours charge up for the next day just like you do now to fuel up. 
500 miles at a constant 65MPH is 7.7 hours anyway. 8 hours of drive time truckers are required to take a 30 minute break. But you know all this………..You just didn’t think I did.

I would like to believe that many people know something about the rules and regulations concerning the operation of a commercial vehicle. So NO I'm not surprised in the least that you know something about it. Nevertheless, knowing the rules and regulations doesn't even begin to cover what it takes to actually do the job. 

And in this subject I am the expert. 

So allow me to continue educating your knowledge. When a driver is fueling his rig, he is not off duty. He's is on duty not driving. And if  a driver lies on his log about fueling said driver will be in violation of the rules and regulations. Causing said driver to be shut down and pay fines. 

Having said that,  very few drivers actually only drive 11 hours a day. 

Most drivers will travel 650 to 750 miles a day. Myself  I took great pride in the fact that I could leave Wichita and be in Los Angeles in just 17 hours. Not legal but after decades of mental training I learned to do it safely. Why do drivers work like this? Because if the truck ain't rolling you ain't making money.  And since drivers are grossly underpaid they will learn to beat the system. 

Maybe eventually all trucks will be electric but the reality is for that to work pay would need to double and the driving workforce would also need to double. 

Problem is that today, 

According to a recent study, more than 80,000 drivers are needed to make up a shortage in America this year. And unfortunately, this problem doesn’t look like it will be solved anytime soon. It is believed that by the year 2030, there will be a shortage of 160,000 truck drivers. Shortage of Truck Drivers&text=According to a recent study,shortage of 160%2C000 truck drivers.


So there's the jinx of it all. 80 thousand short today and going up. And that says nothing about the unobtainable ounces of Silver it would take to make 5 million rigs to replace the current diesel rigs. A very seldom talked about fact among liberals. Research how much silver is available today and how much it would take to make every car and truck electric. Hopefully then you may understand how improbable it is. Electric vehicles are little more than a fad. 

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What the media refuses to do is investigate this incident. Who was behind it? Who put up the gallows? Who brought the noose? Who was leading the “hang Mike Pence” chants at the US Capitol?  Has anyone chanting, “Hang Mike Pence,” been arrested? Where is the video of the men and women erecting the gallows?

Who were these people and were they arrested for their criminal acts?

Gregg Phlllips went on The War Room on Friday morning to discuss their findings on the mysterious gallows on the US Capitol Grounds on January 6.


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Pope Francis Invites 44 Transgenders Who Work as “Prostitutes” to Vatican for Lunch (VIDEO)


“On Sunday, the women — many of whom are Latin American migrants and work as prostitutes — joined over 1,000 other poor and homeless people in the Vatican auditorium as Francis’ guests for lunch to mark the Catholic Church’s World Day of the Poor,” AP reported.

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