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Iran announces the possibility of negotiating with America if it returns to the nuclear agreement

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Iran announces the possibility of negotiating with America if it returns to the nuclear agreement

Tehran / agencies
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced, on Tuesday, that his country may enter into negotiations with the United States on a new nuclear deal if the US administration returns to the current agreement from which it withdrew. In a press conference, Rouhani said: "The policy of maximum pressure pursued by Washington against Iran has failed 100 percent, as its aim was to draw Iran to the negotiating table while it is in a weak state."
The Iranian president added, "Washington aimed to force us into negotiations by strengthening the dollar and weakening the Iranian riyal, but it realized that this is not possible ... America wanted to create a crisis in Iran and for Iranians to protest in the streets, but its policy suffered a crushing defeat."
He stressed: "If the Trump administration wants an agreement with us, then they must, and in this way, return to the agreement (previously concluded), and an agreement cannot be signed through pressure."
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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has said that talks on the nuclear deal are possible if the United States of America returns to the agreement concluded in the year two and fifteen.

Rouhani added in a press conference that Washington's policy of maximum pressure on Iran has failed.

And demanding the latter to submit an apology for its withdrawal from the nuclear agreement concluded with the six major powers in case they wanted to sign a new agreement. During the press conference, Rouhani called on the US administration to adopt a different approach towards Iran.

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I don't know what type of drugs this Rouhani guy is on but it's obvious it makes him delusional. I'm guessing he's making these speeches to the poor ignorant Iranian people in hopes of convincing them that Iran has the USA over a barrel an in dire straights that if they remove all the sanctions an get back into the nuclear agreement that Iran would be generous enough to restart negotiations with them. 

The Iranians deserve better than this an maybe one day they can create enough of a revolution to overthrow these maniacs...

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