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  1. Ron needs to stay out of it. He has no clue to the current situation unless Rand is giving him hints.
  2. Give me a reason to read this crap everynight. Did that Khomeanie die with his lover? Did that Malaki pay off Hunter to keep Epstien from talking in jail? I could go on and on. **** or git off the pot.
  3. If it was fireworks. I concede. I dont have enough money to even come close and I put on one hell of a display.
  4. I was walking on egg shells for a little bit. I was informed a certain maintenance man, that I was around a lot last week (thursday) was around a covid+ resident in one of the apartments. I was really on my way but their is no way i am going to risk someones life. The whole story of how it happened really pisses me off because of the selfishness of one person. He knew he was covid+ but still wanted his dishwasher fixed. Didnt inform anybody he was sick didnt cancel the appointment knowing he was sick. Caused a lot of people much stress and had to stay in campers away from thier wives. I am not
  5. Crazy that this great nation has got to this point. Trump is trying his best to stop it but we have undejumicated idiots in this country that think this is a cool thing to do. My ancestors came from the Netherlands to England and and Ireland, then to America. Do I need to retrace the path my ancestors made? Hell no. Im going to fight.
  6. I dont know about you guys, But I am starting to like these ME pissing contests. I got into this investment a long time ago, didn't hinge my future on it. I got to the point that they can all kiss my ass. It was cool at the time but I have graduated to other investments. Im tired of waiting for a inept culture to make me money.
  7. Go in and see if you can take a tour. Get back with us and let us know.
  8. And somebody ate the ass end of a turtle. And it wasnt me.
  9. After reading this twice. This should be read again by everybody. IMO, this is huge news.
  10. Fellow Dinarians. This is something I would not miss out on. This would be fun. Lets do it.
  11. I just noticed that our ratings on this site is beating SNL by a long shot.
  12. I already sold it to gypsygirl for 10 bucks.
  13. I almost have it figured out to get there this weekend. My help said I was good to go and found a flight. You still OK with that?
  14. Give me enough time to plan and I am on it. My business has been slow and my help can handle it. Been wanting to this kind of thing for a long time. I was doing some research and saw if I flew into Las Vegas, I could visit my step-father and drive to Barstow. LA looks like a nightmare.
  15. I would love to do that. Give me a little more notice.
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