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  1. What that place needs is to quit being a welfare state like Baltimore, LA, NYC. Etc. But in todays society its all about what you get for free. Nothing is free people. Freedom is not free.
  2. Thanks Rafiki. But I think most of us think of one man and one woman. Good luck on your adventures lib boy.
  3. I get it now. Kind of like all the states Obama thought that belonged to the United States.
  4. I think I might know where you are going with this. New Rate is the reason for delay?
  5. As much money that these people bilked from people. HMMMM. I could start my own country.
  6. That is not the parliament. Those are some of my classmates when I was in high school in Orlando Florida. Evans High School to be precise.
  7. Maybe the pope will bring his liberal solutions to everything and just like a big boom, all things will be solved in the world.
  8. I cant believe I just found my long lost brother. Our father always said us boys were born without a brain. I just couldn't figure out the plural thing until now.
  9. These insanian insanes are a bunch of tools that we can not afford to be let sharpened.
  10. I wish I would have waited. But I bought mine under the Obummer administration. Obummer was propping up Iran, so I thought it was a cant lose situation. Now that we have a President with gonads, I will be glad to take the loss if it makes America and Israel safer.
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