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  1. The correlo camel humper strikes again. Libs at their finest. Just like Jaygo.
  2. Peace brother. If you look in the past we used to cut up with each other and no offense taken. You do you. Yes I have been on this board a long time but I am sure the mods here did not take that to benefit me.
  3. Come on (gender neutral). Sorry I spanked your ass, but you would like me in real person. I would buy a beer and we would really be new friends. I wont bring my turtle. It is bad-ass. If you dont believe me, ask the clown.
  4. Hey coorslite. Its been a long time since I bought into WTRNF also. LOL. Waiting on that one also. 1540 shares.
  5. Since I saw the SNL skit. Yes. You will be in your parents basement for a while longer.
  6. Yep. Another doushebag. Just a different year. Wow, how things have changed.
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