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  1. As much money that these people bilked from people. HMMMM. I could start my own country.
  2. That is not the parliament. Those are some of my classmates when I was in high school in Orlando Florida. Evans High School to be precise.
  3. Maybe the pope will bring his liberal solutions to everything and just like a big boom, all things will be solved in the world.
  4. I cant believe I just found my long lost brother. Our father always said us boys were born without a brain. I just couldn't figure out the plural thing until now.
  5. These insanian insanes are a bunch of tools that we can not afford to be let sharpened.
  6. I wish I would have waited. But I bought mine under the Obummer administration. Obummer was propping up Iran, so I thought it was a cant lose situation. Now that we have a President with gonads, I will be glad to take the loss if it makes America and Israel safer.
  7. Thanks Synopsis. That what I took from it also. Now back to the garden.
  8. That is one country, I think every American should want to kick the shiiite out of. Jimmy Carter was a puntang. Im trying to be nice, but that wont happen when Iran is in the conversation.
  9. If I ran for office, I would promise to only steal have of what my opponent has stolen or will steal. Me for Congress 2020
  10. Thank you pitcher and God bless America.
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