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  1. I know that is not true because they would have taken a 1/4 of the land they lost back in two weeks. That why I know its not the US. Blame Pakistan. Oh that's right, Iran uses them up already. I have no use for most ungrateful bastards on earth. Its an epidemic in the ME.
  2. He went on to say, that when the day comes again that we are getting our asses kicked, we can invite the Zionist back. But in the meantime they (Satan) need to stay out.
  3. Somebody doesn't understand your sarcasm, or somebody is sticking up for cheap stuff.
  4. jmartin1145


    I agree. Hopefully someone knows more about it.
  5. Just remember folks. It said DOZENS. Just like a Maxine or Hillarious book signing.
  6. After pondering. I started to think about us here in the best country in the world. Just change a few words like malitias to street gangs and I think you will get my point. We have our own problems also. What is this world coming to. I also believe that Trump is doing his best to get us back on the right track. If only the dems could unveil themselves and put their own politics aside we could reunite the country. Look what the dems stand for, and it wasn't long ago they would have been considered the anti-Christ.
  7. That's what Obummer did to the USA, so join the party Iraq.
  8. I ran out or greenies Pitcher, but you are so correct. Obummer cost many lives. Hopefully the people in this country see what the media is doing.
  9. I never give a ruby, but in this case I did. I bet you even blamed the republicans during the Obummer shutdown. (Or did you even notice it?) I don't have time to do the research for you, but the money saved to this country with a wall will make it well worth it.
  10. Im getting too old and tired waiting for things to go up.
  11. Thank goodness I only invested 238 dollars in rial. Now dinar is a different story.
  12. Another Obummer lover at this time. Or the other way around.

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