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  1. If I ran for office, I would promise to only steal have of what my opponent has stolen or will steal. Me for Congress 2020
  2. Thank you pitcher and God bless America.
  3. How did Botzwana insult you? He gave a opinion. He also gave a very good explanation of what happened to the Peso.
  4. Kind of like Detroit. I will stop at that city because im sure we will hear of more.
  5. I hear ya. Im still pissed at a ex girlfriend of mine.
  6. I always thought that the winner reaps the rewards of war. We didn't go that PC did we? If we did I say go EFF yourself snowflake badtards
  7. I think he told the truth in the first paragraph. After that, Who Knows
  8. I may be mistaken but, all these arab countries play lovie dubbie but in the meantime do not help their fellow arabs. For one instance ISIS. Where were the armies to help defeat that so called JV team. They call on the USA when they get in trouble but cant wait for us to leave when danger is over. It just amazes me. Send them a bill COD next time we are needed. It almost makes me want to be isolationist but I know that cant be done in todays environment.
  9. I agree Chuck. How many more times can that can keep getting kicked down the road without falling apart.
  10. I know that is not true because they would have taken a 1/4 of the land they lost back in two weeks. That why I know its not the US. Blame Pakistan. Oh that's right, Iran uses them up already. I have no use for most ungrateful bastards on earth. Its an epidemic in the ME.
  11. He went on to say, that when the day comes again that we are getting our asses kicked, we can invite the Zionist back. But in the meantime they (Satan) need to stay out.
  12. Somebody doesn't understand your sarcasm, or somebody is sticking up for cheap stuff.
  13. I agree. Hopefully someone knows more about it.
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