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  1. Damn. Wasnt it not too long ago the number 11 was a sign. Is anybody on here still doing the number eleven campaign?
  2. No different than anybody else here. How can you judge one mans investment to another. One mans investment is different from the other. Your Choice.
  3. And no kidding. Just now ask me to donate to a go-fund-me page as I was typing. If you see one where someone is dressed up like Kid Rock. Thats him.
  4. I say no because my little brother that still lives in the basement of my parents house told me to. Every prediction he has made has been a bust. He showed up at my house with rubber gloves and a respirator and told me to follow him if I wanted to survive. He took all the canned goods out of my parents house. Had to give him gas money to take the food back. That is how I feel about XRP. I could be wrong on this one, but just going to go with batting averages. I guess since he thought that I have cows, our parents can goods would suffice to survive.
  5. Somewhaare over the raainbow. Forgot the rest of the words to the song.
  6. Doing wings. I have ate too much popcorn for the last umpteen years. Going to change it up.
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