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Go Iraq Part 10

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Iraqi citizens could be finding out first hand . It is easier , safer and more convenient to live their financial lives through use of e commerce . Less need for physical cash day to day in the street

This is a time series chart for currency issued by CBI. It is a cumulative monthly value.......starting from 2004 (I assumed).    Since it has cumulative values, it will always be a rising c

We are on “Go Iraq part 10” and no RV yet. I hope it happens before “Go Iraq part 11”😁    Merry Christmas and a happy 2020 to all🎅🏻🎄   6ly410 thanks for all the info you bring to D

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National Bank of Iraq

Yesterday at 3:32 AM ·

Your salary gives you many advantages, and with Zain Cash wallet you can deliver it whenever you want, and what you want through 4000 withdrawal points and an authorized agent throughout Iraq.

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Goodbye to cash !!
Great features are waiting for you
We provide financial solutions for the public and private sectors

Do you want to develop your business and get rid of cash problems and risks?
(Forged ripped imperfection)
Bring modernity to your business
Where you can receive customers who hold electronic payment cards (Master Card & Visa Card)
Satisfying their needs by providing a POS device?

We offer you free and premium offers


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A cleric calls on Trump to protect Iraq money: the government transfers hard currencies to Iran




A cleric calls on Trump to protect Iraq money: the government transfers hard currencies to Iran


Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press:

On Saturday, cleric Hassan al-Musawi called on the United Nations and US President Donald Trump to protect Iraqi money, accusing the government of transferring hard currencies from Iraq to Iran.



Al-Mousawi wrote on his account on "Twitter" and followed him "Tomorrow Press", a message he sent to the United Nations and US President Donald Trump, in which he said, "We appeal to you to put your hand on the central bank and other Iraqi banks, because the resigned Iraqi government intends to transfer Iraqi money from currencies." Difficult like the dollar and the euro to Iran under the pretext of protecting it, we ask you to protect our money. "




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You can now exchange the damaged Iraqi currency with a new one for free and immediately 🌹 , , , # Islamic_Advisor_Bank # Loans # Murabaha # Murabaha # Participation # Speculation # Financing loans # Project financing # Baghdad # Iraq # savings account # current account # Awareness section Banking awareness section






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The International Islamic Bank application It provides all the information required to localize salaries for employees of the Ministry of Interior and through your personal phone. Including the 2045 cash withdrawal centers in general Governorates of Iraq.



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