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  1. The 1st rate will be guess is around $1.....thus allowing US to buy dinar at a reduced rate just like we did. This will help load up the US Treasury with a bunch of money to do whatever with. Then 2nd rate will be higher in my opinion and guess maybe around $4....So now that you have my opinion that and a dollar bill will get you a cup of coffee at know maybe I ought to be a guru however my opinion is based on some facts I believe unlike most guru's who just spout off. Obviously I do not know either however this is my best guess
  2. Gee I live in East Tn and knew most of this but now that you have put this all in perspective I need to move to Asheville
  3. Sometimes I think crimes can be OK with the right parties involved. But I sure feel sorry for kid that had his vehicle wrecked
  4. I do admire the Iraq's for not rushing into making a rushed un thought out decision. LOL Keep it up Iraq...we know you got it in you. Besides I have only been invested for 11 years and money just seems to be getting less and less important to me as I age LOL
  5. Looks like possibly Sept with their new plan for financing possible date.
  6. Seems to me bout $4 would be nice and easy to round up.....some great math their huh
  7. Yep the answer is plain as day now that we got that in the air. I have a real tale of my local post office calling two cars of cops on me because my little dog was accused of biting a hole in a set of 10 ply new tires..Lies, stupidity, and denial seems to be standard operating procedure to work at the postal office now days. Lady across the street had to move her mailbox 2-3 times ending up 20 feet from where it started. The mailbox had only been there 34 years....Time for a change I guess. Did i mention she was 75 and had heart surgery so they wanted her to walk 50 yards to box..
  8. Yes in my pre teen years I was taken snipe hunting actually was wearing a new jacket my mother got me for school and somehow we encountered a mother was not happy with her boy....Greene County, TN
  9. I never actually knew a snipe was a bird however I did know it was an imaginary animal
  10. Greeneville, Tn it was $2.09-$2.11 today
  11. 2-9-2020 Intel Guru Footforward ...I'm now aware that it seems Sadr is on the run and Allawi is actually winning people over. AND there will be a full cabinet sat with ZERO Iranian influence. As a matter of fact, several outlets are reporting that Sadr (who is an Iranian puppet) is actually in Iran right now and that Allawi is actually meeting with the people of Iraq to hear their concerns and make sure they are addressed. For real. This is not fake news! I do know if is true found it on internet. Do you know name of Bistro at exit off I-26 coming from JC exit left 50 feet on Mer
  12. I am 2.5 hours from Wells Fargo Bank on JC side of town....little restaurant up their I cannot remember name of I always eat at when I come to Asheville...just off that exit from I-26
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