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Can There Be A RV Wirhout HCL Or Article 140?


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Luigi found this article of Dinarian interests...

Luigi asks...Can there be a RV without HCL or Article 140?

Treat as a rumor. Not varafied. Your opine.





7 Sep 2019     From The Throat Of The Goat     ARTICLE:

“SHARE OF KURDISTAN RISE TO MORE THAN 17% OF THE FEDERAL BUDGET” SO THE KURDS, FOR NOW, GET WHAT THEY WANTED to survive yet another budget. But this is NOT over until parliament passes the “referendum” required by the new 2005 Iraqi Constitution. Read my lips – ARTICLE 140 IS NOT DONE UNTIL A LAW IS PASSED. So they absolutely must get this referendum passed or this will continue on forever and ever for each of the year’s budgets! ARTICLE 140 IS NOT DONE!


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