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Could This Be the Opening RV Rate?

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Luigi found this article of Dinarian interests...

If this is any indication of the initial RV rate out the gate...

then we can expect .01 to .02 cents to the IQD. It's a start. Go RV.

Treat as a rumor. Not varafied. Your opine.



8-30-2019   Intel Guru Frank   Article "Issuing a package of decision related to the entry and exit of funds across the Iraqi borders" [Wednesday] the CBI came out and said...for now on anything less than $10,000 American dollars can enter Iraq and it can leave Iraq...$10,000 to $20,000 American dollars requires documentation...anything more than 1 million IQD coming in or out of Iraq is not allowed...Is 1 million IQD equal to $20,000 American Dollars?...Is this the initial exchange rate?...that was an interesting article.

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No the hurricane hasn't hit Florida yet.  That's the hold up right now.  Just getting a jump on all the guru spew that the hurricanes are the signal that the RV happened.  OR the reason it didn't happen.  Just wait for it cause those excuses are on the way again and again and again.  :jester:



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5 minutes ago, screwball said:

Not when tenders and contracts are based on 1.20


Your Opine.....😂😂

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9 hours ago, screwball said:

Franks a flog...will NOT come in that low...

 F believes higher . recalculated 3 times ,zeros lifted from second set of books. He has W.S. Valuable rumors given .. 

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      Could Saleh be prepping or educating the Iraqi people of new changes in foreign exchange rates?
      Not verified. Your opine.
      12-11-2017   Newshound Guru MilitiaMan  
      Article:  "Saleh: There are question marks on mechanisms to convert foreign currency to Iraq"    When Saleh talks about the safest way to secure payment methods at this juncture in time, is serious information. The documentary credit [reference post 2] is looking to be the way he is going to protect that long line. It is an assurance that the importer has complied with standards that are acceptable for international trade. This is setting the stage for what is expected and that is a level playing field in an international setting that requires transparency and a stable currency at a stable price.  Bye bye program rate! imo~ Chapter 7 was lifted on the 8th of December from the article I read.. Imo That was a go time! wink wink wink The twins were born..
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