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The Rat Says A Mouthful...Can He Back It Up?


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Luigi says...

The Rat says a mouthful. 

Can he back it up with real facts?

Warning...treat the Rat as a rumor. Not varafied. Your opine.



6/5/2019  Ray Rat:

Over the weekend had multiple banks that put people on standby with an hour and a half to be able to report.

Another bank said they were looking for something some time this week. Contractors in Kurdistan got paid.

Coming out of the mosques were told they would get their new purchasing power NOW.

We were told rate was $3.63 and available for everyone.


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39 minutes ago, pokerplayer said:

If anybody is Interested, I'm selling mine at $2.63, that's right folks, a buck off !! Act now and I will throw in a toaster Oven and a bag of water balloons  :)



I will buy 1 dinar, you pay for shipping😀. Is that the extra wide double slice toaster? and balloons🎈🎈🎈, yea.

Cancel that, found a better deal.

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19 minutes ago, Pitcher said:

Haha. I forgot to write, you have to buy my entire inventory, over 10 mil

A deal is a deal. C"mmm on!

You can just do what they do on eBay. Sell the dinar are cheap and then charge a massive fee for shipping

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57 minutes ago, Pitcher said:



I’ll give you a high five for being alert but I did write “ All mine” at 2.62. Not 1 at 2.62. 


You have to read the fine print. Haha

ok, I read it differently. I will have to go after poker players offer better. 

I am backing out of your deal. I dont have enough money to buy it all. 

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22 hours ago, Luigi1 said:

The Rat says a mouthful. Coming out of mosques, contractors will get new purchasing power.


That's the last straw, Luigi. And enough about Ray's 'coming out' party. That intel, blows. PokerPlayer….is that Canadian or USD? I'm sending you a cheque for $2.63 and you can fight it out with the bank in Moose Jaw. LOL. :D


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    • By Luigi1
      Luigi says....
      See you at the bank this Saturday...then the drinks are on me.
      12/3/2019  RayRat:
      We talked to our guys in Iraq.   We had people on some of the teams over there, Americans, what they let us know was yes, the $2.86 is on the cards.  Prices are changing.  We know someone who got an SKR and cashed out at $3.37, so they are done.  They said, all we are doing is waiting to do International so the whole world.
      We’ve got the rates.  We know the 800#’s are coming. We know rates are changing.  SKR’s have actively been passed out.  Know the banks are ready to go . . . rates on their screens.   d can see it.
      They gave me a date. . . between now and Sunday that we should see it.  Pop up on FOREX.  FOREX is closed Friday evening and does not open again until Sunday afternoon.
      Qi Cards are loaded at a rate of $2.86.  Prices are changing on the streets (in the markets).  They have at least 4 cards. Money from GOI paychecks going on MasterCard and Visa.
      ATM’s have lower denom’s.   Some are on the street. Tony:  They actually have them in their hands.  They are not everywhere.
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