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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

I have been slumming.


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Anybody have an opinion about this article a friend of mine found over on re-treads?

this guy sounds almost intelligent.

I forgot no other website links.

i will try to cut and paste.


HE RATE GODS, have given us a “Hall Pass”, so here’s what we believe & expect coming up.

We believe the 1st substantial, public Rate increase that Iraq will come out with, will be in the $1.40 range, within Iraq.

Common sense would seem to indicate a $1.00 - 1 dinar equivalent, but we don’t have any common sense. We’re IL-Logical. Printed & spoken indications from Iraq have been all over the place, over the years, particularly from .78 and up……However, like we said, “we don’t have any commons sense”, and our hunch is around $1.40, give or take a few cents.

WHY? Because the Price of OIL, is the baseline foundation to the wealth of Iraq, and now, according to PLAN, the OIL prices are going UP…….this will continue.

So, you might want to invest some of your money into OIL & GAS related stocks & companies, in our opinion. Just a suggestion…..but $1.40 is our hunch. This is really not that relevant in the scheme of things. Here’s WHY…..

According to history, and the way things work, that $1.40 range rate, will be picked up by world markets instantly, and traded on exchanges.

The exchange rates within every country will be different. In the U.S., we expect an exchange rate of close to $4.00, within the first 10 days of Iraq’s new offering.

We personally don’t believe there will be any kind of NDA available on the Dinar or Dong, because we have no real evidence of that occurring, for NOW and going forward.

We believe that the NDA offering in the past, was for then, NOT NOW. This was required, because there was no Public release known THEN, and under special stipulations, these were needed to insure secrecy, privacy etc.

Today is different, for everything will happen all at once, and become immediate Public knowledge. We would be surprised to hear of any kind of NDA offered. That’s one of the reasons you can’t find an NDA to look at, that’s legitimate, regarding the Dinar or Dong. They don’t exist, and won’t be offered or needed, in our opinion…….oh, you may cut some kind of a special deal with a Bank on “Money already exchanged”, but no NDA for a much higher Dinar Exchange Rate…….our Hunch.

We do however, believe & expect that Iraq will move their Dinar rate up a little more, sometime after the first 90 days of the new introduction, depending on how things look from an inflationary standpoint, as well as, lower denominations integration, bank flow of new customers and level of security reached and managed.

This 90 day window of another increase will be handled much like interest rate fluctuations & considerations are handled, within the central banks worldwide, and particularly the U.S.

In any event, we believe the optimum time of exchange of the Dinar, will be within the 1st 10 days, after the initial, substantial increase, Publicly & Officially.

We have no real evidence to support that any special “Groups” will be or are currently exchanging their Dinar for a higher rate, or will exchange “Sooner” than anyone else. That’s why nobody, including these “Groups”, is still sitting here “Waiting”, like everyone on the planet.


There is no special treatment, that we know of. It’s simple. More & More Banks & Exchange centers will become available to visit, to exchange the Dinar & Dong, as the days and weeks unfold. It’s a progressive thing, that will unfold, after the initial surge of business, from the initial increase in rates.

DONG RATES. We believe & expect the Vietnamese Dong rates to substantially move within 24 hours of the Dinar rate offering.

We have reason to believe that the optimum exchange rate window of the Dong, could see the same 10 day opportunity. HOWEVER. HOWEVER, there is a real strong chance, that the DONG rates will not move much, if at all, until more than 30 days after the Dinar, simply because they are on a different schedule in Vietnam, concerning their REGIONAL CONCERNS, and the fact that it is a completely separate economy, with separate dynamics.

While the door is open to raise the rate at or close to when the Dinar moves, there is also strong indications, that they may choose to wait a few weeks, to move it up, and WE ALSO BELIEVE they will progressively, and slowly move it up, over a period of MONTHS, to slowly integrate and control inflation in Vietnam. This is their style. It is different than Iraq. This can afford a myriad of opportunities, if you’re willing Play.

In any event, EVERYONE is a WINNER.

We believe Vietnam will come out with an initial, substantial rate increase in the $1.00 range, similar to Iraq, making the $1.00 - 1 Dong, a common sense move.

Back in the 60’s, the Dong was over $2.00, so this thinking and hunch, is not out of line, given the successful growth of Vietnam’s Economy over the past 3 years, it’s increasingly strong foreign trade, it’s proximity to China, and it’s great relationship with the U.S., and especially President Trump.

Did you notice, that President Trump invited the PM of Vietnam to the White House this spring, and in fact, they were one of the First 10 countries invited to the White House, after he took office? Coincidence?

WHERE is APEC being held, over the past year? VIETNAM.

HOLD on………..we have to Pee.
OK, we’re back.

NOW, as far as STERLING CURRENCY is concerned. Many people are just sitting & waiting.

Today, you can go to Sterling’s website, and you’ll see the same page, that’s been there, since they were shut down in June, 2 years ago. Nothing has changed. The same web page message. You can still go to your one home page, that shows all outstanding purchases, and your records. One page.

There has been NO News about Sterling Currency. No hearings, no nothing.

We believe, that Sterling was a setup by the U.S. government, way back 12 years ago, just for the purpose of having a main, single, dominant source of contact to sell & trade primarily the Iraqi Dinar, as well as the Dong, Gold & Silver.

Yes, they dabbled in other things, but the Dinar, was the biggie. Sterling became the World’s largest Dinar Dealer, on purpose. We believe, in order to keep track of MOST, of the Dinar sold & traded, in especially the U.S., over the years. IN this way, the government could CONTROL the majority of Dinar sales in-country.

It was a “Control Mechanism”. They could also “SEE” Who & Where, bought & traded Dinar. Thus, have access to the “MAJORITY” OF DINAR RECORDS OF TRANSACTIONS, any time they wanted to know, “WHO” was doing “WHAT” & Where.

They’ve now have had time (2 yrs.) to go through ALL Sterlings records, to see Who has What & How much, where you live, check backgrounds - basically know everything about anyone, who’s bought Dinar…..and Especially the people who’ve purchased large quantities. They know who you are, and what you’re about.

This is also provides a Security issue and tracking system for the Government, so that any Terrorist or Illegal activity, can be tracked through the Dinar & currency exchanges, WHEN THE TIME COMES. They know who and where the large currency holders are, for Security purposes.

When it comes to National Security and Very Large sums of Money, the Government will do what it takes to make sure, everything is accounted for, tracked and known……especially the nature of this investment, the country’s and the large amounts of Exchange into U.S. Dollars……Who has it? People who were not rich before. WHY? Figure it out. Crooks, Terrorists, Drug dealers……all needed to be known about…..BECAUSE of the large amount of U.S. dollar exchange amounts, going into the economy. Folks, you’re NOT going to read about all this in the papers…..or on the Six O’clock News……when Make No Mistake.

ADDITIONALLY, they could Turn OFF, or Turn ON, the flow of Dinar or any other currency, at will, legally and legitimately.

Now, whether or not there are Illegal actions that went on or not, between the owners or employees of Sterling, we have no idea, and won’t even begin to go there, because we don’t know and don’t want to know. It’s really irrelevant to us.

However, we believe that Sterling was strategically shut down to STOP the increasing sales of primarily the Dinar at record levels, because they had reached a saturation point within the U.S., and did not want to breach those limits.
They have had wiggle room for the much smaller amounts of Dinar being sold in the U.S., since that date, and could handle those much smaller limits, but these amounts being sold now over the past 2 years, were tiny in comparison to the massive amounts being sold, at the peak of when Sterling was shut down. They had reached their projected public limit, because at that time, they knew the RV was about to happen. But it did not…..

It is our Hunch, our Belief, that Sterling and the Government, is WAITING, just like you, for Iraq to come out Publicly with a substantially increased rate, that is accepted worldwide. Shortly after this happens and is announced, we believe all Sterling people who have money tied up with them, will be made whole in some manner, and/or they may offer to somehow exchange your Dinar for a “then going” rate of exchange, or perhaps offer to give you the equivalent of Dinar and perhaps any currencies you hold, that has been paid for, prior to Sterling being shut down.

This is just a guess on our part, but we feel like something like this will take place. Otherwise, WHY has nothing happened with Sterling all this time? WHY have you not heard any rulings or any movement on this, especially with the amount of money sitting on their part. WHY is Sterling’s Home page so specific, explaining what happened and their admission of actions, as NOT GUILTY. WHY is one page available showing all clients transaction status record? WHY is this stuff still PUBLICLY accessible. We just told you “WHY”, in our Opinion.

We believe everyone will be made whole, and to your advantage, in the end.

Do what you must do.

We Expect the Very Best, in this Sterling case, for Everyone… the near future.

FOR THE MAJORITY of People, we know it’ been a really Rough Ride this year. It’s been a really rough year for most people. And for most, it’s been a really rough several years. We acknowledge you, and the challenges, struggles, hardships, up & down ride, the disappointments, the doubt & the fear that’s existed……and the loss of many of our Friends & Family. If we could “Push a Button RIGHT NOW, and make it all better, we would”.


Stay the Course, focused straight AHEAD!

We apologize for having to write so much, up to this point, since January 2016, that has been at times, “Hard to Understand”, with some riddles, nuances, likenesses, Vagueness, and what looks to be “In Circles” at times. But this has been REQUIRED, with no other way to communicate, for the “Good of the Whole”, in mind.

There is ALWAYS a method to the madness, even if you don’t think so. Some things, have to occur, the way they have to occur……..and you’ll find in life, that it’s usually a “Timing Thing”. Things always “Come to Pass”.

We Guarantee You……..There ARE a few people who know EXACTLY the Date, when the Iraqi Dinar & the Vietnamese Dong will substantially increase in Value……and the Rates. Make NO Mistake.

WHY did we say, way back over 3 MONTHS AGO, in July (7-27-17) this? XMAS in July?
DECEMBER: You’re “Santa Claus” (or something similar)

BECAUSE WE BELIEVE & EXPECT, that EVERYONE will be exchanging, at Least the Iraqi Dinar at a substantially higher rate than what it is Today, sometime in the month of December, particularly earlier in the month, if not even earlier, sometime the end of November……..IF YOU CHOOSE……..that’s WHY we mentioned THANKSGIVING in our last Post.

To start GIVING THANKS, NOW! It’s ALL just a Choice. Choose Wisely……..

AND that’s WHY, we’ve been asking in our last few posts, “ARE YOUR AFFAIRS IN ORDER?”

Well, Are They?

We hope that this information is clear and direct enough that you can make sense of it, and means something valuable to you. We can’t guarantee that we’re 100% correct in Life, and really no Human can……BUT, everything we’ve said since July, has been 100% CORRECT & Accurate.
We will say, with regards to the U.S. Stock Market, that our position still remains “CAUTIOUS” amidst record gains, for many weeks now. The reason WHY, we maintain this position, is because the underlying math, doesn’t even come close to adding up, for what’s occurring - AND, there WILL BE A MASSIVE Correction, at some point, that will be devastating. We just don’t know if it’s Today, Tomorrow or a year from Now…….but one thing’s for sure…….if you’re in it, you’ll be swept up Quickly & Deeply this time, at record levels. Perhaps you Love to Gamble high stakes? Great, we do too…..However, we like to Diversify Broad & Wide, so it is our Belief that the Stock & Bond Markets are very very volatile, given World Events & Happenings, and especially the serious War threats around the globe, which any one of them, could in a moments notice, set off & obliterate any Positive Stock Market history or pattern, in the blink of an eye, and cause an avalanche of chain reactions, hard to recover from.

That’s just our “Hunch”……and it’s just sitting there on the edge, “Way Way Overdue”….according to factual statistics……which we add to or IL-LOGICAL B.S.

NOW, we don’t expect much to CHANGE in terms of anything swerving this from not happening in the “Time Windows” we’ve indicated above. Of course, we could be wrong, but we give it a 99% Probability of happening, as we’ve indicated………WHY?…….because we’ve been RIGHT about everything since July, AND Haven’t we been RIGHT 100% about it NOT HAPPENING up to this point? Yes, we have.

LISTEN, we don’t care What’s Happened in the course of this Past Dinar History, up till now. All the Logical Naysayers, and Geniuses are about to Learn Something New about Life. Those that want to Negatively continue to quickly give All the Reasons WHY it’s NOT GOING TO HAPPEN - because it HASN’T HAPPENED YET……..are Mistaken. That’s the “EASY, LAZY WAY” to Life……You say, “That’s Reality”. We say, “NOT MY REALITY”.

“Well it’s not going to Happen, because it Hasn’t Happened Yet”…….Sad…….that’s what they said about Donald J. Trump not having a chance in HooDoo, of becoming the President of the U.S…….and 99% of all the “Experts” and Statistics and LOGIC to prove it, were supposedly there. ALL OF THEM, were Wrong! Dead WRONG!………just because it had never happened, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. WAKE UP CALL! EVERYTHING is Changing.

NOW, we see this happening…….and it will Happen VERY SUDDENLY.

The Crowd that hates people like us will sit back and say, “I can’t WAIT till January gets here and this Bogus Dr. Clarke is WRONG!” I just can’t Wait!………we hear their little brains conjuring up their “Revenge” typing hands already. We have a Strong Message for you:

“Why don’t you get on our Positive Train of Expectation & Belief, that says, “This is Happening BIG & SOON!”……WHY don’t you LIVE Happily, while you’re still Alive?………WHY don’t you get out of that “LOGICAL”, News Article Pasting habit of OLD NEWS, FAKE MEDIA LIES, and come swim with us in the “Land of ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE”, and “WILL OCCUR SOON”.

WHY don’t you STOP thinking and talking to others so NEGATIVELY, and look for ways to LOVE & Assist your Brothers & Sisters?…….WHY don’t you Start being part of the SOLUTION, instead of being a preacher of PROBLEMS?

WHY don’t you truly become our PARTNERS, instead of our Enemies?

WHY don’t you “SEE” that we only want YOU, and EVERYONE ELSE TO WIN!


WE JUST GAVE YOU……..a whole long list of reasons “WHY” this is Happening & When, within this LOOOOOONG Post Today.

Be Smart enough, that you Live a Balanced Life, whether or not, ANY OF THIS HAPPENS.

SAY TO YOURSELF, “If January comes without exchanging - So What? Life goes on. I’ll take it from there. We seriously do not believe so, but this is the Healthiest Mentality you can exercise, with this Investment or any other aspect of Life. We Don’t Set the Rules.


We’ll say it Again, “This Will Happen VERY SUDDENLY”.

WE CARE. Make No Mistake.


P.S. Man that was a lot of B.S. today, whew!

Dr. Clarke is NOT any kind of Professional, Licensed, Finance, Tax, Legal, Investment, or Credible Advisors or Guru’s or whatever’s. Seek only Professional help, as needed. We have. (We know it doesn’t seem like it.) Rely only on those who have the stamp of approval. Those that are Licensed, Professional, for Real, Touchy, Tastyee, Feely, types you can look in the eye…….that have long long years of experience…….SUCCESSFUL Experience under their hood. ONLY.

THESE are our HUNCHES, OPINIONS, BELIEFS, VIEWS, PREDICTIONS, PROPHESIES and B.S.…….and for “Entertainment Purposes Only”…..if you Choose. Choose Wisely.

YEAH, we know…….you’re Tired of Hearin it!……..Let’s just RV this thing and move on.

OK, we Will!

It’s Been our HONOR, to Play With You over the past 22 months………a Little More.

THANK YOU………Thank You Very Much.

Enough for Now.

FYI……after the Nov. 15th, 2017, No More Down Time…….this thing Skyrockets!… a GOOD Way.




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That guy is a moron! Ty Rhames aka sterling Currency Group was indicted on charges of tax evasion a few years back. The greedy ahole was hiding money offshore. They made hundreds of millions off of the dinar and if he would have just paid his taxes he would have been free with a couple hundred million. His partner got sucked down with him and, based on the emails, was against trying to hide the profits. They all went down. So don’t get your hopes up on SCG. Probably not selling or exchanging dinar anytime soon.

remember DVers any guru rumor is crap. I don’t care who is spewing it

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Muleslayer.....You must have a different slumming grounds that I don't know of.  I ran across a very short Blurp from Clarke but nothing going into such detail.




11-17-2017   Intel Guru Dr. Clarke   ...we believe that Iraq and Vietnam, are further along, and closer to, substantially increasing the value of their currency, than ever before.  So close, in fact, that we Believe and Expect Iraq, to Substantially increase the value of their Dinar, Publicly & Officially, sometime between November 17th and December 1, 2017.  We particularly like the dates of Nov. 18, 19, 20, 21, 25th, 29th. We also believe and expect, that the most beneficial dates of Exchange, will be within the First 21 days of December.   [reference Guru Dr. Clarke post 11-10-2017]





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13 minutes ago, Muleslayer said:

I can give you the link but I will get in trouble. A pm maybe?

it is over on retreads.

my Father is 80 years old and believes any one.

he got me started in Dinar.

i told him I would ask my compatriots about it.

No problem....I found it and looks like another read only site...Info is info and he does touch on the VND a little more than most. I wonder what ever happened to Back Doc......That one had (I believe it was ) MIT's blessing as being on the Up and Up.



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17 hours ago, Karsten said:

 I wonder what ever happened to Back Doc......That one had (I believe it was ) MIT's blessing as being on the Up and Up.

Everyone's asking the same thing.....Where's Bac Doc ?????


BackDoc is a very knowledgable researcher. A christian man, a very decent man, kind and very respectful. He was a member at KTFA . It's my understanding that Frank silenced him. Frank doesn't like competition or anyone stealing his thunder.Back Doc was getting too much attention and had a better handle on what was going on. People where turning to him for comments and advice. So out of respect for Frank he stopped talking which is a shame cause the man is smart. Not only  does he understand the dinar but how the world currencies game is played.The strategies that take place and how they effect the changes. He's way ahead of the game and Frank found him threatening . Frank's an Ahole, self centered, egotistic, drama queen who needs to be front and center or else. 

It;s a shame cause we need more Bac Docs in the dinar community sharing what they know. 

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On 11/17/2017 at 7:15 PM, Botzwana said:

It is amazing to see the number of followers this guy has.  He has called it several times in the past and the drones there keep licking his boot straps.  Especially that gal Gia.  You could crap in her hat and she would say thank you, it fits so much better now.  What a sheep!



I don't really follow any of them and so yo speck...just read what they have to say and move on. MIT did toss in a good word for Back Doc a while ago so I did start taking him more seriously than the rest. I am just surprised at the details Clarke seemed to cover in what looks like a 3 page post.



Edited by Karsten
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On 11/18/2017 at 9:44 AM, millionaire in training said:

Everyone's asking the same thing.....Where's Bac Doc ?????


BackDoc is a very knowledgable researcher. A christian man, a very decent man, kind and very respectful. He was a member at KTFA . It's my understanding that Frank silenced him. Frank doesn't like competition or anyone stealing his thunder.Back Doc was getting too much attention and had a better handle on what was going on. People where turning to him for comments and advice. So out of respect for Frank he stopped talking which is a shame cause the man is smart. Not only  does he understand the dinar but how the world currencies game is played.The strategies that take place and how they effect the changes. He's way ahead of the game and Frank found him threatening . Frank's an Ahole, self centered, egotistic, drama queen who needs to be front and center or else. 

It;s a shame cause we need more Bac Docs in the dinar community sharing what they know. 


it is a shame Back Doc stop posting......I looked forward to running across what he had to say after you vouching for him. If this is the same frank26 I read where no one puts much at all into his crystal ball prediction these days.


Thanks for the into and update MIT.



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