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  1. Dinar, No idea. 09 thought it would be 2-4 yrs. Lol TSLA, cars no way, Battery Technology and Rocketry is going to make tons of dollars in the next 5 yrs. BUY. AMZN, BUY BUY BUY, No stock splits (Refrence BRKa) Crpto, scary short term BTC with only 21 million coin will payoff. How long and when is the question. I called a killer gain with silver a couple yrs ago. GO RV FWD
  2. Hey GregHi, does your kurdish friend have anything good to say about communication with Bagdad? FWD GO RV One day closer
  3. In case you guys missed it. JORDY IS A RAIDER. oh yeah. FWD GO RV / RAIDERS One day closer
  4. I can't remember reading that statement in a article. Yes we have passed that saying around for the last 8-9 years. FWD GO RV One day closer
  5. Electronic payments will convert for you, just hoping that it will convert single digit dinar to single digit dollar and not 4 digit dinar. FWD GO RV One day closer
  6. Are these counting machines of the "DE LA RUE" variety? Haven't seen a article on those machines in a awhile. FWD GO RV One day closer
  7. Also, new pic has English numbers. I thought I remember reading multiple languages on the new notes. Hopium FWD GO RV One day closer
  8. STATE OF JEFFERSON. Just sayin! FWD GO RV One day closer
  9. Gold coin prices good for Tuesday 1/16, intresting. ? Seems like nothing will change while bonds are out their. (8% return is nice money ) Do we wait until the middle of march to find out we wait till July. Don't want to sound like a bummer. FWD GO RV One day closer
  10. I think they call them iraqi horses. Camels. Lol(one hump or two) This reminds me of Daja vu all over again. FWD GO RV One day closer
  11. Some mornings, I recognize that feeling. FWD GO RV One day closer
  12. On the bright side of things, they can only go UP!!!!! FWD GO RV One day closer
  13. Fried Bologna, OhmEye, just sayin. FWD GO RV One day closer
  14. Today on the stk mrkt channel a guy was talking bitcoin said that their will only be 21 million bitcoin ever and about 100,000 people a day are buying in. This guy said the bitcoin could hit a million by 2020/21. Word to the wise bitcoin is based in Kenya and has no real backing. That being said "do you feel lucky" I want a couple and just sit on them. FWD GO RV One day closer
  15. Hey Bac Doc, We will let you speak. Without jealousy. COME ON DOWN. FWD GO RV One day closer
  16. At 50 plus I like the large letters too!!!! FWD GO RV One day closer Thx thugs Hopefully these articles lead to prosperity.
  17. I was thinking ******. Just sayin FWD GO RV One day closer
  18. Nobody can be surprised it's just their damn way damn it. FWD GO RV One day closer
  19. Hopefully they can walk around proud of their new strong Dinar and not something that stretches 6 places behind the decimal point. FWD GO RV One day closer
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