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WHEN Trump flames out.....Rubio will fill the void.  Cruz is too conservative for the average American, even though a strong dose of rational conservatism is probably just what we need as a nation.....Ted's just isn't that rational.  Even though it's still quite early, polling numbers seem to suggest Rubio has the best shot to beat Hi!!ary. 


GO RV, then BV


Rubio is lazy to even cast a vote for the constituents who put him in office.

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I saw a recent poll...1 out of 3 Hitlery Clinton supporters are just as dumb as the other 2.

I'm for anyone but a career politician. Trump, Cruz, Carson or Fiorina. Anyone else and we'll get the same ole career politician crap. I'm staying home on election day, if the choice is another career politician.

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It ain't looking good for the Republican's this year!


Both Houses can not get their stuff together and this sends a strong message, & Trump is leading the field.


Rubio is just too young and too Pro-Immigrant!


Cruz has always been a Tea Party guy!


Just wondering why the Republicans always go down in flames in national elections?


Sad day in America if we end up with Hilary as President. She might make Obama look good! :(

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Think that it would then be Cruz or Rubio?.....WHY?


....anyone else?.....WHY?............................... :confused2:


For what it's worth, there's a general consensus taking hold of a lot of PAC's, both "sides", realizing Trump may well get the nomination, unless the RINO's can establish a brokered convention.

After the way they stuck a knife in Dr. Paul's back, and by extension, strong arm treatment of elected delegates from all states, there's a LOT of mistrust and animosity towards the national party.

If Trump plays a smart campaign, and continues the subtle shift, he can easily win over a lot of the middle dems, and a big chunk of the libertarians.

If you check my response to the announcement when he threw in, I wasn't very impressed.

Am still not won over, but am definitely paying attention.

I am sure of one thing, the "polls" are bs, each one is set in a controlled environment.

I think his numbers may be a lot higher.

If only for his willingness to not bow to the PC crowd.

Politicians and newspapers are the only ones left that have any respect for the hysterical, knee-jerk reactionaries, who condemn without bothering to even think about what they do.

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If the choice is between Cruz or Rubio, I would choose Cruz only because he has more experience than Rubio. We already had one President that was a one term Senator, learned on the job and what I see as the result is a hot mess. Cruz and Fiorina that would be a winning combination. Cruz and Rubio, or even Cruz and Trey Gowdy. or Cruz and Trump.

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