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New CBI announcement 04/22/2015

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Now that ISIS seems to be losing ground and the Iraq Gov. being more active in a Positive manner perhaps the RV has once again a Positive Chance of becoming a Reality?  I certain Pray such both for the Iraqis and all of us!

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TPTB giveth and taketh away....


Making strides on the Iraqi banking sector means they can let up on their war-mongering activities now

that they've got in place a more lucrative way to continue helping themselves to Iraq's coffers....

C'mon RV so we can distance ourselves from this madness !  :twothumbs:

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They just love it when their plan comes together....It just makes it sweeter that those TPTB SOB's didn't plan on me cashin' in on their newly acquired market...We are lucky or shrewd to be able to benefit from this historical event... 

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OCR BING Translation



Centre of banking studies
Date: haea/a/Hama

Republic oflraq CENTRAL BANK OF IRAQ
The army and the popular crowd and aliishmrkh Iraq I strengthen and spent
To/KiB for investment and development of commercial bank of Baghdad the Gulf Bank Bank Commercial Bank of Iraq summer cross
M/cycle econometric applications using vfews £
Guide Centre of banking studies greetings "
Later numbered baamasha (9 a/a 1 2) in 9 6/r/r 201 would like to escort you the list of the candidates will enter the above session which will be held in this position for 2-6th < 0 m/;/e 1 0 2 0 please kindly inform and advise them to attend scheduled accompany with their laptops for the installation program to use stkobla 0
Appreciate your cooperation with us 0 0 0 with 0
Copy RSS feed;
-Circles and all Directorates and departments for the same purpose above

' With appreciation
Bank Center: remain majority-Baghdad-nudes
١٢٠٩ - CBI Head office:-AI-Rasheed St. Baghdad
٨٥؛ < ٨ T@l:8165171 TAlAr>hnn«a pYi'honno With
The share name of the participant
Korstan international investment bank boss Rachid ■ 1-China
Sumer bank trading Erwa Jamal Abbas ■ 2
= Zainab China. 3
Bank across Iraq Zaid Salem screech 4
Bank of Baghdad Hamza Ziauddin e
The Gulf Bank trading Amjad SAS Josh 6
DG investment Kazem Arabism clay ■ 7
Mustafa Omar tangent = 8
Information technology section Alaa Mohamed Ismail ■ 9
The Directorate-General for statistics and research Halo Mahmoud offered 10
= Soprano Lauren 11
= Maher optimizer Salman. 12
DG version safes Omar Faruk Khalil. 13
= Raju 14
= 15, Ahmed became grey.
= And muhannad Luigi 16
General Directorate of financial operations and management of the public debt of Badran Ahmed. 17
= Santhi Mohamed Daoud 18
The Directorate-General for finance and credit boom Abdul Abbas. 19
= Twitter Walid Khadim. 20
= Dalia Annika. 21

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