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URGENT: ISIS commander and trafficker of Yazidi women killed in Nineveh

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URGENT: ISIS commander and trafficker of Yazidi women killed in Nineveh

September 18, 2014 by Abdelhak Mamoun No Comments


Abu Abdullah Yasin Ali Suleiman Shlash

Nineveh( A statement issued by Kurdistan Regional Council confirmed the news of the death of ISIS commander Abu Abdullah Yasin Ali Suleiman Shlash, also known as “Abu Sumaya.”

He was born in Mosul in 1974, graduated from the Faculty of Arts Department of Arabic, and worked as a teacher before serving as a military commander of ISIS in Nineveh. He was responsible for overseeing the sale of abducted Yazidi women and masterminding a bombing which was carried out in front of the Interior Ministry in Erbil on 5th September 2007.

The statement added that “Abu Abdullah was managing all operations which carried out over the past months in areas under the alleged jurisdiction of Nineveh.”

Iraqiya TV channel subsequently aired a newsflash ​​that “the security forces killed the terrorist Abu Abdullah, the military commander of Nineveh state, during the liberation of Khazar, east of Mosul.”

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It is impractical to attempt to merely isolate an entity such as ISIS. They are somehow left-overs from the dinosaur age, bringing with them a lifestyle, which can't be tolerated! Eradication or a visit the World Court and suitable punishment are "civilized" options! But always, hovering somewhere in the background, is a ghost of our consciences and asks who are the innocent qualified to judge?

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Does their evil Koran spell out what a Muslim "Hell" would even be like....or, exist?

Does their Muslim Devil wear a face cover?


IF they are just half bad; just get a few ugly virgins?


OR, would they even get into our 'New Testament' Hell?.......... :shrug:

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