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  1. With oil at an 11 year low and projected to continue its decline, does this change your opinion about an RV rate of $.10-$1.00?
  2. Does the decline in oil prices further support your prediction all along of a $.10 rate? In my opinion there is a direct correlation. Interested in your opinion. Thanks!
  3. Not to mention that you play the game going backwards.
  4. I'd be interested to know where they got it and if they paid in IQD or USD. If IQD, the seller also stands to make a great payday when this RV's because the cost is ~$3.7 billion USD using a cost of $1,300/oz.
  5. You've peeked my interest on HCL!
  6. I could have had Mom make a batch and sell it to them for 2.5 million dinar ... and Mom's is the best I've ever had!
  7. This is one of the best threads that I've read since joining the group 8 months ago. We need more candid and open-minded discussions like this. Thanks to all for the thought provoking comments.
  8. This is my biggest concern with the FBI being involved. Anybody have an opinion?
  9. Somebody has watched on too many episodes of the TV show 24. Maybe he got his intel from Jack Bauer.
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