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  1. I'm putting up $1m-$2m of mt Dinar up for sale... need some capital for the biz I have mixed denoms from $5k-$100K bills
  3. C'mon folks, I'm ready to buy my new 2-story double wide (lol) If this were only fact - unfortunately, innuendo won't pay for a "Cup of Joe" We Wish We Hope We Wait We enjoy Dinar Vets We wait more
  4. They look old enuf to be held in County lock-up with the adults. Lets see how tough they are then - as Bubba's new girlfriend
  5. Even though it's ridiculous, I do kinda like the terminology. Master suite would be a good compromise for me Master Bed & master bath does sound kinda' 60's to me (only those 40+ years of age are allowed to comment - lol) Me thinks realtors dreamed it up to be more "hip" and polish their sales pitch. "And over here we have the gymnasium" - def: An area of the garage where the dusty old weight bench & rusty stationary bike reside.
  6. 1968... I was only 3 at the time (yeah, old, but not REAL old ) However, that movie is a timeless classic I wish I could say the same for me... some days I feel as old & tired as the GET team & Okie's endless banter about "cash in on Tuesday" (well, maybe not THAT old & tired )
  7. Binary beginnings of Skynet? It could be the beginning... "Do you read me Hal?" "Yes Dave." "Open the pod bay doors, Hal." "I'm sorry Dave"
  8. Small correction: SEALs, Rangers - spec ops in general are not sailors or soldiers. They are "operators" with abundant training, an uncomprehensible skill set, and a professionalism that goes well beyond standard military. Operators are trained & accustomed to being in harm's way. They fully realize the dangers & possible scenarios & outcomes. Truly the Best of the Best, and recognized world-wide. Never leave a man behind. Payback is a *****
  9. OMG!!! Too funny and yet ANOTHER reason not to live too close to your parents/in-laws bomp-chickie wah-wawwwww
  10. I wish, but I do not "feel in my gut" the we will see that much progress for a few-to-several weeks in the future I would love to be proven wrong - but wouldn't we all?????
  11. That's against the Geneva Convention Talk about PTSD...
  12. MAYBE HE IS HARD OF HEARING - THAT'S WHY HE TYPES SOOOOO LOUD (lol) I used to enjoy Okie's intel - it was fresh (albeit completely unreliable) fodder & quite amusing. Lately it's been re-hash and kinda' hard to read thru while avoiding the "skip the paragraph & scan for usefull intel" method. Perhaps because there is absolutely nobody left to blame - except the Aussies
  13. Use the word "ear" in a sentence... fffffffffffffffffffffff-fffff-fft....(choke-coff-coff) Ear! Dude, that was my skull - I'm so wasted
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