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why did this chart do this?

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That spike was significant. It would be of interest to know what was taking place behind the scenes or where the raw numbers were at the time of the spike. JUST SAYIN!

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It's about 3 or 4 % change

50 dinar per dollar differance

I guess that's why some call it a managed float instead of a peg

A pegged exchange rate should never change if the reserves don't change

If it's backed 100% and pegged it should never change one pip

But we know they have to sell dollars to manage the stability of the exchange rate

Not necessary if its pegged in my opinion

It was classified as a stabilized arrangement then it changed to a crawling peg for three years then in 2009 it changed back to a stabilized arrangement with a program rate of 1170 for monitoring purposes

So what is a stabilized arrangement

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Funny how the CBI page doesn't keep up with the current price, it just stays at 1166 or so.


I'm not freaking out over a fraction of a penny, but it does seem interesting as to WHY square spikes and valleys happen.

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