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  1. I HAVE posted some nice things, you just haven't seen them. Go take a look in other threads. I answered that first 2 lines, and everything else asked of me in the rest. For now, I'm not seeing anything positive except for the new GOI actually getting things done, but they have a long way to go, and the country has a long way to go as well since it's STILL IN RUINS! There simply isn't enough infrastructure in place to support the booming economy that everyone's talking about that Iraq is capable of. The allies destroyed too much of the country, and reconstruction is going to take a LONG TIME. Saddam's multiple palaces could've been governmental offices, BUT NO! They're rubble. This reality isn't good for Adam Montana's VIP programs either -- well tough beans, whose fault is that reality? Am I cracking open the painted ostrich egg where all the VIPs are sheltered from reality? I hope the VIP's have the strength not to be led by the nose on every little thing, thinking that a miracle $3 RV is going to happen within 3 days of said thing. All I can say is I'm positive about progress being made, but our goal is a LONG way off.
  2. Glad to see SOMEONE talkin' real turkey with passion. Hope you don't get negged like I do for saying NO RV THIS MONTH!!
  3. Me calling out lies is BS? YEAH OK! Please continue your guru worship.
  4. Good to see SOMEONE around here has their head screwed on straight besides me!!
  5. Well since there's no RV this month, I thought I would even give a little MORE time to recover from the NO RV THIS MONTH. I'm not predicting anything except NO RV THIS MONTH and even into March 5th YOU WILL STILL BE SITTING HERE. ENJOY THE BS!
  6. Budget does not mean RV!!! How many times have we been through this?
  7. Thanks, I appreciate that. SOMEONE has to call out the BS'ers and give a hard dose of reality. See everyone back here March...... FIFTH!!! Plenty of time for everyone's heads to stop spinning and come back to reality.
  8. There are some which provide clarity.... I just posted one as a matter of fact in another thread. Quite frankly I'm tired of seeing people caught up in the buzz of pumper news, it disappoints me that people would be let down from false hopes like I was several years ago when I was new to this. The reality is that Iraq doesn't have the infrastructure, rules, or security to support an RV of any significance. I bet they can do a 10 cent RV right now but not a drop-to-your-knees-in-tears $3 instant RV of the notes we currently hold. It is simply NOT realistic. I don't care about a rate, just SHOW ME that I can go somewhere to exchange. I'll believe it when I see it. Too much conjecture in the air. Oh, and this is the ONLY SITE where the general public can speak out against pumper garbage and be heard! Other sites don't allow rebuttals, just kiss-a$$ God bless yous.
  9. Supposedly there are "oil credits" that are being wheeled and dealed in an international shell game, but your argument is what supports the LOPsters - those who believe that there will be a REDENOMINATION --- where the current 000 notes will be traded in but still have the spending power as a basic note. 25K note = 25 dinars, and new currency issued. AKA the Turkish Model.
  10. Once it becomes tradeable you can exchange it SOMEWHERE. Try your local AMEX office, they deal in foreign currency exchanges for a fee of course. Or try your local international airport.
  11. This article was used as propaganda to say something about an Iraq RV. NO RV THIS MONTH
  12. The budget has nothing to do with the RV. NEVER HAS. People tie these things together EVERY YEAR and there's no RV after the budget is finalized. I don't think we'll know the fate of the budget til AT LEAST the end of NEXT WEEK!! Just watch..... they're gonna drag this out.
  13. Not in print yet so it has NOT been ratified.
  14. 2-9-2015 Intel Guru Mnt Goat Al-Abadi along with the CBI have to make a decision soon on when to RV this currency. I believe this decision has already been made weeks ago and we are now in the final countdown window now that the budget is truly done and the government is fully formed. Can Iraq be fully positioned with all these new laws in time to open and begin spending this 2015 budget? ...a new window of opportunity for an RV is staring us right in the face for this week – and more than ever before! It could not get any better! ...we are literally just waiting for the news of a hand full of new laws to get forwarded to parliament and then voted on by parliament. ---- ALL OF A SUDDEN!!!! We gotta wait for some laws to be passed. Anyone see that coming? Got it covered in the Wheel Of Fate up there. As well as the Perfect Window comment.... Anyway how long do you think parliament will take with those laws? Remember this is Iraqi parliament, so you've been set up with a new excuse that buys a few weeks of time for the next big PUMP and story and next excuse, and the circle continues!! Sick of it yet? Cuz it's gonna go on for another few years.
  15. "I don't have to be first.... I just wanna be next." -- George Carlin
  16. THAT'S the way!! However an irrevokable trust and an IRA or other tax-sheltered savings should be part of your plan IMO.
  17. This is one argument for the LOPsters. However those for the RV came up with what I call the "oil credit shell game," which is why you hear about "Madame Wu" and the Chinese. Such James Bond BS. There's a lot more than 5T in circulation. People have BRICKS of 25K notes!
  18. Iraq doesn't HAVE to do diddley squat anytime soon --- 1/3 of the country is occupied by terrorists, the economic infrastructure isn't where it needs to be, so Iraq is in a nice slow HOLDING PATTERN. If they were going to RV, it would've already happened.
  19. Not as slow as MONTAAAAAAAAANNNNNNAAAAA. ---- Anyway, Goat has gone from BLAH BLAH spewer to pumper. "We're in a very good window!"
  20. They don't make things up...... The people who feed the gurus MAKE THINGS UP.
  21. Nevermind all that, what REALLY says NO RV is the lack of world class economic infrastructure and the fact that A THIRD OF THE COUNTRY IS OCCUPIED BY FARKING TERRORISTS!! Someone posted that Iraq can back every dinar issued by 1.5 times. This is ABSOLUTE B.S. If that were the case we'd already have the RV. That was pure parliamentary SPEW.
  22. "Closer than we've ever been!" STILL NOT HAPPENING. NOPE!! NO. NUH-UH.
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