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    Passive Income! - Wealth education - Art Painting - Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong, Psycho-physical exercises for Health - Relaxation - Teaching
  1. I am not a US citizen and am wondering if the move explained in the Cash-in Guide is still valid. That is: Get to Belize , go cash-in at Lloyds of London and then deposit to one's Offsh Corp bank account in Belize, at present ? . Anyone can help with that? I already have investments planned for a Humanitarian project. Thanks for any help someone might provide.
  2. I've just been able to access it, as usual!
  3. ]There is no such Town as Pumphandle in North Dakota!
  4. Yes that's what I thought too!
  5. Yes, that's what I realise by reading the sites I was sent to today from the posts. It's good to gather so much infos just in one day, having not taken the time to do this before. Thanks!
  6. Yes, after the RV though...! Francoise Yes, thank you everyone! Francoise Yes I've a pretty good idea what I need, but could not afford to pay the maintenance fees of one for the coming year. I may have the time to set one up with Bank acct when RV happens. Francoise
  7. Thank you concetr, very helpful!! Francoise
  8. I bought it by post from dinartrade Francoise
  9. Hello, From the Forums post I read it seems most members are in the US. I live in Europe and wonder HOW (in which way) will I know re the RV and how to go about cashing in. Am obviously not an old member on the Forums! Could someone give me some indication, please! Thank you
  10. Hello Adam, Would it be possible to have access to the recorded call for 24 hours? It would be for me 3am and I have serious sleep problems that I really must take care of every day... Thanks for your reply. Francoise
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