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ISIS issues new currency with Osama Bin Laden


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February 8, 2014

Baghdad ( The head of the Iraqi Sons of Iraq Conference, Ahmed Abu Risha, revealed that “The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria issued a new currency for the State of Anbar,” considering this step as “An evidence to refute the statements of some politicians over non-existence of this terrorist organization in Anbar.”

Abu Risha displayed from his cell phone device a photo for the “ISIS Dinar” during the discussions of the initiative launched by some politicians to end the crisis in Anbar.”

He added “The new currency carries the photo of Osama Bin Laden and the slogan of the ISIS and signature of the ISIS Financial Minister.”

“The war against the ISIS in Anbar is conducted by the Iraqi Army and Police supported by the tribes of Anbar which stand with the sovereignty of the state and law,” according to Abu Risha







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thanks  boston angler  saw this  a couple of times  now  ,,   and   I now  have a  big  { news on the  ground  }   each one of these coins  has a computer  tracking  chip in them , and  who ever holds one , gets a big  surprise  {  a  newly wrapped missile }  as  soon as the coin carrier  gets to a location where other coin collectors gather  for a ----  big brew ha-ha ---    the  coins emit a beacon , that  is answered  with a launch  :peace:   nighty night   bins  soma  supporters    

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Specialist reveals Pictures: currency Daash origin Palestinian pounds and Mzorha occurred in these errors

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2014 20:13  

Twilight News / revealed a specialist in the affairs of the armed groups on Sunday that the organization of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant "Daash" would not deal in pounds and said that the throughput and the media is a picture of a Palestinian currency precedent rigged several errors.

shafaqdinar.jpgThe specialist said in an interview with "Twilight News", asking not to be named, said the signal Daash organization if they are actually issuing currency they would "not resort to the pound but to the dinar or dirham as it was during the reign of the Islamic caliphate."

He added that the organization "will not benefit from the issuance of currencies, especially because it is impossible to deal with it with anyone."

He continued, "ruled that the organization seeks to issue coins because it is a trap him and his main concern is the money that people have dealt with, whether Iraqi or U.S. or other so he can finance itself and buy weapons."

He pointed out that the image of the currency that circulated websites and social networking was the pound, "This is the first mistake."

And "second error", pointed out that he regards as the organization itself, "he wrote Islamic State of Iraq," The name is frank, "the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant .. so called Syrians Daash name."

He continued touching of error III, "Once I saw the sequence currency starts with the letter direct remembered Palestinian currency (previous) that the Palestinians were Atdaoloha previously and what that looked into the search engine and found it already, also found that the fabricated image kept the sequence itself in currency Daash. "

shafaqdinar1.jpgHe said that the fifth error is with respect to where the signatures kept on "signatures Palestinian currency intact which signatures in English."

He pointed out that some people "are probably unwittingly proved the existence of Daash through these methods, and gave her an aura of power and this does not serve those who want to crush it."

The head of the Iraqi Awakening Conference Ahmed Abu Risha has revealed recently issued regulation "Daash" special coin to "the Emirate of Al-Anbar," saying it "clear evidence" of each denies presence in Anbar.

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