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Optimism for the second visit of a parliamentary delegation to Baghdad, the Kurdish


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Optimism for the second visit of a parliamentary delegation to Baghdad, the Kurdish

1/7/2014 0:00


Expected to solve all the remaining files permanently
Baghdad Shaima Rashid


expressed Committees oil and finance in the House of Representatives, expressed hope that yielded the second visit of the delegation of the Kurdistan region to Baghdad to reach a final conclusion on the outstanding issues, particularly dossier budget and entitlements oil.

Vice Chairman of the Oil and Energy Committee on Dhari Fayad, confirmed that the second visit of the delegation of the Kurdish to Baghdad will enhance the results of the first visit, which he described as »fruit» and in the interest of the country.


Fayyad said in an interview »morning», we're going to be there is an understanding between the parties in accordance with the interests of the Iraqi people, because the budget should come appropriate in the public interest and build a state and its institutions and the development of public life.

added that «the budget in 2014 was delayed because of the presence of some obstacles, and we had a hope that is solved these problems by the end of the year to be a budget to take effect early this year», expressing hope that agreement is reached between the central government and the provincial government on file budget and silver in a manner consistent with the possibilities and challenges facing the state and the people through dialogues positive.


either the Commission's decision Qasim Mchkta, has predicted that the yield visit for the signing of an agreement to end the outstanding problems between the Governments of the center and the province, especially since the first visit was fruitful and good.


said Mchkta in an interview »morning», that «the first visit of a delegation of Kurdish to Baghdad were very fruitful and dealt with differences of oil between the center and the region, according to what was confirmed by the statements, which announced another round of communication after New Year holidays », and pointed out that the sticking point in the budget, which had delayed so far is the issue of oil contracts, as well as corporate loans, expected to be ironed out during this visit because the ideas are close, he says. are scheduled to arrive delegation province to Baghdad today Tuesday and announced that the Ministry of Finance Government of


Kurdistan during earlier this week.


said Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance Rashid Tahir in a press statement that it «is scheduled to visit a new delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government of Baghdad on Tuesday in order to discuss the details of the issues of oil and Budget and the Peshmerga», expected that in the case was the atmosphere of the forthcoming meetings Cassapgaha, it is possible to resolve some outstanding issues, noting that the previous meeting was positive in dealing with the issues of oil and the budget, but the policy change, not fixed. was president of the Kurdistan Regional Government Barzani, presided over the last week, a Kurdish delegation visited Baghdad to meet with officials to resolve the outstanding problems between the governments in Baghdad and the province special entitlements region in the budget of 2014 and related entitlements oil companies and the salaries of the Peshmerga, where he met with Kurdish delegation during the visit, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and his deputy, and a number of officials. drew Tahir said the delegation's visit to Baghdad would be the time to discuss the finer details of the issues relating to oil and budget allocations Peshmerga, hoping to be ironed out.

their part, guessed a member of the Finance Committee Najeebeh Najib's visit Kurdish delegation will focus on technical matters calculations between the Governments of the center and the province.


Were based MP guessed as explained »Sabah», on the previous visit of the delegation of Kurdish was about the export of oil and its revenue and stand up parties when things of detailed and audit, technical and calculations of the budget of the Peshmerga and the dues of companies and them and them from the financial benefits, indicating that the results were fruitful and welcomed by all parties.


She said the provincial government is committed to the Constitution, which stipulates that the oil and gas belongs to the Iraqi people, especially since oil production in Iraq has begun to grow and production on the rise, afterthought «But the problem lies in the export volumes that do not fit with the production of the fact that Iraq needs new outlets for export such as the province open tube Turkey and the inclusion of the financial allocations to the public treasury, and this comes in the interest of the Iraqi people who will enjoy this revenue ». The relation between Baghdad and Erbil many differences, most notably those related to oil contracts, and emphasizes the Baghdad government that the Constitution limited to signing contracts with the oil, with the Kurdistan Regional Government refuses to confirm its right to contract.

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"Signing of the agreement to end outstanding problems"

I truly believe that this meeting is merely the signing of what was agreed on in the

last visit. In short order we will see the budget passed and then the RV.


I am holding you to it sir!!!!


(Please be right please please please........


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