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  1. I do remember the old saying " it gets worst before it gets better".
  2. Darn. Better fuel up the Cessna. Here we come.✈️
  3. Synopsis. Very well done. Hope the other person learned something. USA all the way.
  4. Iraq to join European Bank for Reconstruction and Development On October 8, 2020, In Finance News, By William B. Iraq has taken the first step to become a member of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). The 71 existing shareholders of the multilateral financial institution approved a request by the country during the Bank’s Annual Meeting on Wednesday. The EBRD promotes private sector development and sustainable and inclusive growth through a combination of investments, policy engagement and technical assistance. Last year, th
  5. I'm laying some extra tracks for this fast speed train. Not enough for the speed that's coming at us. 🚉
  6. It's looking better and better. I'll bet this President will make it happened. I'm ready to take off ✈️.
  7. Told the Bank to hold the paperwork on my twin engine Cessna. The time is near. 😎
  8. The RV. What else. Adam's news is right on the money. But as you know Iraq crawls when it comes to the RV. Hang in there. I haven't posted any comments for a while but that news deserves a confirmation and I'm giving it. God bless.
  9. Player. In my case this news came from my investments in Ameraq Corp. Is a days deal.🤐
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