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  1. I did not receive the last 2 emails from Adam . Please check to see if my information is still in place. Thank you.
  2. Adam Thank you for responding. I have been receiving emails at my email address. I have not received all of them in the past but that seems to have changed. my daughter actually uses
  3. paperboy, I do have a platinum membership. I did purchase the new membership for my daughter and have not received anything but the order number. I do want to fill in her information so the VIP membership can be activated for her. I asked her to delete the one she purchased because she hadn't received even a conformation order number.
  4. Does any one know how long it takes to receive an email after purchasing a VIP membership? My email was not required to make the purchase just the information for payment so I thought my email would automatically be recorded. It is now just over 24 hours
  5. Yes she was. I have just purchased a membership for her and have a transaction number: #2869. I have not received an email yet but even this is information she had not received so it may have been a bad link she was dealing with. I have told her to cancel the charges on the other order and use this one when it is processed. Thank you and TexasGranny for all your help. I hope it goes smoothly now.
  6. Thank you paperboy for your imput. My daughter said she filled out her information before she submitted her charge card. She received a banner on the DV site stating her information was received when she sent an email about what had happened but no one has gotten back to her. She did send another email after the response from TexasGranny and was notified that it was not delivered
  7. She didn't receive any information to even enter a user name. She only received an acknowledgement from her charge card that it was charged. she did check her junk mail also
  8. MY daughter purchased a membership on November 18, 2018 and her bank statement shows that it did go through but as far as DV she has not received any information or acknowledgement. Her purchase was for $24.99 on a link in my emails from DV and she has not had any way to log in
  9. I have found that OLIVE LEAF capsules are great for getting rid of so many things which attack your body like the FLU, Bacteria or Viral infections, Common cold, Strep Throat etc. It kills off the pathogens and you should drink a lot of water to wash them out of your system. I usually get the 500mg capsules and take 4 caps 4 times a day. They should be 20% standardized at least or you are wasting your money. Hydrogen Peroxide is very good when you have a sore throat or even strep...Just gargle with it and be sure not to swallow it because I've been told it is poisonous if swallowed. Afterwards gargle several times with clear water to clean the peroxide from your mouth. It works quickly and removes the pain.
  10. Thank you Nadita. There are many who do not have this day to be thankful for even though they were among us yesterday. We must really Thank God for Jesus and all that had been done for each of us that we could never earn. God freely gives to us unmerited favor and loves us each individually. Dr. Miles Monroe and his wife are no longer with us but they added greatly to the Kingdom of God and so many more souls have a great heavenly destination!
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