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  1. Silence infidel !! I kill you !!!
  3. now that you have heard all those so-called "prophecies"....let's check some REAL prophecy !!!
  4. I well remember being deployed at Christmas and having the Bob Hope USO show on the base...
  5. My merry Christmas prayer for all
  6. my Merry Christmas prayer for all :
  7. Why not Minot....and it's infamous cousin Ellsworth !!....
  8. You can view online:
  9. Noooooo that is toooo much curry for me. ..I dont even care for East Indian food because of how much Curry they SCORPIONS...ohhhh H E C K nooooo !!!
  10. two favorites of mine....pit-roasted goat (falls off the bone...yummm) and curried goat...much flavor.....
  11. didn't they agree to the HCA last year in the budget...and IF SO...does THAT count for a year ??
  12. if they are now on vacation again ....what about HCL ????
  13. ok...but is there an English translation anywhere...???
  14. so...did I miss something or do we know if HCL was a part of this budget bill.........??? enquiring minds need to know ???
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