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  1. I found the very last part of the article interesting: ""the nuclear deal between the United States and other major powers and Iran would be in favor of Iraq and is in line with the aspirations of the stability and the start of a new chapter of harmony among different countries. Read more: FWIW Rush today said the nuclear deal with Iran was BAD for Iraq. Myself, I have no idea. Haven't paid attention like I suppose I should have. Isn't Obama trying to push something through Congress without even producing the document of agreement between the US and Iran? Or do I totally misunderstand?
  2. I'm more the Lone Ranger type; gimme my Silver Bullets.
  3. This just in: DinarVets is rolling out a Super/TopSecret service where the real deal will be spelled out. One catch: Payment for subscription will be in 50 dinar notes only, and the service starts May 1st. Gotcha!!!!
  4. Newby here, just wondering; does Iraq follow Sharia law; anybody know?
  5. 10 cents? Pfffft. I'm holding out for $3.75. :)
  6. A pressing concern in my mind is ISIS. How far into Iraq have they invaded? How much do they control? Has the U.S. government actually made a concrete commitment to defeat ISIS? It's difficult for me to foresee real progress on the RV until we get ISIS out of Iraq altogether. Any thoughts/input on these questions?
  7. Right. I'm new to this but I'm not totally ignorant, and if you think a quarter of a mill dinar is significant, then I'm wondering just how small an opportunity you see in this thing. My friend who got me started in this is a professional horse farrier (shoes horses, other work with horses) and has extremely wealthy clients who own multi-millions of dinar. So thanks for the warning. Uhhhhh, by the way, to repeat my question, who is Breitling?
  8. I am pretty much brand new to all this (only own about a quarter million dinar); who is Breitling? Some financial newswriter or blogster? Does he (or she) have a first name?
  9. eBay is an excellent way to buy dinar, I've picked up my modest investment there, buying one 25K bill at a time. I'd expect it's a good way to sell, too. Just go to Advanced Search, look for Completed Listings and you'll get an idea what the market will bear there. Roughly speaking it's been selling for about U.S. $1,100-$1,200 per million Iraqi dinar. Edit To Add: There's a listing on eBay right now where a seller is asking $4,975 for 5 million dinar.
  10. Okay. Right now, 5th 3rd bank will buy my Iraqi dinar, but they will not sell me any. I live in the Louisville metro area. Does anyone else have places they feel like they'll be able to cash in their dinar if and when the RV hits? If so, you mind sharing them? Thanks - Hobbit 88, a Stone Newbie
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