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  1. I will never forget how researching 9/11 opened my eyes to the wickedness associated with men I had once held in the highest regard. Very disillusioning. Some enlightening/disillusioning material is found in the Project for the New American Century report ...
  2. I'm bumfuzzled and perplexed. Until this current slump I thought crypto was for sure the ideal store of value. But after reading the links above I'm wondering if I shouldn't buy more gold; yet with the present shellacking in crypto (I'm down over 30%) I hate to liquidate my weakened cryptos in order to buy more gold .....
  3. FWIW in the last 2 month's I've sold 2/3 of my BTC holdings. Pres Biden has said all policy decisions will be made from the perspective of a) their environmental/green impact and, b) gender ramifications. At that point (two months ago) BTC was just beginning to get flak for its energy intensive properties. Seems media attacks in this regard are picking up steam. I may eventually regret it but for now at least I'm glad I've dropped most it. Teeka Tiwari as of a month ago thought it would still climb to $100K or more, so I kept a third of my position just in case. Whatever, most of my BTTC was bought at $12,000 and $20,000 so I've come out just fine. Am glad XRP is on the right side of the energy line.
  4. LOL, took me a minute to figure this out. Guess I'm not as racist as the Left wants me to think I am ....
  5. Wasn't a joint either, too broke for that. It was one lousy cigarette from a pack of generic cigarettes ....
  6. Doo dee doo dee doo dee doo; Doo dee doo dee DOOT .. da do de do de Doo dee doo dee doo dee doooo Dut .. de duh duh Dut .. dut .. dut (boom boom)
  7. Just said a prayer of gratitude that we've had uninterrupted utilities here in So. Indiana. We have our electricity, natural gas and water, so far with continual operation. Supposed to get down to 8 degrees tonight. We generally get one cold snap each winter when temps fall to single digits for 2 or 3 days. Helps keep bugs (particularly mosquitoes) under control in the following summer season so for us it's actually a blessing.
  8. This may be of help to few animal owners, but: Many years ago my grandfather had a sow with piglets and during a cold snap he strung up a high wattage light bulb over them. The heat from that light bulb was enough to keep them from freezing to death. Prayers to all and their animals suffering from cold at this time.
  9. Could anyone give me a Cliff Notes summary of "RV For Dummies" in terms of all the above articles from Iraq; what are they trying to say? How does it bear on us Dinar investors? Are they saying we'll be able to sell out Dinar bank notes and actually be able to make a (probably small) profit off of them? Many Thanks from Mike!
  10. Finally got to listen to that section; very interesting and thanks for the tip!
  11. Been listening to these guys for 6 or 7 minutes now and they haven't said anything yet; what is their message?
  12. Been so long ago since I first bought dinar I forget what year it was; maybe 2009? At any rate I've spent under $1,000 so I can't get hurt too badly. And if a good RV does finally happen, then Yahooo!!
  13. I agree Chuck. The U.S. now is in the same place that Germany was, in late 1933. At that point Hitler had seized control of German radio and newspapers through Joseph Goebbels and the Ministry of Propaganda. Our national media are servants of the Left and globalism, whose goal is to eventually overturn the U.S. Constitution and bring about One World Government, the vaunted "New World Order".
  14. I haven't been following this story. So please either confirm my worst fears or relieve them. Does this mean the paper dinar currency I've owned for 10+ years is about to become worthless? Or that I'll have to get it converted to a new form/type of Iraqi currency? Please help - Desperate, inquiring minds (like mine) need to know.
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