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The White House declares a state of emergency in 17 US states

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calendar.png 05/10/2021
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Follow-up / Al-Mawred News

Today, Monday, American media reported that the White House declared a state of emergency in 17 states in addition to Washington, after the largest fuel pipeline was subjected to a cyber attack. 

The American agency " cbsnews " stated that this announcement came after successive piracy attacks, which prompted the authorities to stop communications and completely love the Internet to avoid cyber attacks on the American company. 

The agency noted that the company has the Colonial Pipeline pipeline project , which produces about 2.5 million barrels per day, representing 45% of the East Coast's supply of diesel, gasoline and jet fuel. 

In this regard, experts expect fuel prices to rise by 2-3%, today, Monday, noting that "the effect will be much worse if the crisis continues for a longer period." 

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Information / follow-up.

Oil tanker rental rates rose in the US as refiners flock to stock up on ships to store fuel after Colonial Pipeline, the US's largest pipeline management company, came under a cyberattack, forcing it to shut down its network on Friday evening.

Marathon Petroleum, Valero Energy and Phillips 66 were all seeking to lease several oil tankers with the aim of using them as offshore reservoirs, according to Bloomberg sources.

The Colonial network transports 45% of the East Coast's fuel supply in the United States. It transports two and a half million barrels per day of gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and other petroleum products.

In addition, gasoline prices at gas stations in the United States increased in the latest week and may soon head to the highest level since 2014, due to a supply disruption caused by a cyber attack on the largest network of fuel pipelines in the country.

The American Auto Federation said gasoline prices rose by six cents a gallon, bringing the average price to $ 2,967 for unleaded petrol, compared to $ 2,904 a week ago.

If this trend continues, an increase of another 3 cents would make the average gasoline price in the country the highest since November 2014.

Demand for gasoline is increasing in the United States as more Americans receive vaccines against Covid-19 and begin to travel on a large scale. The peak demand for the summer driving season begins at the end of May.

In addition, US President Joe Biden accused a Russian-based criminal group of carrying out an information attack that disrupted one of the largest oil pipelines in the United States.

"At this stage, our intelligence services have no evidence of Russian involvement," said Biden, who is regularly briefed on developments.

But he added, “There are elements that indicate that the ransomware program (which exploits vulnerabilities to disrupt information systems and asks for ransoms to restart them) exists in Russia. Ended / 25 h

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Gen. Keane: Colonial Pipeline attack involves 'dark secret' with Russia





Christina Walke
16 hours ago
Biden is trying to get his big bill passed we the American people know what is going on


16 hours ago
Hold them accountable??  That was a joke, right?    I can name a whole LOT of people that should be held accountable, but it's not like THAT will ever happen.


Kevin Bratcher
15 hours ago
America is under attack, from the inside out, this administration is going to end us.


K Joy
14 hours ago
The attack is being waged from within. Wake up, people, before it's too late!


Adorable Deplorable
16 hours ago


Troels Kristiansen
15 hours ago (edited)
This is deranged. NSA and FBI are counting likes on Facebook while media is making stuff up on the fly.

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RED States...

U.S. Gas Stations Begin to Run Dry After Colonial Pipeline Hack
142,717 views•May 11, 2021


Bloomberg Markets and Finance

May.11 -- Gas stations along the East Coast of the United States are selling out of supplies as the largest North American pipeline remains shut from a paralyzing cyberattack. Bloomberg’s Jamie Tarabay reports.

Carbon Forms
1 day ago
This is why I don’t want a smart home.  Imagine ransomware taking over during a cold winter night 🥶


Josiah Moss
1 day ago
By design. Everything is a rich man's trick.


J. C.
1 day ago
They will now realize the importance of oil being supplied through pipeline!


Mark Lewis
1 day ago
Gas stations are closed after they heard the news and they will open up in few days with $$$$$$$$$$$$$


**** Richard
13 hours ago
I feel like I’ve been stuck in a highly advanced VR simulation of a live action George Orwell movie from a book about 2020


1 day ago
As an IT Manager I can say, Ransomware can't be removed, and paying the hackers is a bad idea. The only real solution is to restore the systems from a clean backup, but I'm guessing they would have done that already if they could. It's important to have multiple backups of critical systems and encrypt all your data.


Roland Gaudet
1 day ago
Here we go, new reason for higher gas prices


1 day ago
And this is why my toilet is not connected to the internet.


John S
1 day ago
I live in Virginia, gas stations up here are all out, probably gonna try going into West Virginia for gas if this whole thing doesn't blow over soon. Crazy stuff


1 day ago
Cyber attacks take Months to root out. Trust me, i work for a company with over 30k employees and 300 plants and it took us some 6 Months for our systems to come back online. This after hiring a cyber security firm with over 100 of their employees working on it. And ours was traced to come out of IRAN! This will be a long drawn out process.

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Laid off Keystone Pipeline worker has warning for Biden admin



Freddy T
1 hour ago
She asked him for an interview, and he is speaking what all the workers are saying. Warren Buffet DOES NOT care about anyone but his pockets, as well as his clowns in office in this fake administration!


Dra Williams
1 hour ago
Biden gets stupider by the day more destruction self-destruction coming


Life Inverted
1 hour ago
Everyone missing the point that Dagen's ear alarm was going off when he started telling the truth about Warren Buffet. Good job cutting him off Dagen, you're a good little sheep.


Nomad Nomad
1 hour ago
Way to go sleepy Joe. This is happening more often now as real life slaps this administration in their faces. The errors of their ways are staring right back at them.


54 minutes ago
Let the man talk instead of pushing him in the direction you want. He’s trying to tell you how the everyday pipeline workers are affected.


Greg LaPointe
1 hour ago
I'm getting tired of these Fox hosts that shut down their guests when they don't like what is being said.


G Howard
1 hour ago
Like the border wall construction, The keystone pipeline was stopped by Biden’s foolishness and lack of experience. Biden has always been a dofus, he’ll never change and he will NEVER be accepted.

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Rick Perry warns of a 'catastrophic' summer if Biden doesn't fix energy crisis
46,913 views•May 12, 2021


Timothy Chivers
9 hours ago
This is only a precursor of what we are going to suffer under Biden I’m afraid 😱


10 hours ago
He hasn’t fixed anything in fifty years. This is going to be ignored as well.


Jim K
10 hours ago
electricity grid will be next. president potatohead has got us in a fix now


10 hours ago
It's all going to hell in a handbasket. Thanks, Biden. You worked your magic really fast.


Satguy 141
10 hours ago
You're assuming of course that Biden supporters are critical thinkers rather than agenda-driven zealots.


Jude Finegan
10 hours ago
Biden did say we were in for dark times he didn't lie . He created it on his presidency.

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How Biden, pipeline failures are about to hit you
7,451 views•May 13, 2021




4 hours ago
This mans failures have affected all of us for the last 47 years


Big Bob
4 hours ago 
5 million to "Russian hackers" ? lmao...
 Money funneled to the  DNC is more like it and just a test run before the revolution starts


Yukon Striker
4 hours ago
Amazing they can hack a pipeline but not voting machines...


John Robi
4 hours ago
"The pipe is the way to go." Hunter couldn't agree more.


Vivian Figueroa
4 hours ago
This is what scares me about going completely digital with everything and not having no currency when hackers going into people's account how we supposed to pay our bills and buy food


Kristie Stevens
4 hours ago
Paid the 'hacker's.. that's rich. Russia? More like an inside job, from the Oval office.


Minty Fresh
3 hours ago
I can't wait to see the lines at the electric car charging stations where it takes an hour for each car to fully charge and will be much more expensive than gas.


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The hacker's announcement may be a fraudulent attempt to exit the crisis. The hacker's announcement may be a fraudulent attempt to exit the crisis.

The company, "Fire Eye", specializing in cybersecurity, revealed, on Friday, that the pirates behind the "Darkside" attacks that caused fuel cuts in parts of the United States announced that they would "close their service."

According to the company, the hacker group had announced that it had lost access to its infrastructure, including its blog on the Internet.

The hackers said they lost access to their payment services and their approved content servers.

The DARKSIDE announcement stated that they lost access to their infrastructure, including their blog, payment, and CDN servers and would be closing their service. Decrypters would also be provided for companies who have not paid, possibly to their affiliates to distribute. (2/3)

- FireEye (@FireEye) May 14, 2021

The DARKSIDE announcement stated that they lost access to their infrastructure, including their blog, payment, and CDN servers and would be closing their service. Decrypters would also be provided for companies who have not paid, possibly to their affiliates to distribute. (2/3)

- FireEye (@FireEye) May 14, 2021

FireEye said that companies that did not pay the hackers to end their hacking would receive decryption devices.

The company reported that the pirates had been subjected to pressure from law enforcement and the United States.

FireEye says that it has not independently verified the allegations of the hackers, but there is speculation that their move was an attempt to scam to help them out of the crisis.

On Thursday, the main US gasoline pipeline network confirmed the restoration of its entire system and the resumption of delivery of its products, Thursday, after its work was halted due to a cyber attack that Washington suggests originated from Russia.

Despite this, gas stations along the eastern coast are still facing shortages of supplies after customers poured into them out of panic.

The US President, Joe Biden, praised the "good news," calling on the Americans to remain calm as supplies return to normal during the next few days.

Biden told reporters at the White House that while "we will not feel the impact at the gas stations immediately," there will be "a return to normalcy that begins at the end of this week and continues next week."

Alhurra - Washington
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  •  Time: 05/17/2021 11:20:01
  •  Read: 4,160 times
Brent crude exceeds $ 69 a barrel, amid a calm in the oil markets
{Economic: Al Furat News} Crude oil prices varied at the beginning of weekly trading, Monday, within a narrow range, amid calm in the markets and the absence of any developments that move prices up or down, while Brent crude price exceeded $ 69 a barrel.

Global oil markets did not respond today, to Chinese data, which showed that the growth of industrial production slowed during last April to 9.8 percent on an annual basis, down from 14.1 percent in the previous month.

The slowdown in growth indicates that production and consumption within the domestic market in China will be affected, and to a lesser extent, the sector of imports of raw materials and exports of manufactured goods, Beijing, the largest oil importer, has an average daily rate of 10 million barrels.

On Monday morning, the global benchmark Brent crude oil price exceeded $ 69 a barrel, and US West Texas Intermediate crude futures for June delivery rose 0.09 percent, or 6 cents, to $ 65.42 a barrel.

And Friday, the crisis of the American "Colonial Pipeline" company, which operates the longest oil derivative pipeline in the United States, ended a week after its systems were exposed to a cyber attack, which prompted it to suspend fuel supplies to its concessions on the East Coast.

Last week, the abundant supply of oil derivatives affected many eastern US states, including Washington, DC, as a result of which global crude prices increased.

Forgiveness Al-Khalidi 

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